Template:Techniques & Abilities Ultimate Dying Will Mode is an ascended form of the Hyper Dying Will Mode. This form is achieved by shooting a Dying Will Bullet while in the form of Hyper Dying Will Mode . Normally, the Dying Will Bullet would cause you to lose your mental state of mind and only concentrate on what your dying will is. In the Ultimate Dying Will Mode's case, you keep your mental state of mind and also comes with a dramatic power jump. In other words, this is the highest and final stage of the dying will.


[Image:Ultimate Dying Will Mode.PNG|thumb|210px|Before-Vongola Gear Discard]]

Bermuda realizing that the shot was not for the kill, he short warps over to Tsuna and seemingly kills him, but a hand reaches out of Tsuna's body thus entering the Ultimate Dying Will Mode. Tsuna rips out of his clothes like the usual Dying Will Mode, but an addition to this, Tsuna discards his Vongola Gear realizing that he has overcome more hardships without any weapons and using only his Dying Will. With this, Tsuna regains his mental state and continues the brawl with Bermuda.

Post-Vongola Gear Discard

Abilities and Techniques:

Ultimate Vongola Intuition: This ability now allows Tsuna to sense where Bermuda is when and where he Short Warps in a time span where Tsuna can strike or dodge in a matter or milliseconds.

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