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  • I live in Earth-1218, Milky Way Galaxy, Sol
  • My occupation is administrating with a Dying Will
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Xanutaka is a Reborn Wiki admin.
Xanutaka watches out for vandalism.
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Xanutaka reads the Reborn! manga.
Hayato Gokudera icon Xanutaka supports Gokudera's ambition to be a true right-hand man.
Reborn icon Ciaossu! Xanutaka supports the Sun Arcobaleno, Reborn.
Adult Reborn icon Chaos! Xanutaka supports the World's Strongest Hitman, Reborn.

Edit count/promotions

  • Became a Rollback editor- May 2, 2011
  • Got to 1,000 edits- July 12, 2011
  • Became an Administrator (ossha!)- October 17, 2011

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  • Tsuna's Vongola Gear Cambio FormaGo to Tsuna's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear
  • Chapter 207-Spanner!Go to Mechanic Spirit
  • Casual Gokudera.Go to Right Arm
  • Varia Arrives!Go to Crash
  • One of Verde's Box Weapons.Go to Lightning Starfish
  • Chrome wrapped in tentacles.... again....Go to Lightning Squid
  • One Box Animal, seven different Flames it can have.Go to Dying Will Flame Lobster
  • The First Dying Will Flame Lobster seen.
  • The most powerful lobster.
  • The most destructive lobster.
  • Yamamoto struggling to fight the Rain Lobster.
  • The Cloud Lobster- no match for Hibari's irrita-I mean, Dying Will Flame
  • A group chapter cover!Go to Takeshi Yamamoto vs. Genkishi
  • Mukuro's special Box Weapon-the content of it was never shown.Go to Malocchio (Hell Rings)
  • Yamamoto defeated by Genkishi.Go to Intruders
  • Pantera with her weapons.Go to Pantera
  • Lunga and his guitar.Go to Lunga
  • Tired Shoichi.Go to The Truth
  • Future Varia!!!!!!!Go to We are Varia!
  • Squalo and squalo.Go to An Impossible Event
  • Ushishishishishishi!Go to Belphegor and Rasiel
  • USHESHESHE!Go to 4 Opened Boxes
  • Lussuria, Livya and Levi.Go to Xanxus vs. Rasiel
  • Eye of the liger.Go to Mix-Breed
  • Confronting Shoichi.Go to Arrival
  • ♪ Shinuki daze HYPER~♫Go to Real 6 Funeral Wreaths
  • Daemon Spade's lover.Go to Elena
  • The once-seen Micro Hammer.Go to Micro Hammer
  • Fon and Uri!Go to Silent Storm
  • X-Burner:Oath Flame!Go to X-Burner
  • Affondo Fulmine!Go to Lightning Lunge
  • First time that Vongola Gear Kojirou wasn't just a blotch...Go to Kojirou (Version X)
  • The threat team. Like, seriously.Go to The Threat Team
  • Sadly, they don't cause harmful explosions.Go to Zero Ignite
  • Cambio Formas- always packed with helpful tidbits.Go to Gokudera's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear
  • "Kuku!"Go to Colonnello
  • Tsuna: "Hey Reborn, seen any scary guys in suits?" Colonnello and Lal: *faint*
  • Almost as scary as an angry Reborn...
  • Many partings.Go to Damage
  • Calm Fon.Go to Fon
  • Choices, choices.Go to Tsuna Moves
  • Come hither, my brethren!Go to Home Tutor Disqualification

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