About MeEdit


こんにちわ(Konnichiwa~).......I am a girl who discovered a great anime

which is Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.......My friends describe me in six


characters: Chrome Dokuro, Hibari Kyoya, Rokudo Mukuro, Yuni, Yamamoto Takeshi and Sawada

Tsunayoshi. They describe me as Chrome Dokuro in terms of being a shy girl and the way I talk, but my closest friend describes me as Hibari Kyoya for wanting to be by myself and helping others secretly. Others describes me as Rokudo Mukuro. Not trusting anyone and not letting anyone get in my way. Mostly they describe me as Yuni being a kind, sweet, respectful and helping others. Some describes me as Yamamoto Takeshi because I always make others laugh and stopping my friend from fighting like Yamamoto stopping Sasagawa Ryohei and Gokudera Hayato from fighting. And lastly they describe me as Sawada Tsunayoshi for being a good friend, good leader and for having a talent that can be helpful to others. This is me.

You can call me as Shiho or Seshiho here......Please don`t call me by my real name if you know it....よろしく(Yoroshiku)........

My old account is Mishino shiho but this is my new account.........

Favorite Characters

1. Chrome Dokuro

File:Rokudo Mukuro.jpg

2. Hibari Kyoya

3. Rokudo Mukuro

4. Yuni

5. Yamamoto Takeshi

6. Sawada Tsunayoshi

7. Lal Mirch

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