'Tri-ni-set 'o'r 7³ is the ''''foundation of the world that is so powerful that it could create a world anew.

And the Tri-ni-sette is only composed of the elements that are present in the could there be an Earth Tri-Ni-Set??

It consists of seven different Flames namely Sky, Storm, Rain, Sun, Lightning, Cloud and Mist (excluding Snow)

Arcobaleno Pacifiers

(excluding the Corrupted Pacifier)

Arcobaleno Pacifiers
Sky Luce, Aria and Yuni
Storm Fon
Rain Colonello and Lal Mirch (Beholder of the Corrupted Pacifier)
Sun Reborn
Lightning Verde
Cloud Skull
Mist Viper/Mammon

Vongola Rings

(excluding Snow Vongola Ring, Box Rings, And Vongola Gear)

7 Vongola Rings
Sky Vongola Boss
Storm Vongola Storm Gurdian
Rain Vongola Rain Gurdian
Sun Vongola Sun Gurdian
Lightning Vongola Lightning Gurdian
Cloud Vongola Cloud Gurdian
Mist Vongola Mist Gurdian
Mare Rings
Mare Rings
Sky Byakuran
Storm Zakuro
Rain Bluebell
Sun Daisy
Lightning Ghost
Cloud Kikyo
Mist Torikabuto

Earth Tri-Ni-Set?

Shimon Rings
Shimon Rings
Earth (Assumed) Enma Kozato and Cozart Shimon
Forest Koyo Aoba


(Two Groups Of Unknown Items)

What Do You Think???????????

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