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Gender Male
Rights Bureaucrat, sysop
Join date August 28, 2011

Hello, and welcome to my user page! I go by ChaosVoid around here, but most know me as Chaos. I’m a bureaucrat and administrator here on the Reborn Wiki, so feel free to come to me with any question on my talk page; I’ll try to answer it as best as I can.

My editing is generally comprised of reverting vandalism/spam, organizing articles, and WikiGnomish editing, although I do occasionally create an article or a template. While I do have an intermediate-leveled understanding of HTML and CSS, JS is an area that I haven't bothered to learn.

I haven't been as active as before lately due to the large amount of assessments I have each week. I'll be around to make minor edits and offer input on any discussions, but I'm not going to be making major edits.

Need help?[]

I need to report a vandal.
Leave a message on my talk page or contact some other active admins.
A file or article needs to be deleted.
Place the {{Delete}} template on the page, OR:
Leave a message on my talk page or contact some other active admins.
I have an idea to improve the wiki.
Leave a message here.
Can you activate the chat feature on the wiki?
Can you make me a userbox?
Leave a message on my talk page if it's something that will appeal to other fans.