The First Choice Battle is a battle fought between Vongola Decimo, Tsunayoshi Sawada and the Mist Funeral Wraith, Torikabuto which took place in the lightning field of the Choice game.

Prelude Edit

In order for them to put an end to the Future Conflict, Byakuran holds the Risky Choice battle and the Vongola participates in order to get back to the past.

Summary Edit

Torikabuto saw Tsuna's dummy and destroyed it with a blast from his Mist Mare Ring which he kept in the palm of his hand, literally. Instantly, Saru and Kikyo detected a new Flame and then Tsuna appeared behind Torikabuto, and punched him into a building. When Tsuna wonders why it didn't shatter, the Cervello commented that due to the building were infused with Lightning Flames and the Lightning's solidification property made them 20x harder than normal buildings.

Mist Sea Snakes

Tsuna trapped by a grid of Lightning Class Sea Snakes

Suddenly, Torikabuto's body exploded into Sea Snakes that charged Tsuna down. Torikabuto's mask itself hovered with a Sea Snake. When Basil thought that the snakes weren't Illusions because they were visible on the monitors, Squalo called him an idiot and said that powerful enough Illusions affect both people and machines. Torikabuto called Tsuna an "impotent weakling" and Byakuran commented that his "Eyes of Truth" is able to see the true nature of anyone, and has begun to analyze Tsuna.

Vongola Primo Cloak

Tsuna defends himself using Vongola Primo's Cloak

When the Sea Snakes got close enough, Tsuna realized that they were solidified with Lightning Flames, and pierced straight through the super-solidified buildings. Dino proposed that he may have multiple Flames like Gokudera. Torikabuto used Genma: Repe Serpente di Mare on Tsuna to which he responded with his Vongola Box, the Leone di Cieli ver. Vongola. It roared, and petrified Torikabuto's attack by using the Sky's Harmony attribute. More Sea Snakes crashed through a building just as Tsuna was about to land the finishing blow. Tsuna instructed Nuts (his Sky Lion) to do "that", and he called out Cambio Forma Modo Difesa, which changed his Box Weapon into a weapon called the Vongola First's Cloak (Mantello di Vongola Primo), a cloak with Sky Flames at the bottom.

The Cloak petrified and destroyed Torikabuto's Mist Sea Snakes, and Tsuna charges him with Nuts sitting on his shoulder. After missing an attack, he finally hits Torikabuto with a punch and Spanner clocks at 300,000 FV, a new record. Sending the Mist Funeral Wreath down and out, giving the victory to Tsuna.

Aftermath Edit

After Yamamoto defeats Saru, it is 5 Vs 2 and Shoichi Irie orders Yamamoto and Tsuna to get the Milliefiore's target by air while Gokudera to keep up his defensive position. However, it seems Torikabuto was not defeated and Tsuna is in his Illusion all along. After being trapped in the Illusion, Tsuna breaks out using sheer force with the aid of the X-Burner. Tsuna then decides to return to help Shoichi Irie, and what happened to Torikabuto is unknown.

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