So...if you know, we follow IES translations. I think it's finally time to end the confusion on two specific names. Yuni & Fran.

For one, I think Flan should be changed BACK to Fran. I don't really care about Crunchyroll subs. For one, IES uses Fran. Two, the COLORE, which you know is a book by Akira Amano, that has many pictures. At the end, it has most of the characters in the series. it lists Flan as Fran and I'm sure Akira-san knows what she is doing. Third, the character cards states Fran and the character cards are at least one of best sources for names since they are character cards. Lastly, the BLUE CD states Fran.

I think that Yuni should be changed to Uni. Most of the Fran reasons are the same as Uni's. IES uses Uni, Colore states Uni, character cards Uni, & character songs says Uni.

BTW I DO have Colore which is an one of a kind Japanese book only, (this took some money to get it to America where I am O.o) so I do have Colore proof, which I can upload to the FB page.

So, yeah, any comments are appreciated. Admins please choose carefully in what ways you want to go because your vote will most likely make the biggest impact on which way we go.

As for the other names, like levi a than/levi & Demon/Daemon, Viz Media is SUBBING all KHR episodes, and you do know that they control the manga. They are the true, non-fansub company & I for one would love to go with their translations for the anime & IES for manga, until Viz gets the Volumes in English cause it takes them a while. BTW go watch Reborn! on their website! help us get Reborn! DVD in America or something! xD

So, yeah. please vote: (in a nut shell) Fran/Flan translation Yuni/Uni translation Viz Media over crunchyroll

Thank you.

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