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{{age box|14}}
{{age box|14}}
{{User manga}}
{{User manga}}
{{User anime}}
{{Reborn support}}
{{Reborn support}}
{{Adult Reborn support}}
{{Adult Reborn support}}

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Vongola Emblem 2
XSawadaX is a Reborn Wiki bureaucrat.
Vongola Symbol
XSawadaX is a Reborn Wiki admin.
XSawadaX is male.
14 XSawadaX is 14 years old.
User manga
XSawadaX reads the Reborn! manga.
Future Arc B
XSawadaX watches the Reborn! anime.
Reborn icon Ciaossu! XSawadaX supports the Sun Arcobaleno, Reborn.
Adult Reborn icon Chaos! XSawadaX supports the World's Strongest Hitman, Reborn.
Tsunayoshi Sawada icon Hieee!! XSawadaX supports the Vongola Decimo, Tsunayoshi Sawada!
Enma icon XSawadaX knows his potential and supports Enma Kozato.
Flan icon XSawadaX supports Fran who just got stabbed in the head... again...
Ryohei Sasagawa icon EXTREEEME! XSawadaX extremely supports Ryohei Sasagawa!
Superbi Squalo icon Voi! XSawadaX supports the Varia Sword Emperor, Squalo!
Yuni icon XSawadaX supports the 10th Giglio Nero boss, Uni.
Giotto icon Thank Primo! XSawadaX supports the first Vongola boss, Giotto.
XSawadaX watches out for vandalism.
en XSawadaX is a native speaker of English.
en-5 XSawadaX is able to contribute with a professional level of English.
Firefox browser
XSawadaX contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
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