Some of you are aware that Wikia will be changing the look of all of Wikia pretty soon. The new look they are implienting is, for me atleast quite horrible. This change is being forced onto the community by the Staff, and major Wikia's like the Star Wars Wikia, Bleach Wikia, and quite a few more, has decided to shift hosts if this change happens.
My standing on this is the same as with most users, this will mess up our wikia big time, and screw everything we worked hard to achieve.
Check out the Test Sites like Muppet Wikia. Yes the main page looks good, but things to notice:

  • Hover over the Top Menu bar and see how much space is taken to advetise other wikia's'.
  • Now check the Kermit the Frog page. Notice how little space is available for content
    • Notice the size of the sidebar on your right. Now, think of how it'll look in this wikia, which has Infoboxes, and a lot of pics..I was a beta tester, I saw, I cried. Makes this wikia look worse than crap.
  • Notice in the Kermit page, under every image, the uploaders name is provided, imagine how other users will feel when a page is domintated by a few names. This option is more a demotivating factor than anything,
  • The Sidebar can no longer have the options that it has now.

There are a few more issues that i'll point out in time, but for now, I'd like to ask..What is Reborn Wikia's standing on this. A Wikia is a community, contrary to what any staff member might say, nothing that has been achieved, could have been achieved without the help of the great community that we have had in the Reborn Wikia, so our options are:

  • Join Wikia's like the Bleach Wikia in moving to a new host: Everything in this wikia can be moved to a new host, it'll be a change, but not one as drastic as the one Wikia is implimenting. If the community agrees, we can move things somewhere else, and continue like we always have, going forward.
  • Stay here: Stay here and see all our content space be littered by Ads and unnecessary things like, who uploaded an image, Massive linking to other Wikia's, Information crammed into the tiny space that Wikia has made compulsary.

By the tone of my blog, It's obvious what my standing is, but what's yours? Eventually, whatever happens, its the decision of the community, so what do you think we should do?

Other Issues Found:

  • The Archive Tool, and any other tool that was created for Monaco will stop working, with the implimentation of the new skin.
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