About me[edit | edit source]

Hi my name is Yuu, よろしく. I'm fluent in Japanese, and pretty confident in my English.

I'm an Asian American and I live in Japan becuse of Internation Studies. I'm majoring in acting and Japanese here so I can fulfill my dreams to become a CV. After I go back to America to graduate, I'll probably move back to Japan.

I fansub Japanese Anime OP/ED/IN for fun. I've only done K-ON as of Sept 2010, but after I want to definitely add in KHR, Bleach, Naruto, and maybe OP :). Other's are totally welcome.

Youtube, Twitter, and (soon) FB

Kazuki being the name of the main character of the first anime I ever finished.


If you have any questions, don't hestitate, please ask.

Fansub[edit | edit source]

I'm going to fansub the songs, Familia, Easy Go, Last Cross, Listen to the Stereo, and Funny Sunny Day. When they will be done, I do not know. But I will let you know below when they are finish. They will be in my Youtube Channel.

Procedure: Encoding Video, Translate Song, Time the Karaoke, Final Encoding

Familia - Translating

Easy Go - Translating

Last Cross - Translating

Funny Sunny Day - Translating

Listen to the Stereo - Finished Encoding Video TBA

格好よくて便利な言葉とフレーズ!!  Cool and Convenient Words/Phrases!![edit | edit source]

Wakatta 分かった Informal I understand

Haihai はいはい yeah, yeah (used for half-hearted or reluctantly agreeing)

Ieie いえいえ no, not at all

Saa~ さぁぁ~ Kind of like a I don't care + I don't know... sometimes you might not really know. Sometimes you might know, but don't care lol. Or both.

Wakannai 分かんない Informal I don't know/understand

Etto えっと Umm, hmmm, errr... etc...

Iitte iitte 良いって良いって It's fine, don't worry. I can't really think of a "good" example, but let's say you saved someone's life. They said, here is this "gift" (whatever you want it to be). You can say, iitteiitte, which is like don't worry about it. No problem. (Not accepting the gift.)

Kuso クソ It can mean B.S. The S word, damn(it), feces, or damn (nouns)

Kasu 滓 Feces, Scum, demeaning words lol

IE: Xanxus says, "Kuso kasu ga" ga is just the particle of the subject.

If I come up with more, I'll put them here.

Japanese[edit | edit source]

もし、日本語を興味がある。 教えてあげる^^ 日本語て面白いし、楽ししだもね。 それに、日本語は何かがアニメを見るに関連付ける事ができますよね~

If you're interested in Japanese, I can teach you. It's a fun and interesting languge. Plus, you can relate it to the anime you watch.

The Sky shall pass down their traditions to defeat All that stands in its way, ボンゴレデチモ

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