...for the new KHR chapter to come out! I wanna know who wins so badly! Who thinks Koyo? Who thinks Ryohei? I dunno, its hard to pick! And I also hope they show a new Flame in the next chapter! So anyways, I'm back to my Anime Search! Any suggestions for some animes? I'll take anything. Except Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece, I'm currently watching those right now. I put those three because I know someone is going to suggest those. The genre doesn't really matter. Because I though the genre Mafia was weird at first, but then I now love KHR. Oh, and thanks for the replies back from the last blog post. I learned, first off, to not trust Chinese!, haha, and some Japanese words! Thanks. Arg, not much to edit anymore. Anyways, I heard their's going to be a new look for Reborn Wiki? I personally am fine with this style, I think its better than other Wikia's, but you know, if we're changing it, it's fine. I just hope it works out well.

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