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|Age = old enough
|Age = old enough
|Fav Character = Yamamoto, Hibari
|Fav Character = Yamamoto, Hibari
winter break: i'm back, for now.
我の世界へようこそ (:
haha, hi guys,
[ watch this:] saddest mv ever
high school is /ridiculous/. no pun intended, but this is madness T__T
==currently working on==
==currently working on==
these are my current projects:
these are my current projects:

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Template:Rain Editor&nbsp winter break: i'm back, for now.

haha, hi guys,

currently working on

these are my current projects:

  • making good synopses for the episode pages (on-hold until further notice)
  • the overall grammar of the wikia
  • adding more info onto pages
  • fixing the song pages' spacing and lyric translation
  • making chapter pages/summaries!

about me?

  • i like making lists, eating, listening to music, and correcting grammar. oh, and sleeping.
  • relatively new fan of reborn, unfortunately; only since last winter did i get addicted.
  • i procrastinate so much, it's not even funny.
  • i go on random editing montages when i wake up early or am bored.
  • currently, i can speak: english, chinese, so-so spanish, and learning japanese. korean is queued though, so watch out!
  • if you've got any good suggestions for new mangas/animes [preferably manga first], i'm always up for them! genre and whether i have time or not is no matter.
  • this would be my fanfic account

what i've done

1000 edits - 5.26.10

2000 edits - 7.9.10

3000 edits - 8.23.10

adminship - 9.26.10


  • 47 of the episode pages
  • 10 of the volume pages
  • a bunch of the character songs [though i do like cleaning them too!]
  • some of the chapter pages
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