Born and raised in Singapore, Southeast Asia. Female. Graduate. Agnostic deist. Misanthrope. Left-leaning on most issues. Youngest of 3. Meat eater, but would probably be a herbivore by Hibari's standards. Aspiring globetrotter, currently an armchair traveller. Loves reading and other activities that do not require human interaction, but strangely enough, also enjoys the outdoors. Broke as all hell, but somehow still doing ok. 10027 and 1827 shipper. Squalo fangirl. Also known as Sydella on FFnet. Reluctant and occasional participant of social media. Fairly good at observing people, Enjoys pasta and chicken rice, but doesn't particularly like cooking. Sleeps too little or too late on most days. Draws and writes, but isn't published. Utterly despises stupid slang terms and abbreviations such as LMAO. Bored, tired and irascible. Libra. Temperamental. Environmentally conscious, but not in an annoying douchey hipster way. Mildly interested in fashion, astronomy and meterology. Collects stickers from time to time. Traitorous supporter of the cis het white patriarchy. Classic rock fan. Smartphone user. Still occasionally writes longhand. A little bit badass. 

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