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Tsuyoshi Yamamoto is the owner of a sushi bar named TakeSushi and the father of Takeshi Yamamoto. He is one of the wielders of the Shigure Soen Ryu sword style.


He is usually clad in a white shirt and a white band wrapped around his head.


Tsuyoshi is very proud of the Shigure Soen Ryu style and even gets angry if anyone suggests that it isn't capable enough or weak. He is generally very perceptive, often able to tell his son's feelings just by looking. He has a kind nature, a trait inherited by his son. Takeshi Yamamoto is extremely proud of his father, as he often refers to his fighting style as "his old man's Shigure Soen," and often proclaims that it is the strongest and second to none.

Abilities and equipment[]

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  • In the Card Games Tsuyoshi is attributed to have Rain Flames.
  • Takeshi Yamamoto and Superbia Squalo had 7 common forms and only one different, which means Tsuyoshi and the person who lost to Squalo had the same master. He taught them all 7 forms and then both of them eventually created two different 8th forms.
    • He was the one who created the 8th form of Shigure Soen Ryu, Shinotsuku Ame, while trying to save a friend during a typhoon. His fellow apprentice created "Autumn Rain" as an 8th form instead.
  • In Mr. Rebokku no Ciao Ciao Interview, Yamamoto stated that his father Tsuyoshi was the one person that he thought he couldn't beat.
  • From Haru's Haru Haru Interview: Dangerous, Takeshi Yamamoto states that back when he was little, Tsuyoshi was very stubborn, not allowing himself or his son to eat anything with a foreign name in it. This led to Tsuyoshi creating his own unique names for certain foods. A color would be added at the beginning of the name depending on the color of the noodles; however, if the food could not be color-coded, it was not allowed in the Yamamoto household. Some examples include:
  • Salisbury Steak = Small Round Meat Patty
  • Curry Rice = Tenjiku Rice with Broth
  • Spaghetti = Western-Style Fried Noodles or Yakisoba (in Japanese)
  • Neapolitan = Red-Western style Fried Noodles
  • Carbonara = White-Western style Fried Noodles
  • Squid Ink = Black-Western style Fried Noodles