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Haliburton817 Haliburton817 30 July 2010


I just can't fight this feeling anymore. Shimon! Just show up in the anime will ya?! Okay, ladies and gentlemen, pay attention to this post and give me your opinion on the new upgraded weapons of Vongola.

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Haliburton817 Haliburton817 4 July 2010

Roll! Cambio Forma!

Yes!!!! Finally, Alaude's Handcuffs, who wants to see Hibari and Roll crush Daisy down to size huh? huh? anyone? Of course I do!!! Never thought of Kawahira acting 'cause I didn't read that part in the manga(to be honest, I don't really read manga) The box animals are awesome when they form, their eyes change into three circles. Roll became kawaii into kiken na, and it's all because of the eyes! Thoughts anyone? 'Fess up.

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Haliburton817 Haliburton817 1 July 2010

Damn you Shimon!

I couldn't think of anything except damn you Enma! Tsuna will make you pay, as well as Hibari who clearly stated "I will bite the culprit to death!". Enma in DWM sure looks like somethin' out of... Transformers maybe? no somethin' like Full Metal Alchemist, no not that. Here! Click This! That's what it looks like. Though I can't find somethin' for his... Um I can't call it anythin'. Alright, just give thoughts, opinions on how Vongola Decimo & Guardians are gonna kick the Shimon Famiglia's butt.

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Haliburton817 Haliburton817 29 June 2010

Add me

result of loneliness, add me at a social site please

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Haliburton817 Haliburton817 23 June 2010

Help needed...

Yo this ain't related to the wikia but, coud' anyone suggest me some manga to read? somethin' like Reborn! or somethin' similar...

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