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Character Outline

Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada (沢田 綱吉, Sawada Tsunayoshi) is the protagonist of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Although at first a cowardly and useless junior high student, Tsuna is suddenly thrust into fulfilling the role as the Tenth Generation Boss of the Vongola Famiglia , the most prominent Mafia Family in the underground,
Tsuna Fails target 02

No-Good Tsuna

forcing him to gather his own Family to eventually battle for the survival of the world. His character development from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader dedicated to and willing to fight for the protection of his friends and Family is a critical element of the series. Although he himself does not wish to have anything to do with the Mafia, he nevertheless finds himself thrust into numerous battles, so far involving escaped Mafia exiles, a rival group of elite assassins within the Vongola, ten years in the Future, the Millefiore Family, a rival Family in the process of eliminating the Vongola which ended with Tsuna defeating the rival family's leader, Byakuran, and eventually the mysterious Shimon Famiglia.

As the protagonist of the series, Tsuna appears in all the series' video games, as well as special appearances in both Shonen Jump compilation games, Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars. He also appears in the Hidden Bullet light novels, albeit in a minor role. On July 8, 2008, Pony Canyon released a character CD containing media from both his and Reborn's voice actors.


At the beginning of the series, Tsuna is a junior-high student known in school as "No Good Tsuna" for his poor grades, wimpy attitude, bad luck, and lack of athleticism, a fact which Tsuna freely admits.

Tsuna is generally depicted as comically horrified by the outrageous actions of those around him, generally causing him to become nearly hysterical, especially by Reborn's training methods. His lack of confidence and tremendous lack of luck generally contrast humorously with the positions of Leadership and external pressure Reborn puts him in. Despite his title, he seems an earnest individual with great potential; unfortunately, Reborn discovers that often the only way to force Tsuna to fulfill this potential is to put him in a life or death situation.

Although told by others that he is the 10th Generation Vongola Boss, Tsuna is generally unwilling to take part in anything that has to do with the Mafia. He always denies the fact that he is a Future Mafia Boss and tries to avoid anyone and anything involved with the Mafia, clinging to any element of an ordinary life he can, even stating that his Guardians and subordinates are just his friends and upperclassmen. Later, though he dislikes the violent history inherent in the Mafia, stating that he would rather destroy the Vongola family then accept such a heritage, he is grateful for the friends he has made since meeting Reborn. He cares a lot for his new Family and puts himself in the way of danger and even death in order to protect them.

Tsuna's personality has developed greatly since the beginning of the manga, where he was a cowardly, useless individual who easily gave up, to an individual of great resolve to protect the companions he has made, doing whatever must be done. Later he is depicted as comfortable with leadership, as the others in his Family look to him for decisions he dispenses without hesitation.

The Tsuna of the Future is said to be deceased, having been executed by gunning down, though not before making arrangements for the Future. But it is later revealed that it was just another special bullet (similar to Dying Will Bullet) replaced by Shoichi Irie. Presumably, the Future Tsuna has settled comfortably into the role of the Tenth Vongola Head.

There have been many parallels between Tsuna and Founder of the Vongola Family, Giotto, including physical appearance, Fighting Techniques, and Weapons used. Both of their personalities are likely to be very similar as it has been shown that they have similar goals and ways of standards. For example, neither had problems with appointing Guardians from outside the Family.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

One day, the Hitman Reborn came to Japan from Italy in order to train Tsuna into the role of the 10th Vongola Boss. Tsuna was chosen, because he was the great-great-great-great grandson of the First Vongola Boss, who had moved to Japan a long time ago. As the Arc progressed, Tsuna encountered and began to gather his own family.

Kokuyo Arc

Students from Namimori were attacked by the Kokuyo Gang and Tsuna was forced to find and to defeat them. At Healthy Land Tsuna used his last Dying Will Bullet to fight the leader Mukuro Rokudo. However he was revealed to be possessed by the real Mukuro. Tsuna later found the actual leader and, using the new power granted to him by Leon, Tsuna was able to defeat him.

Varia Arc

File:Sky Ring.jpg
Tsuna encounted Basil, an agent of the CEDEF, as he was attacked by a Swordsman. The swordsman was revealed to be a member of the Varia whose leader, Xanxus, was attempting to become the 10th Vongola Boss. Tsuna trained with Reborn and Basil for the next ten days in preparation for the Varia's arrival.
Tsuna vs Xanxus

Tsuna faces off against Xanxus

Tsuna's Father (who was revealed himself to be head of CEDEF) picked Tsuna instead of Xanxus and as such the candidates for the next Vongola Family had to fight against each other for possession of the Vongola Rings.

During the Lightning Ring Battle, Tsuna was disqualified (as a result of saving Lambo) and as such was forced to give up the Sky Ring, After the Cloud Ring Battle Xanxus sent Gola Mosca on a rampage and Tsuna was forced to destroy it. However it was revealed to have been powered by the captive Timoteo and his Dying Will Flames. Xanxus accused Tsuna of attempting to assassinate the Ninth and challenged him to a fight. During the Sky Ring Battle Xanxus acquired all of the seven Vongola Rings. However his blood was rejected as he was not the Ninth's real son, but an adopted child of the Ninth, and as a result Tsuna's Family won.

