Uni's Premonition is the 365th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Dino trips, another teacher in Namimori Middle School helping him up and telling him to inspect a school department. Dino is exasperated by all the work he has to do, but is determined to help keep Tsuna safe. Hibari suddenly appears and questions his presence. Hibari states that his sole reason for becoming Fon's representative was to bite him to death. Dino gets flustered, telling Hibari to go away since he had work to do, but suddenly calms down and adds that he had to destroy his Rainbow Wristwatch as well. Hibari calmly replies back that he was happy to hear it, and Fon jumps onto Hibari's head and bows towards Hibari as they both take their leave. Dino recalls that Fon was I-Pin's master and that I-Pin stated that he was the strongest master of martial arts, but thinks that Hibari and Fon together remind him of something.

At Team Uni's mansion, Tsuna expresses his shock at Uni's premonition that two teams were going to be eliminated in the upcoming battle. Reborn asks Uni if she couldn't see which teams were to be eliminated, and Uni answers in the positive, stating that she couldn't see the future all that clearly. Suddenly, Byakuran announces his and Gamma's return lightly from the doorway, Yamamoto and Gokudera greeting Byakuran and Gamma, respectively. Reborn interrupts their greetings, asking Byakuran and Gamma how Team Verde managed to defeat three of their members in 10 minutes. Gamma sets a gun down on the table, Reborn identifying it as a Glock, an Austrian-made pistol. Byakuran, with a smile adorning his features, reveals that the gun was actually an illusion. Reborn comments that the gun definitely felt like it was real, and Gamma informs them that Verde had invented a machine that could turn illusions into reality. Byakuran states that although it started to disintegrate today, the illusion-created items could last for an entire day, Gamma adding that Team Verde had also recruited another illusionist, Mukuro's apprentice Fran, which made things harder.

At the Varia's hotel, the members of Team Mammon recall that when the wristwatch sounded for the start of the battle, Xanxus had angrily shouted at the watch to "shaddup", and had said "this sucks" before falling asleep for the rest of the 10 minutes of the battle. Superbia Squalo laughs and comments that it was just like Xanxus to do so. Mammon impassively looks over to Xanxus and mentally questions him if he was going to pull through for him, and adds that he was believing in him.

At Team Skull's residence, Skull is complaining about the baby food he's been given, his representatives telling him to stop complaining and eat.

Once more at Team Uni's rented mansion, Byakuran reveals that he had found a counter to Verde's machine, stating that they would fight genius with genius and machine with machine. Spanner and Shoichi then show themselves and Byakuran recalls his future self's encounters with the two geniuses with a smile on his face. Spanner and Shoichi greet Tsuna. Suddenly, the wristwatch beeps and announces one minute until the battle starts. All of Team Uni's members rush to their room, ready to fight, and Reborn notes that Team Verde was about to arrive. Byakuran answers Tsuna's question that he was Team Uni's boss representative and flies out into the sky with his wings, Tsuna following him by entering Hyper Dying Will Mode, propelling himself with Sky Flames from his X-Gloves. However, the wristwatch announces the battle this time to be 30 minutes long as it commences the battle.

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