aka Ej

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on August 24
  • I am Male

About meEdit

HII! im Max. but my real names Ej its nice to meet you. im seriously addicted to reborn. if u want to talk or ask me to do something, ill be glad to talk. Ahhhhh... Finally. Just finished making seperate articles of poison Cooking techniques. I just wish, bianchi had a bigger role though.

Characters I like in this animeEdit

  • Tsuna
  • Yamamoto
  • Lambo
  • Kyoko
  • Bianchi

Skills I'd wish I had Edit

  • Poison Cooking(I want to send some people to heaven)
  • Elettrico Couio
  • Lighnting
  • Fast reflexes(I need to improve my agility)
  • Real flames
  • throwing skills
  • swordsmanship
  • homing explosives(i wanna blow some things up)
  • The power to go back through time
  • Box Weapons (a chain box weapon and a rabbit box to be exact)

Friends in this communityEdit


  • Gadgets
  • Friends
  • Making Friends
  • Sports
  • Anime
  • Internet
  • Steak
  • Ruffles
  • ETC
  • Green


  • Jerks
  • Making Enemies
  • Getting the impression people hate me
  • Destroying my things
  • Getting restriained or stuck
  • being scolded
  • Sauce(specially ketchup)
  • Being scammed

Pages I've made for RebornEdit

Poison Cooking techniques

Mini Bomb Double Bombs

Smoke Bomb

Pickpocket Bombs

Rocket Bombs

Triple Bombs

Black Flame Attack

Black Dragons

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble Mukuro Kyoushuu


Barriera Medusa

Delivery Man

White Round Time Machine

Tsuna's Contact Lenses



Dying Will Clothing


Elettrico Thunder

Elettrico Reverse

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Flame RumbleHyper - Moeyo Mirai

Survival Blast

Maximum Burst


Exploding Lotus Kempo

Yamamoto's Bat

Lambo's Horns

Viper Mirage

Levi Volta


Salto Volante Veloce Come Luce



Artificial Arm Sword

Thunder Set

Metal Knee

Triangular Blade

Hand Grenades


Burning Vibrato

Nunchuku Clarinet

Poison Cooking (My very first)

Anime currently WatchedEdit

  • Reborn(Im waiting for generation X)
  • Major
  • Yugioh
  • Midori Days
  • One piece
  • DN Angels
  • Persona 3 trinity soul
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Axis Power
  • Tsubasa
  • Durara
  • Persona 4 the Animation
  • Blue Exorcist

Anime FinishedEdit

  • Beyblade(same as crush gear)
  • Crush gear(I guess its considered)
  • Digimon
  • Yakitate Japan!
  • Hell girl
  • Soul eater(not so much)
  • Princess ressurection
  • Shaman king(DONE)
  • flame of recca
  • FMA
  • Alice Academy
  • Card Captor Sakura
  • Law of Ueki

Anime on hold or waitingEdit

  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Vampire Knight,
  • D.Gray-man
  • Yumeiro Pattisiere
  • Pokemon
  • Doraemon
  • Etc
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