Generation X Mist Guardian

  • I live in the Philippines
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is Elementary Student
  • I am a Boy

Hi! my name is Marc. But i would want to me a member of the Generation X Vongola and Be its Mist Guardian. Sometimes I love to see illusions, so one day, I Realized I want to be A Mist Guardian ^_^

i have been reading this wiki since 2011. But i Made my own account This May 30, 2012. I am a Big Fan of Reborn! :D Below are my Favorite Characters and Favorite Episodes. Thnx For Reading :D

My Favorite Characters Edit

Flan Stabbed, Again

Tsuna in Friend

Tsuna in Normal Mode

My Favorite Episodes of Reborn! Edit

the rest of my favorite episodes are the Final Battle Episodes, and the Varia Arc Episodes

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