About Me[edit | edit source]

Well well my name is Sibel. It could be pronounced as a combination of 'sea' and 'bell'. It reminds me Bluebell. So I love it, a bit. But sometimes people tease me because of my name. *laughs* But I am the one that laughs the last. I am really used this kind of things.

Umm... Well I really love KHR and depressed because it's anime finished. And,

There won't be something like X Generation. Don't say somethings like that to me please. Its a card game.

Hmm... I write R.p.g. of Vampire Knight and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. But you know, it never gives its original taste.


What makes me sad-excited in KHR[edit | edit source]

Well a list of the favourite moments -for me-

  • Yuni dies
  • Aria dies and Yuni's reaction
  • Lal' s condition, while remembering Col
  • Future Gokudera meets present Tsuna

My Really Wanted Lofty To Do List:

  • Make 50 edits
  • Make 100 edits
  • Make more edits? o_o
  • Do nothing -until the end of high school entrance exams-
  • Make another icon to use as avatar
  • Build up the videos for character songs
  • Close pc before being caught
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