IHeartFran IHeartFran 12 December 2010

Hitman Reborn Generation X Voices.


This seems pretty real, doesn't it? May anyone who speaks Japanese tell us if it's real or not? Pleeasseee.
Also they said that the person whose voicing Enma voices Midnight from Fairy Tail! That's cool! (:

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IHeartFran IHeartFran 18 November 2010

R-Con 4 2010 Info

Okay, this is just what I got from my friend, but I'm not really sure if its right or not, so...I think it is, though. Its about Reborn Con 4(:

So apparently, Neeko (Reborn) didn't sing anything, and SHE DYED HER HAIR AGAIN! Like a Rave blue! XANXUS FINALLY got on stage, but I believe he sat on a chair/throne, like in the anime/manga! Irie and Kikyou did backup for Byakurans song. Ryohei sang his character song and Tsuna did a duet with Yamamoto (KYAAA!) . Also, YAMAMOTO SAND XANXUS' song! Haha. BEL AND SENPAI DID ONE OF LAMBO AND I-PINS SONG! Shouchi did Bels first song and Bel and Kikyo danced together, I think, haha. I guess it was some sort of game that the Varia won (YYYEEAAAAA! (: ) Nor surprising though b/c LUSSURIA WAS THE JUDGE! Th…

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IHeartFran IHeartFran 30 September 2010

Taking A While...

...for the new KHR chapter to come out! I wanna know who wins so badly! Who thinks Koyo? Who thinks Ryohei? I dunno, its hard to pick! And I also hope they show a new Flame in the next chapter! So anyways, I'm back to my Anime Search! Any suggestions for some animes? I'll take anything. Except Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece, I'm currently watching those right now. I put those three because I know someone is going to suggest those. The genre doesn't really matter. Because I though the genre Mafia was weird at first, but then I now love KHR. Oh, and thanks for the replies back from the last blog post. I learned, first off, to not trust Chinese!, haha, and some Japanese words! Thanks. Arg, not much to edit anymore. Anyways, I heard their…

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IHeartFran IHeartFran 28 September 2010

Spring 2011, KHR?

Okay, rumor going around is that they're going to bring Katekyo Hitman Reborn back in Spring 2011? I can't possibly picture KHR with a new name, but I hope its true. I'll do anything to hear an "ahoushi", "kamikoruso", "kyokugen!", "yare yare", "hahi!", even a "VOI!" again. Its not officially confirmed yet, right? I'm not exactly fluent in Japanese, but I think it did say they weren't sure of it yet. For now I'm just watching some old KHR episodes or just some KHR videos made by people. A new chapter should be out tommorrow or on Thursday, correct? I wanna see what happens next so badly! I was reading the last chapter on my iPhone in class last time! Haha, I didn't get caught by the teacher, but a few kids saw what I was reading. I was lik…

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IHeartFran IHeartFran 25 September 2010

Great Last Episode(:

So this ends Hitman Reborn :( I reaally cried during the episode, most of joy, some of sad. The whole episode they're was tears in my eyes. I actually kinda liked how they showed Byakuran in the end, he looked nice and did you notice that he didn't have the tattoo? Did Vongola like take him or something? Because hitmen were with him. I don't like how they still covered Tsuna's face, but it probably looks the same anyways. Oh yeah, Chrome doesn't have her pineapple in the future and Basil has sorta longer hair! It was a reaaly good last episode. But yea, I don't think they're gonna start a new season, because they didn't take their Box Weapons with them and thats what they use to fights Shimon. But then again, I really hope they do becuase …

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