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    April 26, 2011 by AlienGamer

    So, I feel that this Wiki needs a bot to make mass changes easier. Bots make automated edits according to the given criteria. I need the community, specially the admins to give their's ok before requesting the wiki staff for one.


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  • AlienGamer

    New Look

    October 6, 2010 by AlienGamer

    The New look goes Live in a Few Hours. I'd like it if everyone tried it and give feedback on what you think. To change the look go to Preferences→Skin→New Wikia Look.
    Please Change your skin preferences to the New Look, and View as many pages as you can, and then give feedback here, whether you like it or not can determine the direction this Wikia is going to take in a few months.


    So, in preparing for the worst, if we do move, what happens here? On Narutopedia's forum, they're planning on making the Naruto Wikia a fandom, where editors do almost anything they like except Vandalize (Read this, it'll explain things like why, and how better…

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  • AlienGamer

    Some of you are aware that Wikia will be changing the look of all of Wikia pretty soon. The new look they are implienting is, for me atleast quite horrible. This change is being forced onto the community by the Staff, and major Wikia's like the Star Wars Wikia, Bleach Wikia, and quite a few more, has decided to shift hosts if this change happens.
    My standing on this is the same as with most users, this will mess up our wikia big time, and screw everything we worked hard to achieve.
    Check out the Test Sites like Muppet Wikia. Yes the main page looks good, but things to notice:

    • Hover over the Top Menu bar and see how much space is taken to advetise other wikia's'.
    • Now check the Kermit the Frog page. Notice how little space is available for conten…

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  • AlienGamer

    Just wanted to let anyone who use Editor Infoboxes to know that all the old ones have been upgraded to match current Infobox Standards. This means that you'll have to adjust your own infoboxes a bit. The only adjusment you'll have to make is for your image. Just Capitalize the "i" in Image and remove the "File" part.
    Before: |image = File:Flan's Box Weapon.PNG
    After: |Image = Flan's Box Weapon.PNG
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    And for anyone not using them, but want to, I've made it more convinient to find them by categorizing them. You can choose your infoboxes here..AlienGamer (Userpage ⁝ Talk) 10:20, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

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  • AlienGamer

    Episode Pages

    July 11, 2010 by AlienGamer

    I was wondering..Am i going ovrboard with the pics? I saw a discussion in Narutopedia's episode page which disapproves of pics in the episode pages. And that got me thinking..I could use some output for future reference. A comment would be nice, but i opened a poll for ppl who cant be bothered.

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