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Two Successors to the Sky is the 148th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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Tsuna and his friends discuss who the remaining Arcobaleno are. At that moment, a woman wielding an orange pacifier, named Aria, arrives with Haru and Kyoko and reveals that she will give Tsuna his next trial. Afterwards, she takes Tsuna along with Haru and Kyoko to guide her around town and treats Tsuna like a servant. The girls find Chrome and leave with her to buy some juice. At that moment, Tsuna and Aria are attacked by Verde's men but they are quickly defeated by Tsuna and his family. Aria reveals Tsuna has passed the trial of tolerance and grants him the Arcobaleno seal. Aria shares a quick dialogue with Reborn and leaves. That night, Reborn announces he will be the host of Tsuna's next trial.

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