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Hello there! I'm MrAceAttorney. You can call me Ace, but i prefer to be called by my username. I have been a lurker of Reborn Wiki for years, even before the skin change. I read from lots of wikis, but I only started creating an account and editing in 2017. My time as a Content Moderator in Final Fantasy Wiki gave me a lot of knowledge in editing and some of the fancy tidbits of MediaWiki, and I want to use that knowledge to improve the wiki of my favorite anime of all time. Cheesy, I know.

I am also the operator for Mosca Bot, a pywikibot, so if you have any problems, comments, queries, or suggestions, my message wall is always open. Ciao!

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MrAceAttorney is a Reborn Wiki admin.
MrAceAttorney is male.
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MrAceAttorney reads the Reborn! manga.
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MrAceAttorney watches the Reborn! anime.
Mukuro Rokudo icon Kufufufu... MrAceAttorney supports the pineapple-head, Mukuro Rokudo.
Spanner icon Lollipop? MrAceAttorney supports the robot loving, Spanner.
Viper icon Muu. Time is money and MrAceAttorney owes Mammon their support.

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