Unexpected Problem is the 349th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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The chapter begins with Tsuna, Reborn, and Lambo in the bathroom, taking their baths. Reborn frightens Lambo with the size of the lathering from his shampoo, which is at least as tall as Tsuna himself. Futa appears when they emerge from the bathroom, handing Tsuna a glass of water. Reborn asks Bianchi for beer, but Tsuna objects on the basis of his infant status. Annoyed, Reborn goes to bed, along with the others. Tsuna stays up for a bit wondering what an Arcobaleno is and what the curse mentioned by Mammon is, having been reminded by the beer incident.

The next day, Tsuna and the others are surprised to see that Chrome has been transferred to Namimori Middle. She stands at the front of the classroom to introduce herself, but breaks down crying in Kyoko's arms. When discussing this between classes, Ryohei tells them that according to what Kyoko has heard from Chrome, she was kicked out of Kokuyo by Mukuro. Gokudera then comments that since Mukuro is free from jail, he doesn't need Chrome anymore. Tsuna seemed to have doubts about that representation of events. Reborn arrives and tells them that he was convened by Mukuro to talk about Chrome. He was given her living expenses by Mukuro as well. Since Chrome has already arrived in Namimori, Reborn said that settling her in to either Kyoko or Haru's house would be for the best. Reborn then suggests a welcoming party for Chrome at Tsuna's house, with the theme of a mimicry contest. After agreeing to this, they hear the bell for class to resume and return, but Tsuna stays behind and asks Reborn about the Arcobaleno.

After dodging the question for a bit, Reborn admits that it's about time for Tsuna to know everything, after Tsuna has proven his growth. Reborn cut off that he will tell him if Tsuna wins the mimicry game at Chrome's welcoming party. At the party, Chrome thanks everyone for throwing it for her with the moral support of Haru and Kyoko. As the party goes on, Tsuna wonders why he was uneasy when Reborn said he would tell him everything. He believes it is because knowing the secret would make the daily life he loves disappear. He thinks to himself that if that is true, he would be happier in igorance. When it was Tsuna's turn to mimick someone he choose Leon, and got 0 points from Leon himself, despite Reborn's thoughts.

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