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Uni Arrives! is the twenty-seventh volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

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After his defeat, Genkishi is killed by the Cloud Funeral Wreath Kikyo per Byakuran's orders. Tsuna and Yamamoto rush to attack their target, the Sun Funeral Wreath, Deisy, but Tsuna is delayed by the Mist Funeral Wreath Torikabuto. Kikyo manages to pass Gokudera and impales Shoichi Irie at the same time that Yamamoto attacks Deisy. With Deisy's Dying Will Flame intact and Shoichi's extinct, the Millefiore wins Choice. Shoichi requests another match to Byakuran due to a promise he once made, and claiming to be the responsible one for giving him the ability to gain knowledge from parallel worlds in his experience of time traveling. When Byakuran denies, Uni appears, attempting to allow the Vongola a second chance, and when declined, withdraws the Black Spell from the Millefiore, joins the Vongola, and requests Tsuna to protect her. As Uni would serve to Byakuran's plans of having a power similar to omniscience, the Vongola accept and escape with her. After Hibari and Dino separate from the Vongola to check Namimori's state, Storm Funeral Wreath Zakuro attacks their hideout and Squalo delays him to help the Vongola escape. Tsuna and his Family escape to a place called "Kawahira Realtor", where the old lady working there offered Haru sanctuary should she decide to run away from home. However, when they arrive, a mysterious man named Kawahira ushers them in, also informing them that the old lady died 3 years ago, though it was with a smile on her face.

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