Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Enma Kozato: Rematch is the Eighth major battle of the Inheritance Ceremony Arc,

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Tsuna and the others, on the other hand, enter a cave and Tsuna reveals that he somehow felt that Mukuro was on the island. Reborn added that if Mukuro really is here, then something must be happened to Chrome, making Tsuna determined to be in hurry. At the end of the cave, they are shocked to find underground castle with flames coming out from it, to which Tsuna realizes that they were Enma's flames. As Tsuna and the other guardians stand outside the Simon castle, Nuts runs off into it.As they enter, they find Nuts in front of a big door. Tsuna opens the door to see someone sitting on a chair with white hair, which Yamamoto suspected as Demon Spade's new assassin. However, when Tsuna takes a closer look, he realizes that it is Enma, much to the other's shock. Nuts runs to Enma but then stops in its tracks when Enma mutters "must...kill" again, his face scaring Nuts. Tsuna picks up Nuts and tells Enma that Cozzato was never betrayed by Giotto as he had seen it himself. However, Enma refused to listen and instead unleashed his fully awakened power. Reborn concludes that it's just like Adelheid has said, Enma has become a ball of resent and revenge and that no one's voice could reach him now. When Gokudera and Yamamoto prepare to fight Enma together, Tsuna halts them, telling them to leave everything to him, assuring that Enma will be alright. At this, Hibari comes and says that Enma is his prey but he could wait for Tsuna to be killed first and then he will bite him to death, much to Gokudera's anger. Tsuna apologizes to Hibari and turns into Hyper Dying Will Mode, claiming to Enma that if his voice couldn't reach him then he will reach him with his fist and told him to open his eyes as he flies straight to Enma.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Enma then shoots out spheres that makes Tsuna unable to fly straight as he was sucked in by the spheres due to Enma's Earth Flame's power to control Gravitation. However, Tsuna still manages to overcome this and continues his way to Enma. Enma shatters the spheres, creating black holes that will be dangerous if Tsuna got sucked in even once. When one of the black holes begins to sucked Tsuna, Tsuna shouts to Enma not to underestimate him and using Nuts' Cambio Forma and able to escape being sucked to the black hole.

Enma continues to attack as Tsuna heard his inner voice that saying that he felt lonely. When Tsuna reaches Enma, he punches him on the face but fails to snap him out and attacks Tsuna by summoning a huge rock, crushing Tsuna onto the ground. However, in attempt to snap Enma from his out control state, Tsuna excalimed that he's here, which finally reaches Enma who recognized Tsuna's voice as his friend. He experiences flashback when he first met Tsuna and when he discussed with Tsuna that when he met him, he thinks that he able to make friends and finally managed to come back to his senses when he remembers Tsuna saying that he's his friends. As Enma come back to his senses, he began to witness back the memories of the previous keys, realizing that Vongola Primo never betrayed Cozzato.

When Enma stutters at this revelation, Tsuna assures him by saying that he came to save him. At this, Enma realized that just like Giotto, Tsuna had never betrayed him. However, Enma can no longer control his power, resulting creating a huge black hole that also sucks himself into it and tells Tsuna and the others to run or they will be killed. Tsuna shouts that he won't run because he will save him no matter what. Deciding to destroy the black hole, Tsuna commands for Operation XX (Double X) to fire X-Burner from both of his hands.

As Tsuna blasted his XX Burner, Reborn wonders if Enma will able to whistand it. As Enma cries out in pain, Tsuna states that he will save him no matter what because his pride is at stake. Hearing this, Enma questions of what Tsuna's pride is as he thinks he will disappear but then remembers the characteristic of Sky Flame, Harmony. As the explosion occurs and then the smokes clears out, Tsuna already returns to normal along with Nuts. They begins to call out Enma who is nowhere to be seen. When they finds him, Lambo mocks that his hair is all bed out before they confronted him.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Enma apologizes for what he has done but Tsuna assures him that it was not his fault but Demon Spade's. Enma asks Tsuna of what his pride is. Tsuna answers that his pride is him, confusing Enma. Tsuna explains that he never thought he has something that great until Hibari taught him that pride is something that he cannot give up and sincerely answers that his pride is his comrades, his friends.

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