Uni, Gamma, and Byakuran is the 355th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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As Uni arrives, she smiles happily and greets everyone present, tears coming to her eyes as she sees Gamma. Gamma runs up to her and announces that she was safe. Byakuran interrupts their moment, smirking as he says that Gamma was going to make Uni cry. Gamma is angered at this and prepares to attack Byakuran, but Uni cuts between, thanking Byakuran for helping them. Byakuran then reveals that he heard of the circumstances from Aria, surprising Gamma, Nosaru, and Tazaru. Byakuran announces that the Sky Arcobaleno were inflicted with a different curse; the curse of a short lifespan. Aria had decided to retire and give Uni the possibility of a longer lifespan, should she win the Arcobaleno battle.

Gamma angrily asks why Byakuran had to fight for Uni, to which the second replied that he and Uni were best partners, angering Gamma, the latter telling the first not to touch Uni. Both the Six Funeral Wreaths and Nosaru, Tazaru, and Gamma get ready for battle, but Byakuran stops it, stating that they were comrades, and that they should head to Japan. Byakuran then anticipates meeting Shoichi and Tsuna, while Uni anticipates meeting Tsuna and Reborn.

In Japan, Tsuna converses with Reborn about the Arcobaleno battle. Soon, they arrive where they agreed to meet Dino, meeting the said person, who had already prepared dishes for them. Reborn asks about other representatives, when suddenly Belphegor arrives, grabbing Tsuna and taking him away. Mammon sits atop Belphegor's head, calling Tsuna a "stupid runt". Belphegor then quickly gets up and drags Tsuna to the Varia's room, asking his comrades where Xanxus was, then speeding off to the said place. Belphegor then throws Tsuna in, where Xanxus glares at Tsuna. Mammon then informs Xanxus that Tsuna's Guardians and Dino were probably going to fight for Reborn. Tsuna is surprised to hear that Varia is fighting for Mammon, and Xanxus angrily declares that he would erase them. Suddenly, a man named "Wonomichi" arrives and announces that he was the planner of the "Representative Battle of the Rainbow" and would be explaining it, surprising Reborn, who notices the hat that Wonomichi was wearing was similar to the man with the iron hat's, also comparing Wonomichi's claim that he was the Arcobaleno battle planner to the man with the iron hat's identity.

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