Urgent Call is the 287th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Tsuna easily defeats the assassin, and Reborn notices that he came from the Pesca Famiglia who uses an altered version of the Dying Will Bullet. Enma compliments Tsuna on his strength and pets Natsu while Reborn observes him, getting a strange vibe from him.

The next day, Reborn informs Gokudera of what happened, causing him to flip. He immediately leaves to gather the other guardians and the Simon Family as well, much to Reborn's approval. He meets up with Enma and gets him to call his guardians to a gathering. At the restaurant, Gokudera begins to get angry when not everyone is present but calms down when he hears that P. Shitt meditates. Gokudera then proposes that they form teams in order to protect Tsuna from other assassins. Koyo refuses to take part and begins to get in a fight with Ryohei again but Adelheid stops him and requests for time to decide. Gokudera agrees just as Reborn arrives and encourages them to take part, thinking to himself that he would be able to figure out something about them if they work closely.

The Simon return to their base and agrees to help the Vongola. The group then talks about an object that needs to be cared for and Enma shows him the strange object that is said to be proof that he inherited the title of Simon Family's boss...



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