Unique is the 371st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna uses Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised and absorbs Iemitsu's Sky Flames from his Flame-Enhanced Punch. Colonnello and Lal Mirch note that Tsuna's Flame combustion power was increasing. Tsuna finishes absorbing the Flames of Iemitsu's attack and pushes himself back, then propels himself with his X-Gloves towards Iemitsu once more. Tsuna and Iemitsu trade blows, but ultimately Iemitsu grabs hold of Tsuna's leg. Tsuna quickly reacts and thrusts his hand towards Iemitsu's face and uses X-Burner at point-blank range, much to Iemitsu's surprise, but Iemitsu still manages to escape, and they clash once more.

Meanwhile, Colonnello and Lal Mirch ask Reborn what he was planning to get out of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, as he released his curse yet didn't reveal to Tsuna his identity. Reborn refuses to answer and tells Colonnello and Lal Mirch that their team was next on their list to crush. Colonnello tells Reborn not to underestimate them, and tells Reborn that Iemitsu was still much stronger than Tsuna. Reborn, however, states that Tsuna's current potential could lead to miracles.

Suddenly, their Rainbow Wristwatches beep out and announce the end of the second day's battle. Tsuna and Iemitsu stop their battle and Iemitsu compliments Tsuna, stating that he was sincerely trying to break his boss watch at the end. Iemitsu comments that the battle was fun, angering Tsuna, who scolds him for taking the battle un-seriously. Iemitsu once again comments that Tsuna sounded just like Nana. Tsuna, despite that, tells him that he would win next time, Iemitsu responding with an "OK". Tsuna once again wonders who the man in the suit was, when suddenly Gokudera and Yamamoto arrived, having arrived here by bike by propelling themselves with Gokudera's bombs.

A short while earlier, Team Fon and Team Mammon are battling in Team Mamon's hotel, with Team Mammon's three core members being easily defeated by Fon, who had released his cursed form. Belphegor throws his knives and jumps back. Squalo asks if he was alright, and Belphegor states that he was fine, but notes that his representative watch was broken. Squalo is angered, but nevertheless says that the challenge of a good battle had his blood boiling. On Team Fon's side, Hibari asks the un-cursed Fon why he released his form, to which Fon, grinning, replies that he couldn't let him face this danger on his own.

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