Sayla Ryougetsuten

aka Leila von Breisgau

  • I live in Indonesia
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is Translator
  • I am Female

Hello there I'm Sayla Ryougetsuten who is a huge fan of Giotto, Kyoya Hibari and Alaude! I recently adopted Reborn Fanon Wiki and moved here. All of my editing is in Code Geass Fandom. My alias is Myu. It's nice to meet you!

Husbando Favorites Edit

Giotto icon Thank Primo! Sayla Ryougetsuten supports the first Vongola boss, Giotto.
Kyoya Hibari icon Sayla Ryougetsuten is a member of Hibari's Disciplinary Committee.
Alaude icon Sayla Ryougetsuten will be arrested by Alaudi and is ok with that.


Hibird icon The green that trails Namimori~ 🎶 Sayla Ryougetsuten relates to Hibird the most.
Future Arc B
Sayla Ryougetsuten watches the Reborn! anime.
Chrome browser
Sayla Ryougetsuten contributes using Google Chrome.
Sayla Ryougetsuten is female.
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