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25 Year Old Yamamoto

About me[edit | edit source]

Hey, I'm Arake, I'm a male, I love anime and as you can see from my avatar i can use photoshop ^^

Coloured and Mask drawn by Me, -------->

My Favourite animes are Hitman Reborn, Bleach and Naruto Shippuden.

My Favourite Characters[edit | edit source]

  1. Yamamoto Takeshi - He's epic, what more is there to say? It seems like he always loses his battles though, probably because he doesn't get many =(
  2. Hibari Kyoya - Wow, if i had to choose between Yamamoto and Hibari, i honestly think i couldn't. Both of them are insane, and epic.
  3. Sawada Tsunayoshi - Originally he didn't take the cake for me, but now hes finally starting to live up to being a boss.
  4. Sasagawa Ryohei - What can i say, hes awesome, plus in the future he is uber strong.

Yamamoto Takeshi[edit | edit source]

File:Yamamoto - Manga Coloured - Arake Fixed.jpg

Yamamoto with Asari Ugetsu

He's gotta be one of the best guys out there, and i just love editting and making pictures of him, (see picture to right,) That is from the manga, Chapter 247, page 02, it has been cropped, coloured and a small bit has been added to it.  It took me awhile, but was well worth it.

I love Yamamoto's Shigure Shoen style, I am actually considering using it in my physical training, I even created the 13th style/move of Shigure Soen.

I hope he gets another chance to show what hes made of, and i hope he prevent his father's death and squalo's when he goes back to the past.

File:Jirou and Yamamoto Coloured copy.jpg

Jirou and Yamamoto

Here is another picture i have coloured, admitadly, theres a few flaws, but everything i do has flaws, and the latest starting sequence barely shows Jirou, so what am i meant to do?

I decided to keep with the colours i had with Yamamoto and Asari Ugetsu, just because i thought, if the colours were different they couldn't really be used together, now they can be used like a set, which is why they come under the same section.

So here it is, Jirou and Yamamoto with the three bladeless hilts that i have nicknamed the Swallow's Talon, i just thought i would colour it and put it up under my other picture to compliment it... Leave some comments on what you think.

Gokudera Hayato[edit | edit source]

I can't say i was a fan of him, still aren't really, but he does the job and thats all i need, plus his weapon form is pretty epic, i love bows...

File:Gokudera - Weapon form Manga - Coloured copy.jpg

Gokudera's Weapon Form

He could be better, and i hope he does get better through-out the anime, but as long as he says Judaime less i will be happy XD

Hopefully he can pull off some fantastic moves with that bow, otherwise he's not gonna last long, plus he'll lose some of his fans. Entertain me, Gokudera.

Once Again, this picture is coloured by me,

Chrome Dokuro[edit | edit source]

Well, the one person who i seemed to forget to save pictures of... >.<

File:Chrome - Manga - Coloured copy.jpg

Chrome with Demon Spade Lens

Chrome is that classic shy-girl you find in almost every anime, although i don't really see her infatuation with Mukuro, sure he saved her life. but we all know hes a bit of a backstabbing schemer. Hopefully he doesn't rub off on her too much!

I'm quite interested to see if she is the third person who can deceive the eyes of the Vendice, cause after all, Chrome is probably the best of Mukuro's subordinates. Who knows, we may see a Fran vs Chrome sometime soon, that'd be interesting. A good way to seperate her from Mukuro and stick with the Vongola Family too!

With this first picture here, i honestly had no clue what any of it should look like, i mean, theres no flames what-so-ever, and i have no clue about the colour of the guy's clothing, so i went with a general colour and filled the bottom with it, and the guy in the background aint Mukuro, it's the first Vongola Mist (You can tell by the eyes)

Alternate Versions[edit | edit source]

So in the end, having no clue what the Demon Lens should look like i created an animated picture which just cycled through some colours,

I don't know if it will work on here, but i'm uploading it as a test none-the-less!


Turns out animated version's don't work... =(

Oh well, worth a try, and an example to others, So i will post each individual picture!

File:Chrome - Manga - Coloured 2 copy.jpg

Red Demon Lens

File:Chrome---Manga---Coloured- .gif

Green Demon Lens

So, what do you think?

Voice your opinions on my talk page if ya like, or just keep it to yourself, after all, it doesn't really matter!

I Myself prefer the Green Demon Lens, probably because Green is my favourite colour, but i think it works and it adds much needed colour to the picture, =P

The Red Demon Lens however, suits the whole 'Demonic' theme as well as the first guardian being a backstabber and everyone ending up dead =P

File:Chrome - Manga - Coloured 3.jpg

Golden Yellow Demon Lens

File:Chrome - Manga - Coloured 4.jpg

Aqua-Teal Demon Lens

Varia[edit | edit source]

Well, with another picture coloured, another section goes up!

While i admit, its a pretty terrible colouring, it was bloody hard to do, the colours wouldn't come out properly, a lack of information, it summed up to a lot of time, until eventually i had no choice but to just say "Enough!"

File:Future Varia Coloured copy.jpg

Future Varia - Coloured

After all it shouldn't be too long before we see them, and the colouring isn't 'that' bad.

I didn't really like Varia when they first showed up, although i suspect thats what we were all meant to be feeling, and i still don't really like them. However, as we got to see more of them, i saw that they were freaken hilarious! Especially Squalo, their antics were funny and their actions suited them perfectly, even i nthe future.

Their future selves are certainly much cooler, not that i really like Bel's or Lussuria's box weapons, I don't think they suit them at all, but hey, what would i know, I am also curious to see if Bel's knives and wires can emit Storm Flames. Because that'd be pretty effective.

So with the timer ticking away, will we get to see some Varia Quality against the Real Funeral Wreaths... or will we see Byakuran's Power triumph over Vongola's Ultimate Squad. One thing is for sure, things are certainly going to be interesting.

Tsunayoshi Sawada[edit | edit source]

Well with another piece of manga coloured i reveal another heading.

Psh, so much to say, and seeing as most of it has been heard time and time again. I aint gonna say half of it.

File:Tsuna Manga - Coloured.jpg


Well, hes obviously got a long way to go, if you consider his timid personality and frankly his overall hopelessness. But hes still impressive when he needs to be. Now all the gotta do it reveal the other form of his box weapon to show off just how epic he really is. It'll be interesting to see him go against Byakuran, especially since Byakuran knows everything about him. The box weapon is really the only thing Tsuna has that would count as an advantage. But then Byakuran probably has one too. Who knows, guess i'll just have to wait.

It'll certainly be interesting to see what the creators come up with, for the next arc (If there is one). I mean with their future experience who could possibly beat them?

Well apart from the Arcobaleno obviously.

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