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AlienGamer is a Reborn Wiki bureaucrat.
Giotto icon.jpg Thank Primo! AlienGamer supports the first Vongola boss, Giotto.
Yuni icon.jpg AlienGamer supports the 10th Giglio Nero boss, Uni.
Enma icon.jpg AlienGamer knows his potential and supports Enma Kozato.
Reborn icon.jpg Ciaossu! AlienGamer supports the Sun Arcobaleno, Reborn.
Adult Reborn icon.png Chaos! AlienGamer supports the World's Strongest Hitman, Reborn.
Mukuro Rokudo icon.jpg Kufufufu... AlienGamer supports the pineapple-head, Mukuro Rokudo.
Flan icon.jpg AlienGamer supports Fran who just got stabbed in the head... again...
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AlienGamer watches out for vandalism.
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AlienGamer reads the Reborn! manga.
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AlienGamer contributes using Google Chrome.
en AlienGamer is a native speaker of English.
en-5 AlienGamer is able to contribute with a professional level of English.

Currently Working On

  • About to create the Final Episode Page.
  • Complete the Future Final Battle Arc Page.
  • Dont really feel upto the task of writing summaries for Manga chapters...I'll just do it when I feel like it, if they haven't already been done.
  • Creating pages for Manga Chapters.
  • Uploading HQ Pics from the Anime.
  • Feel free to make suggestions for any new projects that you think would help the Wikia @ Reborn Wiki:To Do List.
  • Going to rewrite the 10th Generation Family Pages.
  • Going to rewrite the 1st Generation Family Pages.

Want To Do At Some Point In The Future

  • Rewrite most of the Character Page summaries...They're quite messed up.
  • Create more Detailed Summaries for the Short Episode Pages.


  • Edit Status:
    • Got to 19,000 Edits: Nov 22nd 2011.
    • Got to 18,000 Edits: Aug 20th 2011.
    • Got to 17,000 Edits: Apr 24th 2011.
    • Got to 16,000 Edits: Dec 08th 2010.
    • Got to 15,000 Edits: Oct 30th 2010.
    • Got to 14,000 Edits: Sep 27th 2010.
    • Got to 13,000 Edits: Sep 16th 2010.
    • Got to 12,000 Edits: Sep 1st 2010.
    • Got to 11,000 Edits: Aug 20th 2010.
    • Got to 10,000 Edits: Aug 04th 2010.
  • Started the Reborn Wikia Facebook Page.
  • Completely Redesigned the Main Page.
  • Completely rewrote the Vongola Decimo & Guardians page.
  • Completely Restructured the List of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! episodes page.
  • Completely Improved/Restructured the welcome msg's for annon's & new users.
  • Added the Archive Tool to the Wikia. For instruction and info, please go to Forum:Instructions and Information on the ArchiveTool.
  • Replaced most Poor Quality Images with HQ one's.
  • Introduced the Auto-categorization Feature for Infoboxes.

Spotlight Logo..Love It When Hard Work Pay's Off

  • Categorized ALL Pages & Images (Well, the majority that wern't categorized anyway).
  • Got the Wikia into the Anime/Manga Spotlight.
  • Got the Wikia a place in the Wikia Spotlight.
  • Finally finished creating pages for all the Episodes (76/186 created by me, not including the episodes from The Trap is Set onwards, which I've done), along with Chrome9669 & Ridiculousnever.
    • Created Episode Pages with Detailed Summaries for all the episodes from The Trap is Set onwards.
  • Completely wrote the Future Final Battle Arc page.
  • Completely wrote the Fake Funeral Wreaths page.
  • Created pages for Volumes (20/30 done by me) along with Ridiculousnever.

Templates Created/Added/Modified

About me

My MyAnimeList Account.
A list of anime I've watched/plan to watch.
Specialize in pics, correcting grammer, spellings, adding info and creating/modifying templates to a certain extent.

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