How COOL is that! The Seven Flames of the Earth! who could've thought of that!? But let get back to the point. Seven Flames of the Sky and Seven Flames of the Earth.

Seven Flames of the Sky (Snow not included)

Sky (Cielo) Harmony (Armonia)
Storm (Tempesta) Degeneration (Distruzione)
Rain (Pioggia) Tranquility (Calma)
Sun (Sereno) Activation (Attivazione)
Lightning (Fulmine) Solidification (Indurimento)
Cloud (Nuvola) Propagation (Propagazione)
Mist (Nebbia) Construction (Costruzione)
Snow (Neve) on game only Immobilization (Immobilizzazione)

What could be the Seven Flames of the Earth? Dust? Stone? Asphalt? Diamond? Topaz? Jade? Quartz? Sapphire? Ruby? Aquamarine? Opal? Onyx? Agate?????

But the Flames of Sky and Earth seems to remind me of Gaia and Ouranos of Greek Mythology....maybe that's where the flames were based!

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