Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Mukuro Rokudo is the battle taking place in Kokuyo Land that was fought by Tsunayoshi Sawada and Mukuro Rokudo.

Prelude Edit

Hibari fights Mukuro but collapses afterwards. Mukuro then possesses Gokudera, Bianchi, Chikusa Kakimoto, and Ken Joshima. Tsuna, unwilling to see his friends being possessed, attacks.

Summary Edit

Tsuna attacks Mukuro, but is blown back by all of the possessed people's abilities, which were taken by Mukuro using the Second Realm of his Six Paths of Reincarnation, represented by the Japanese kanji numeral for two, "二", appearing in his right eye, which has to ability to steal the abilities from others. Leon then starts glowing and produces the X-Gloves and the Criticism Shot bullet. Tsuna tosses the bullet to Reborn, who promptly shoots Tsuna with it, Tsuna experiencing all the rebukes he would have if he lost. Tsuna then is revived, having gone into Hyper Dying Will Mode.

Ken and Chikusa (possessed by Mukuro) attack Tsuna, who notices that Chikusa is an illusion and hits the real one. Mukuro, taking advantage of Tsuna's unwillingness to hurt his friends, makes Bianchi and Gokudera attack Tsuna, who, as predicted, doesn't attack. However, Tsuna, with his heightened Vongola Hyper Intuition, paralyzes Bianchi and Gokudera by striking their nerves. Mukuro then appears in his real body and reveals his Six Paths of Reincarnation's fifth state, the state of humans. Mukuro then digs into his eye, a black aura appearing around him, with the kanji for five, "五", appearing in his right eye to represent the power being used. Mukuro, with his new power, easily beats Tsuna up. Tsuna, however, emits Dying Will Flames from his X-Gloves and blocks Mukuro's strike from his trident. The X-Gloves touch Mukuro's face, slightly burning him, Reborn revealing that Dying Will Flames actually emit heat.

Mukuro then sends an illusion of himself to Tsuna, who recognizes it as one, but is injured, as Mukuro hid stones within the illusion. Mukuro attempts to hit Tsuna from the side, but Tsuna quickly moves behind Mukuro and strikes him down. Mukuro tells Tsuna to kill him, but Tsuna refuses, Mukuro quickly coming up behind him and punching him towards his trident, which was implanted in the wall. Tsuna, however, propels himself with his X-Gloves and leaves his hands on Mukuro's face, the Dying Will Flame purifying Mukuro's dark aura, Mukuro then flying deep into the ground. Tsuna has won.

Aftermath Edit

Afterwards, Reborn informs Tsuna that the Vongola medical team had already arrived and treated most of the people injured. As Tsuna questions Mukuro's well being, Ken and Chikusa tell Tsuna not to touch Mukuro, and reveal their bitter past with the Estraneo Famiglia, and how Mukuro saved them by annihilating the entire Famiglia. However, the Vindice appear and take Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa away. Tsuna asks about Lancia, but Reborn reveals that after Lancia was treated, he was taken away as well. Afterwards, Tsuna's body hurt due to using the Criticism Shot. One month later, during the autumn baseball game, Mitsuru Fujimori, a boy possessed by Mukuro, quietly states to Tsuna that they would meet again.

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