Future Arc

Tsuna Protecting Kyoko

Tsuna protecting Kyoko from Tazaru

Future Tsuna

Future Tsuna

Tsuna and company resume their daily routine, but Tsuna is abruptly thrust into another dangerous situation when Reborn is shot with the Ten Year Bazooka and disappears instead of being exchanged with his Ten Years self. While searching for Reborn, Tsuna himself is shot with the Ten Year Bazooka and transported 9 years and 10 months into a bleak future, waking up in a coffin, as he himself is dead. He is then met by Future Gokudera, who tells him to find and kill Shoichi Irie to prevent this Future from happening, although what specifically this would do is unknown. However, before he can explain further, he is replaced by his Past self. To their horror, they are not returned to the past after five minutes. Tsuna and Gokudera soon come in contact with the Future Vongola Family, who are being annihilated by a rival Family, the Millefiore Family, and driven into hiding. It seems that the Future Tsuna destroyed the Vongola Rings, putting the Vongola at a disadvantage; most of the Family's higher-ups and allies have already been eliminated.

Motivated by a desire to prevent this Future from coming about, as well as to return to the Past, Tsuna is advised by Reborn to gather the Guardians, starting with the strongest Guardian, Hibari. In the process, the Vongola Battle numerous times with the Millefiore; while, fortunately, Tsuna learns how to use his Vongola Ring. His antics also alert the Millefiore to the presence of not only the Past Vongola, but the Vongola Rings.

Events soon conspire to transport most of Tsuna's Friends and Family to the Future, making it imperative to return to the past; in order to accomplish this, Gokudera reveals it is necessary to defeat Byakuran, the head of the Millefiore Family, with the Vongola Rings. Thus, Tsuna and the Guardians from the Past undergo training to learn this Generation's unique style of fighting, that is, using Boxes and Rings, in preparation for an attack on the Millefiore Base to be conducted in tandem with Vongola operations against the Millefiore worldwide.

Tsuna's training with Hibari drives him near death, forcing him to undergo the Vongola Trial of Succession. Tsuna's declaration of his resolve before the former Vongola Bosses yields the ability to combine the power of the Vongola Ring with his X-Gloves, producing the X-Gloves Version V.R. (Vongola Ring); while more powerful, the Gloves are unbalanced and difficult to handle. However, Tsuna is able to use the Gloves' increased to power to develop a new technique, the X-Burner, before the scheduled raid on the Millefiore Base. During this time, Tsuna also receives a premonition about a circular white machine with Shoichi Irie standing in front of that seems to have something to do with traveling back to the Past. Tsuna also begins to become more accustomed to the idea of Leadership. However, the Millefiore discover the location of the Vongola Base and attempt to ambush the Vongola in the middle of the night, forcing the Vongola to attack earlier than expected. Tsuna and company infiltrate the Melone Base, which they discover is conveniently led by Shoichi Irie. Although the group dispatched several Millefiore thugs, Shoichi Irie soon plays his hand and manipulates the placement of the Base's rooms to separate the group.

Additionally, Tsuna is captured by a Millefiore technician, Spanner, after remaining behind as a decoy and defeating a force of Strau Mosca robots. Surprisingly, Spanner does not kill him, but instead offers to help Tsuna complete the X-Burner technique, on the grounds that he wishes to see it completed. Tsuna cooperates with Spanner after Reborn (who appears via hologram) urges him to; Spanner constructs Tsuna to use Contacts Lens to improve his X-Burner. Tsuna proceeds to use the X-Gloves to obliterate numerous Millefiore agents and obstacles, developing new Techniques, as he and Spanner, who is labeled a traitor, make their way to the control room to confront Shoichi Irie.

After receiving word of the Varia's victory in Italy, learning of the Real Six Funeral Wreaths and of the plot hatched between Future Tsuna, Future Hibari, and Future Irie. Tsuna asks Spanner and Irie to join the Vongola Family and receives the Sky Vongola Box from the Future Irie. He begins training again in preparation for the Battle of Choice initiated by Byakuran. However, his Box Weapon attacks him when he first tries to open it.

To make matters worse, mid-training, Haru and Kyoko decide to stop doing household chores, as both become aware they are being left out of the loop; Tsuna ultimately reveals the entire situation to both of them, receiving advice from Kyoko that allows him to open his Vongola Box correctly.

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

An anime filler Arc in which Tsuna and his Guardians are sent momentarily back to the past to obtain the seven Arcobaleno Seals, which are requirements for opening the Vongola Boxes. In the manga, there is no such requirement. Instead of Tsuna and everyone going back to the past for the Trials, Byakuran reveals he'd known Irie was going to betray him all along and informs them of the real Millefiore Guardians/Funeral Wreaths.

