Okay, rumor going around is that they're going to bring Katekyo Hitman Reborn back in Spring 2011? I can't possibly picture KHR with a new name, but I hope its true. I'll do anything to hear an "ahoushi", "kamikoruso", "kyokugen!", "yare yare", "hahi!", even a "VOI!" again. Its not officially confirmed yet, right? I'm not exactly fluent in Japanese, but I think it did say they weren't sure of it yet. For now I'm just watching some old KHR episodes or just some KHR videos made by people. A new chapter should be out tommorrow or on Thursday, correct? I wanna see what happens next so badly! I was reading the last chapter on my iPhone in class last time! Haha, I didn't get caught by the teacher, but a few kids saw what I was reading. I was like "He said go read something when you're done with your work, and I'm reading something!". It was funny. Well anyways, when they do confirm or deny about it airing back on Srping 2011, please let me know! Arigato(:

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