Okay, this is just what I got from my friend, but I'm not really sure if its right or not, so...I think it is, though. Its about Reborn Con 4(:

So apparently, Neeko (Reborn) didn't sing anything, and SHE DYED HER HAIR AGAIN! Like a Rave blue! XANXUS FINALLY got on stage, but I believe he sat on a chair/throne, like in the anime/manga! Irie and Kikyou did backup for Byakurans song. Ryohei sang his character song and Tsuna did a duet with Yamamoto (KYAAA!) . Also, YAMAMOTO SAND XANXUS' song! Haha. BEL AND SENPAI DID ONE OF LAMBO AND I-PINS SONG! Shouchi did Bels first song and Bel and Kikyo danced together, I think, haha. I guess it was some sort of game that the Varia won (YYYEEAAAAA! (: ) Nor surprising though b/c LUSSURIA WAS THE JUDGE! The game was like [For Red] everyone took turns picking out shushi to eat and whoever got wasabi (you know, that really spricy sushi??!!) had to seel like some books or something in the lobby after the show started. Gokudera, Haru, and Lambo lost and Haru ended up selling it. The game for Blue was some alligator thing where you push down on its teeth and try to get it to not bit eyour finger off. (Its Varia, of course they'd do something like that ;) )Ryohei, Byakuran (AHAHAA), Spanner, and Uni lost. Ryohey and Spanner (They seemed like best friends or something, I think they are, they both actually wanted to lose, had to stalk one of the cast members who wasn't in the rivale Blue album and record a video message w/ them! In addition to the game, their was a drawing to see who would sing a solo of their choise. I believe Hibari also sang Gamma's song...I think... Oh and Byakuran was about to sing, but then Levi (OUT OF NOWHERE!) bursted in and stole the spotlight. I heard that Mukuro sounded really good (no shock!) AND ALSO! I heard that they did a special rivale version of the song Mirai no Oozora e. I HAVE TO HEAR THAT! I heard that it was better than the original, but of course, IT HAS FRAN, BEL, and SHOUCHI! AND KIKYO!

Okay, so if this info is false (I hope not) Gomenasai!

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