Ugetsu Asari is the first generation Rain Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia. He was a Japanese man who loved music. It was said that there was no one who could match his skills with the blade. He physically resembles Takeshi Yamamoto, and Reborn compared Yamamoto giving up baseball to the first Rain Guardian giving up music: both did so to excel at swordsmanship for the sake of their friends in the Vongola Famiglia. Specifically, he sold his instruments for a trio of short swords and a single long sword. Kojirou's Cambio Forma can form into similar swords called "Ugetsu Asari's Four Irregular Swords". He speaks with a Japanese accent that existed in the Heian period that was used by high class samurai, ninja, and nobles.

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Asari Ugetsu Playing Music

Ugetsu Asari playing music with his flute

Ugetsu's outfit - blue and white robe with a tall black hat - was worn by noblemen at the Imperial Court of Japan during the Heian era (794-1185). He has black hair and dark eyes. As a Japanese flute player, he is often seen with a dark brown shakuhachi, which is a Japanese flute. Yamamoto quite strongly resembles him.

Personality Edit

Similar to Yamamoto, he's friendly and easy going, though he's much more polite and soft-spoken in manner. He cares for his friends and Family and is willing to give up his dream to help them; he had given up his flute in exchange for swords and money to travel to Italy. Ugetsu used his excellent swordmanship to help Giotto when Giotto was in trouble. He is generally portrayed as a calm character. For example, he once told G. to control his temper when G. was ready to lash out at Lampo.

Plot Overview Edit

Inheritance Succession Arc Edit

Asari Ugetsu Materializing From The Vongola Ring

Ugetsu Asari appears from the Rain Vongola Ring in front of Yamamoto in the middle of his training

When Tsuna and the others returned to the past to train before their upcoming battle with the Millefiore along with Yuni, Yuni summons Vongola Primo from the Vongola Ring and was told that the First Guardians of Vongola will observe them henceforth to see if they are worthy enough to inherit the Vongola's true power or not. At night, he appears from the Rain Vongola Ring in front of Yamamoto in the middle of his training. After introducing himself, he requested to hear the extent of Yamamoto's resolve. When Yamamoto gave a simple and clear response, he laughed and said that he will observe him carefully.

Rain Guardian Succession Trial Edit

Yamamoto Gaining Asari's Power

Asari giving his power to Yamamoto

Later, when he prepares to give Yamamoto his test, Yamamoto assumes that he is supposed to fight him and defeats him while accidently injuring Colonnello. This results in Yamamoto's defeat, which is questioned by Tsuna. Ugetsu said that Tsuna already knows the answer. Ugetsu decides to give Yamamoto a second chance but warned him that there won't be a third. Yamamoto, however, passes the second round when he realized the true meaning of being the Guardian of the Rain. Yamamoto and Ugetsu got along very well after that; both stating they enjoyed battling each other. He gives his power to Yamamoto and states it will be useful when he's in a dire situation. He was later seen with G., who commented that he was too soft. He said to G. that Decimo's Family reminded him of the past with Primo's Family.

Later, at Namimori Shrine, he, along with the other Guardians and Primo, meets to discuss the trials so far, and the one that was yet to come. All of them look worried since the next trial would be Daemon Spade's succession test.

The Guardians watch the trial from afar and consider interfering. However, Giotto stops them and asks them just to wait and watch.After Daemon's trial finished, he along with the other guardians and Giotto returned to the Vongola Rings.

Future Final Battle Arc Edit

Asari Appears

Ugetsu appears before Yamamoto

He appeared from Yamamoto's Vongola Ring during Tsuna's battle with Byakuran, along with Giotto and other guardians. He told Yamamoto and the others that they were always by their side and stated that Tsuna was indeed carrying their will, which allows Giotto to bestow Tsuna with the true form of Vongola Rings.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Frozen Rain

Frozen Rain

Ugetsu Asari was a talented swordsman who was said to have no equal during his era. His battle prowess is so great that during the Inheritance Trial with Yamamoto, he made up all the techniques he used (which were all fairly powerful) on the spot to test Yamamoto.

  • Ugetsu Asari's Four Irregular Swords: The weapon used by Ugetsu is comprised one long blade and three short Swords. It was said that the he replaced his musical instruments with a similar weapon in order to help the Vongola in a time of crisis.
  • Hisame 氷雨 (Frozen Rain): An attack that utilizes hardened Rain Flames. First seen when Ugetsu battles Takeshi Yamamoto to test his resolve.
Kuzuryu Riverfall

Kuzuryu Riverfall

  • Kuzuryu Kawakuzure: A Dragon made of Rain Flames. It was stated by Fon that Kuzuryu Riverfall was named after a nine-headed Dragon because of its swift current. Whilst using this attack, Ugetsu's back was completely exposed, although he did this on purpose in order to test Yamamoto's resolve.
  • Taki No Mai 滝の舞 (Torrential Dance): Ugetsu can create a torrent of Rain Flames to use as a screen that serves to mirror his image.

Trivia Edit

  • Ugetsu stated that he made Frozen Rain, Torrential Dance, and Kuzuryu Riverfall on the spot during and specifically for the Inheritance Trial.
  • Coincidentally, Yamamoto's family's dojo name is "Asarigumi", which means "Asari Clan," similar with Ugetsu's last name.
  • From his clothing, it's presumed he is from Japanese nobility.
  • It is interesting to note that "Asari" is Japanese for "Clams," which is the symbol for the Vongola Famiglia. "Ugetsu" happens to also have the syllable "Ame" in it, which is Japanese for "Rain."
  • Takeshi Yamamoto and Ugetsu Asari have several similiarities:
    • Both are shown to have the same easy-going personality.
    • Both have the same appearance except the hair and the eye color.
    • Both are considered soft by their Storm Guardian counterparts.
    • Both thought of a sword style in a flash.
    • Both feel that they would be willing to give up a big part of them for their friends.
    • Both use one long blade and three short swords.
    • Both are Japanese.
    • Both are sometimes clueless about what really goes on around them.
    • Ugetsu seems to get along with G. similarly to the way that Yamamoto gets along with Gokudera.
    • Both gave up their prized possessions and hobbies for their mafia family. Yamamoto's baseball training for sword training and Ugetsu's music and instruments to buy weapons.
  • Ugetsu always ends his sentences with variations of "de gozaru". "De gozaru" is usually affiliated with Samurai and was used mostly in the early periods of Japan. It is the less polite form of "de gozaimasu". In Japan today, "de gozaimasu" is the equivalent of "desu".
  • His Fandom Shorthand is the letter U.

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