• I live in Little Red Dot
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female


mainly based at Fruits Basket wikia because i love the manga =D

me there: Purplxholic

usually i would randomly edit XD

my profile picture is hibari and ryohei btw :)

On Reborn!Edit

started watching and reading Reborn! last month like crazy :D

Favourite Characters 私愛~

  1. KYOYA HIBARI:咬み殺す <3
  2. i like everyone in Tsuna's (ツナ)family =D
  3. Giotto rules too =D
  4. Reborn(リボーン)~!~!
  5. Fon~!
  6. Uri XD

ありがとう, 家庭教師リボーン!(^O^☆♪

Oh seriously?Edit


  • Reading watching Fairy Tail
  • Reading Naruto
  • Reading Bleach
  • Reading One Piece
  • Reading Kuroshitsuji
  • Reading watching Maid-sama
  • RE-reading watching Fruits Basket

Last wordsEdit

Time being i would be kinda active i think...

school starts in Jan so ta-ta~~ :) till maybe mid-year or sth. occasionally would come and go =)

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