Hi! My name is Alexandra, but I prefer being called Aki. I edit wikis from time to time, trying to contribute with whatever I can. My activity on wikis isn't that exceptional since I prefer spending my time watching anime, playing games and making AMVs xD

Katekyo Hitman Reborn and I[edit | edit source]

Katekyo hitman reborn was recomended to me due to my preferance for shounen anime. I started watching it in April 2012 and I consider it one of my all time favorites. I like the fact that the main character is very clumsy and shy because there is enough room for improvement. Also, he is easier to relate to. Another thing I consider interesting about this anime is the special ability. Weather themed flames have a nice sound to them. I happen to like the Lighting Flame, that's why I used this template. I also like the Rain and Cloud Flames, but Lighting is my favorite for being the most unique looking and for its properties.

Favorite Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Chorme Dokuro: I tend to like shy characters in anime because I can somehow relate to them. Also, Chrome is more than just a shy girl. She has been through a lot and she can still stand up and face what's coming. What surprises me the most is her loyalty to Mukuro, even though he is quite a liar and who knows what he's thinking about. Anyway, Mukuro saved Chrome's life so guess this is quite a good reason.
  • Lal Mirch: Strong, strict, scary, but she also has a soft side.
  • Takeshi Yamamoto: It's rather surprising how he can be so optimistic and carefree sometimes. Quite an interesting character.
  • Hayato Gokudera: Another interesting character - delinquent looks, but incredibly smart and loyal.
  • Squalo: "VOOOOOOOOOOOOI! "(I had to say it xD). Aside from his catchphrase, I guess I simply like his attitude.
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada: I like how easy it is to relate to him. Tsuna may seem good for nothing, but that's how we all feel when something goes wrong. Not to mention that this type undergoes the most character development, which is nice to watch. It makes me want to cheer for him whenever he fights.
  • Fon: Probably my favorite Arcobaleno, excluding Lal. Fon is the only Arcobaleno who has a calmer teaching style. He doesn't use spartan methods and people like me appreciate this kind of teacher a whole lot more. I find it more motivating when teachers treat their students nicely.
  • Yuni: I think she is a nice character, not only for her polite, forgiving and friendly attitude, but mostly for her courage.

Favorite Arcs[edit | edit source]

  • Varia Arc
  • Choice Arc
  • Inheritance Ceremony Arc
  • Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Favorite Openings/Endings[edit | edit source]

This anime doesn't have many songs that I especially like, however these are worth mentioning:

  • Last Cross
  • Ameato
  • Sakura Addiction
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