I've been to many anime Wikis, and compared to the others this wiki has alot of things missing. For example, usually when a new chapter is updated, the chapter should be shown on the homepage of the wiki within 1-2 days of update. However, this doesn't happen much. In fact, the updated chapter can only be found by typing in the chapter name, or going to the previous updated chapter and clicking on the next chpater. The chapter "Tsuna's Pride" been there for two weeks and seemingly no-one has put the next chapter "Swear" on the home page. Up to today the newest chapter is "Mukuro vs D.Spade" but in the same way it is not shown on the home page.

Another thing is that the pages upldate too slowly as well. The "Future Final Battle arc" page( is incomplete, it hasn't been updated for over half a year and the arc has already ended since last September.

I suggest that the character pages should at least have:

1. Character introduction. Should be put above the contents of the page eg. Tsuna is the main protagonist of the Reborn! series. He is the son of Iemitsu Sawada and Nana Sawada. He is also the 10th Vongola Boss, as well as the ancestor of the first Vongola Boss, Ieyatsu Sawada. etc.

2. Contents: I suggest that the contents should be :

(1)Appearance: I don't think there's much to say about this

(2)Personality: This as well

(3)Background: This part should have any past memories about the character and any thing else that happened before the storyline.

(5)Powers and abilities: This part should be sorted out as well.

The first part should have the basic abilities of the character. eg. superhuman strength, speed etc.

The second part should have a list of his/her/its weapons/equipment/tools and what they do, their strengths and weaknesses so on and so on...

If there are any other special abilities like Tsuna's Hyper Intuition they should be typed in a third section.

(6)Character plot : It is highly suggested that filler arcs should not be placed in the character page, as it confuses people who only read the manga, and practically, it ISN'T part of the original story. Also the pages often lack pictures, the plots are far too short and are also unsorted.

3. The arcs are very messy and readers can barely tell where they are reading, especially when there are very little paragraphs. Some places are far too abbrieviated. In Tsuna's character page it's : "During the Sky Ring Battle Xanxus acquired all of the seven Vongola Rings. However his blood was rejected as he was not the Ninth's real son, but an adopted child of the Ninth, and as a result Tsuna's Family won." For a battle that went for eight entire episodes, is that all there is to write? I'm not very experienced at writing these things but in my opinion, It should be at least: "During the Sky Ring Battle, all the guardians were forced to wear a device that injected a poison called Death Heat into their bodies and could only be cured by inserting the Vongola Ring." Then it should have some of the parts where they battled, like Tsuna yet to be able to use the Zero Point Breakthrough, and Xanxus overwhelming him, Tsuna activating the Zero Point Breakthrough Revised, absorbing Xanxus' flames and turning them into his own power, Xanxus getting angry and shooting flames so powerful that Tsuna couldn't absorb, Tsuna and Xanxus clashing, Xanxus gets his hands frozen, Tsuna finally activates Primo's technique Zero Point Breakthrough and winning, so on and so on. I wrote it very undetailed but it's already twice as much as what there is right now.

I hope everybody using this wiki can help make it better, and really, I don't have any means to order anybody, this is just a suggestion of mne of how to make it more complete. Thanks!


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