Hi, the name's Fox!

I'm a chronic wiki editor (I'm also active as an admin on the Servamp, Free! & Tsukipro wiki's) and I've been a fan of KHR for nearly ten years now. I've been teaching myself CSS/wiki coding for about 3 years now and have also been improving my Japanese lately, so if you need any assistance with either of these topics I'd be happy to help :)

Based on what we know I think I'd probably have storm flames (closely followed by sun or cloud) ^^

  • Favorite characters: Gokudera, TYL!Xanxus, TYL!Bel, Spanner, Ken & Dino
  • Favorite seiyuu: Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Kazuki Kato, KENN, & Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Favorite songs: EASY GO, BOYS & GIRLS, bloody prince, Canvas & DIVE TO WORLD
Hayato Gokudera icon Saruhikofushimis supports Gokudera's ambition to be a true right-hand man.
Xanxus icon Saruhikofushimis is trash for the Varia boss, Xanxus.
Belphegor icon Shishishishi! Saruhikofushimis supports the Varia's "Prince the Ripper," Belphegor.
Takeshi Yamamoto icon Haha! Saruhikofushimis supports baseball idiot, Takeshi Yamamoto.
Enma icon Saruhikofushimis knows his potential and supports Enma Kozato.
Dino icon It's Bucking Horse! Saruhikofushimis supports fratello Dino.
Alaude icon Saruhikofushimis will be arrested by Alaudi and is ok with that.
Fon icon Saruhikofushimis supports the Storm Arcobaleno, Fon.
Colonnello icon Kora! Saruhikofushimis supports the Rain Arcobaleno, Colonnello.
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