Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. XANXUS is the 126th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Xanxus smirks at Tsuna, asking if he thought he could actually strike him down with last night's results. Tsuna, unfazed, replies rhetorically, asking Xanxus if he looked the same as last night; Xanxus is silent. The Cervello round up all the spectators and direct them to an area sealed by infrared sensors that would make the area explode if it detected anything. They then announce the start of the Sky Ring Battle.

Tsuna aggressively attacks, but Xanxus easily punches him into the school's wall. Tsuna propels himself with Sky Flames expelling from his X-Gloves, but Xanxus catches his wrist and prepares to fire his Flame of Wrath. Tsuna, recognizing the danger, propels himself out of harm's way, and Xanxus fires his Flame of Wrath, blasting a gigantic hole through the school building.

Reborn explains that the Flame of Wrath was a powerful Flame that only the Vongola Secondo, before Xanxus, ever possessed. Xanxus confidently states to Tsuna that the Vongola Primo retired to Japan because he was afraid of the Vongola Secondo's powerful Flame, which would disgrace his title as the strongest. Tsuna challenges Xanxus to test it out and propels himself towards Xanxus once more. Tsuna and Xanxus punch each other's fist fist-on, and a large explosion occurs as a result.

Tsuna, however, had compressed his Flame's power into one point and punched Xanxus forcefully into the concrete ground. Tsuna, more confident, charges forward, but Xanxus fires a powerful Flame of Wrath, grazing Tsuna's right shoulder. Out of the smoke reveals Xanxus, who is wielding his X-Guns in both hands. Reborn notes that Xanxus was using the Vongola Secondo's Flame and the Vongola Settimo's weapon, which was a dangerous combination.

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