It seems to me like this Wikia is going to need way more than 34 articles. I'm devoting myself to make all existing entries lengthier and more descriptive. Yeesh, sometimes when I type fast, I come out looking like I learned English last week. Crap.

Archives[edit | edit source]

Mission Goals[edit | edit source]

New Mission Goal III: We're going to make it to 100 pages! Completion 100/100
New Mission Goal IV: We're going to make pages for every single Reborn ending. Completion 11/11
New Mission Goal V: Make a page for each Reborn! volume in English Completion 0/13
New Mission Goal VI: This Wiki's gonna get to 150 pages! Completion 150/150
New Mission Goal VII: Shooting for 300 pages. (Insert obligatory Sparta joke here). Completion 265/300

Major Edits/Page Creations[edit | edit source]

2.7 - Made my first archive!
2.8 - OH. YEEEEAHHHH. 100 pages!
2.9 - Frick, we got vandalized. Okay, so I'm going to now be performing my first ever ban!
3.0 - Finally put the Box Weapons template into use! Props to Mastermarth for creating two of the BWs' Flame Templates.
3.1 - School's out. Moving on up in the old High School. Plus, I just ordered Reborn! 11 and pre-ordered 13(12 is already pre-ordered). So cool.
3.2 - Choice is coming along nicely, had to break that page up 'cause I was getting wordy. Nice job on everyone's part for filling out the Box Weapon template ~halfway!
3.3 - YEAH. I'm at the top of the Featured Users! HAHAHAHAHA!! EAT IT WHITESNAKE!!!
3.4 - Reborn Wiki's Featured Article has officially begun!

7 Templates[edit | edit source]

Sky Template: N/A
Storm Template: Songs
Rain Template:FYI
Sun Template: N/A
Mist Template: Videogames, Tsuna's Family
Lightning Template: N/A
Cloud Template: N/A

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