Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Fake Mukuro Rokudo is a battle taking place in Kokuyo Land fought between Tsunayoshi Sawada and the fake Mukuro Rokudo.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Gokudera, Bianchi, and Yamamoto face off against the fake Mukuro, but are easily pushed back, Reborn only standing by watching due to the Ninth's order for him to battle for Tsuna. Tsuna then arrives and sees the fake Mukuro and is shot with the last Dying Will Bullet by Reborn, telling Tsuna to go all out.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tsuna is in Dying Will Mode and stops the fake Mukuro's air-current ball. However, the fake Mukuro unleashes another attack on Tsuna, his iron ball smashing into him. Tsuna, however, furiously deflects it back at the fake Mukuro, appearing to win; however, the fake Mukuro stands back up, stating that he would have to fight at full power. The fake Mukuro then charges at Tsuna and mercilessly beats him up, saying after every hit, "we're not done yet." The fake Mukuro then smashes Tsuna into the ground, preparing for the final blow and smashes his iron ball into Tsuna; however, Tsuna gets back up and states to the fake Mukuro that he wasn't a bad person. They both trade two final powerful blows, but Tsuna wins out.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Tsuna explains that he knew that the fake Mukuro wasn't an evil guy, since at first glance, he didn't feel any fear. The fake Mukuro then revealed that he wasn't the real Mukuro, and that the real one took everything away from him. He then tells his story, of how he was previously an orphan that a Mafia Famiglia took in, him serving as a bodyguard to repay his debt until he became known as the strongest man in Northern Italy. Later, his boss brought Mukuro in, stating that he had high hopes for him. The fake Mukuro took Mukuro under his wing and treated him just like the Famiglia had when they took him in. However, one day after playing cards, when the fake Mukuro came home, he found his Famiglia massacred. The fake Mukuro then reveals that he was frequently possessed by Mukuro and eventually lost his will and became a killing machine. However, as the fake Mukuro was about to reveal the real Mukuro's objective, poison needles are thrown, the fake Mukuro protecting Tsuna from them. As the fake Mukuro falls, Tsuna asks his name, the fake Mukuro stating his name to be Lancia. Tsuna states that to avenge Lancia, they had to fight Mukuro; however, Reborn stated that Lancia wasn't dead yet, and if he could be rescued in an hour, he would be saved. They then follow one of Birds's birds to Mukuro's hideout to begin the final battle.

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