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I just counted the Contributions ( NOTE: I only counted the ' * ' on the Contribution Pages ). 18/07/2009

  1. User:Navyblack15 with 1378 contributions
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  1. Yamamoto
  2. Lambo
  3. Tsuna

What i likeee Edit

Besides Reborn, i am also a huge fan of One Piece, and just a fan of Bleach. Right now, im pretty bored, any anime suggestions ?

Gintama, Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi, GetBackers, Tenjou Tenge, Ikkitousen, Hunter X Hunter, Busou Renkin thats just a sample of some good animes got tons more in my head that a watched that are prety wicked --Shiningnegro 13:43, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

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Aims Edit

  1. Ok, right now, i want to make this Episode Guide/Manga Guide Page, where it basically tells the Episode/Chapter number, the Title and/or summary etc. I got my inspiration from the One Piece Wikia once again, and the format should be like this. However, i'll need help filling out the tables as i dont have the complete anime. So, if you could help out, that would be great,
  2. Pages that need more Info & Wanted Pages
  3. Complete basic Info on pages that do not exist.
  4. More Info on created pages and format ( i.e. Templates, Headings & Layouts. )
  5. Complete the Wanted list on the Main Page.

Achievements Edit

  1. Rain Ring Battle ( New Pages → Sword Emperor , Cervello, Aquarion )
  2. Aquarion
  3. Cervello ( New Pages → Namimori )
  4. Cloud Ring Battle ( New Pages → Cloud Ground )
  5. Cloud Ground
  6. Namimori
  7. Sword Emperor ( New Page → Tyr )
  8. Tyr
  9. Varia Arc
  10. Edited Mist Ring Battle ( New Page → Vendicare Prison, Fantasma )
  11. Vendicare Prison
  12. Fantasma
  13. Created Redirects for Sky Ring, Storm Ring, Rain Ring, Cloud Ring, Lightning Ring, Mist Ring and Sun Ring.
  14. Flame of Rage
  15. 10 Year Bazooka
  16. Trident Mosquitoes
  17. Elettro Cinghiale
  18. Lancia Elettrica
  19. Created redirects for Sky Flame, Storm Flame, Rain Flame, Cloud Flame, Cloud Flame, Lightning Flame, Mist Flame, Sun Flame
  20. Vongola Sun Kangaroo
  21. Sereno Gloves
  22. Flying Carpet
  23. Rain Swallow
  24. Rope
  25. Throne
  26. Water
  27. Redirected Vongola Tournament to Varia Arc
  28. Romario
  29. Dark Scythe
  30. Dark Slicer
  31. Spikes
  32. Fran's Box Weapon
  33. Riding Crops
  34. Shot Plasma
  35. Vongola Mist Owl
  36. Page Creation of Armatura and Illusion Sword
  37. Kokuyo Arc
  38. Placed the Box Weapon Template on Box Weapon pages that didnt already have one.
  39. Bloody Twins
  40. Bluebells
  41. Leonardo Lippi
  42. Motorbikes
  43. Template:Arcobaleno
  44. Template:Navbox Mafia
  45. Cavallone Family

My Contributions Edit

Questions Edit

  1. Why does it take so long to upload a picture ? o-o NeVaMind .
  2. Is it just me, or are there no 'arc' pages, like Varia Arc ? They have those in One Piece Wikia, it basically summarises the arc. --Kojirou 12:39, 4 July 2009 (UTC)
  3. Are pages such as 'Vongola Rain Ring' necessary ? Or are all the Vongola rings on one page ? ( I searched ' Vongola Rings, but the links weren't really helpful ._.'). Link: --Kojirou 12:46, 4 July 2009 (UTC)
  4. When uploading manga pictures, do the dialogues have to be cut out ? --Kojirou 12:53, 4 July 2009 (UTC)
  5. Whats a template ? --Kojirou 12:59, 4 July 2009 (UTC)
  6. How do you make a template ? --Kojirou 06:46, 5 July 2009 (UTC) NVM, found the advance wiki editing page, will be learning stuff there.
  7. What's an Orange Pacifier ? On Luche's page, it says Orange Pacifier but on the Rings page, theres no such Pacifier .
  8. Storm Mole (template) goes to Spanner , same with the Storm Tiger in the Box Weapon Template, goes to Olgert. Is it supposed to be like that ? o-o
  9. On the Left Side-Bar, there is a thing called Domini Rostron Rules, what is that ? o-o
  10. What do we do with List of Reborn! characters ? Its doesnt have anything on it, and its still a page . o-o '

Answers Edit

1. remember you can always ask questions in the discussion page, or ask the admins Navyblack15, Mastermarth4, Roshi139, or myself --Shiningnegro 13:30, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

2. Yeah its tru we dont have seperate page for the general arc, we have just have the arc in the character pages, o.o we are doing the ring battle pages might as well do the arcs. :) start it up --Shiningnegro 13:30, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

3. mmm we should have it redirect to the Rings page o.o i dunno how to redirect but Navyblack15 knows, i dont think we going to make a seperate page for the vongola rings or mare rings n such unless there is alot of info on them --Shiningnegro 13:30, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

4. Just try ya best to get, when the anime catches up we probably going to change the image --Shiningnegro 13:30, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

4.5. I creates less of a distraction from the actual image, but no, it's not necessary. One that strikes this Wiki without mercy ~ Navyblack15 ~ Lightning Editor 22:55, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

5. Template is mmm ........its an object that can be copied over and over but can have different information for the different pages. Like Tsuna and Xanxus both use the Sky Character Template so which mainly is the color of the box and the info then we are able to change it.

7. mmmm cause on the arcobaleno pages they just say the color but in the rings page we assuming the flame attribute, mmmmmm never noticed that rather not assume for now --Shiningnegro 13:58, 5 July 2009 (UTC)

8. The problem with those box weapons is that they have never been seen in the manga, or the anime. The Storm Mole was just mentioned by Spanner once when he and Irie were working before the Choice battle, and Olgert mistook Xanxus's Liger (Bester) for a tiger, so we really don't have any information on them. Feel free to create pages for them, but those links might be unnecessary.--Roshi139 12:13, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

9. Took me a while but I finally fixed the problem. We are going to have to do some more policing of the Categories feature of the wiki to prevent something like that in the future.--Roshi139 22:47, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

You can make templates whatever u want the ones we have are mainly tables to organize the common info. --Shiningnegro 13:30, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

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