Tsuna has just cleared all the Trials. He had cleared Colonnello's Trial that tests Combat Ability and Skull's Trial of Charisma in the same day. He has also completed Mammon's (Viper's) trial of adaptability. In that Trial, Mammon had pretended to take Kyoko as a hostage while she was actually shopping/drinking tea with "Himeko" (Belphegor). The Trial involved solving riddles and battling box weapon prototypes. Only Tsuna, Ryohei and Yamamoto participated in this trial. In the end, Tsuna defeated Mammon using the X-Burner. Fon, the holder of the Red Pacifier, was next with his Trial of Leadership. The test was to catch him in one hour with all the people Tsuna had in the school: himself, Haru and Lambo, and also secretly, I-Pin, who showed herself in the end to help Tsuna catch her master. With Hibari also there (he doesn't help, but beats Tsuna up, which causes him to fall unconscious and catch Fon), they succeeded and Tsuna got the Seal.
Tsuna Defeated

Tsuna defeated by Reborn

With only 3 days remaining until they had to return to the Future, Aria, the holder of the Orange Pacifier (which doesn't have any qualities the Arcobaleno have, except the Pacifier, rather the appearance of a woman), gave Tsuna the Trial of Tolerance, the acceptance of others even though he doesn't know them thoroughly. Tsuna passed the Trial and received the Sky Arcobaleno Seal. At the end of the day, Reborn states that he will be the one to give Tsuna and the Guardians the next Trial. Reborn gives the Trial on Namimori Island with all of the Guardians involved. Starting the Trial, Reborn kicks Tsuna into a boulder, knocking him unconscious. After that, Reborn defeats the Vongola Guardians one by one. Tsuna awakens and has a chance to defeat Reborn with the X-Burner but stops mid attack, thinking that he can't hurt Reborn because of their friendship. Reborn then defeats Tsuna and tells him that he has failed the trial.

All the Guardians except Hibari and Lambo later awaken to find themselves in a tower on the beach. After contemplating what to do next, Tsuna, Ryohei, Yamamoto, and Gokudera decide to ask Reborn for another chance. Before Reborn can answer, Verde shows up and, announcing that he wants the Vongola Rings to try to perfect his Box Weapons, attacks the weakened Vongola Guardians, including Hibari and Lambo, both of whom are in Namimori Town. By not giving his own Trial saying "he could not care less about the pact", Verde has broken the Arcobaleno Pact and the other Arcobaleno join in to help. This was Verde's plan all along and he captures all the Arcobaleno and demands that Tsuna gives him the Rings. Tsuna refuses and they try to save the Arcobaleno. Verde blows up the Arcobaleno, but it is revealed that they were never captured but were instead hidden in an illusion by Viper. Tsuna ends the battle with his X-Burner and destroys Verde, but he turns out to be a robot.

Tsuna senses that Verde is near and is in Namimori. Reborn thinks that maybe Tsuna's prediction may be correct. Gokudera thinks that maybe Verde is in Bumpy Rock, the small island where they had once held a swimming competition around. They have found Verde's secret underground laboratory, so Tsuna passed Verde's Trial of Intuition. With 6 Seals, they asked Reborn if they could have another fight but Tsuna didn't know that he already passed his Trial. Tsuna had actually passed it when he battled Verde and the Box Weapons even with their injuries, and thus is granted the seal. With all 7 seals, they went home. The next morning, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Chrome, Lambo, Reborn, Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin go to the Namimori Shrine, and they return to the Future using the 10-Year-Bazooka they found there, except for Tsuna and Reborn, who were waiting for Hibari. After a long time of waiting, Hibari did not show up, and Reborn forces Tsuna into the Bazooka. In the Future, they realize that Hibari actually went there early.

Choice Arc

After their training was complete, he and his Family proceed to the designated meeting place to begin the game of Choice. During the Choice battle; Tsuna engages and temporarily defeats the Millefiore Mist Funeral Wreath, Torikabuto. Although, Tsuna was ultimately trapped within an Illusion.
Tsuna vs Torikabuto

Tsuna vs Torikabuto

During the Battle, he demonstrates not only his increased strength and the power of the Vongola Sky Box but again with his role as the Tenth, giving orders when the battle turns grim. However, he was too late to prevent Shoichi from being attacked, and the Vongola lost the Choice Battle. Shoichi woke up to find out that they had lost the Choice Battle. Tsuna didn't understand why it is so important to win even if it is for all of humanity. Shoichi then goes on to explain his past experiences and Byakuran's power.
Shoichi continues to explain that the reason Byakuran's so powerful is that he could take the best of the parallel worlds he exists in and use that knowledge to conquer each of them.
Tsuna offers to protect Yuni

Tsuna offers to protect Yuni

Another big surprise is that Shoichi used a special bullet to put Future Tsuna into a death like state and was actually alive and that he knew the only help to defeat the Millefiore was that the Past Vongola Decimo and his Guardians defeat them. Tsuna finally understands why they are the only hope but it is too late. Byakuran demands the Vongola Rings as they had lost, but Shoichi asks for a rematch as the last time they played Choice, Byakuran had lost, failed to pay and therefore had offered Shoichi any condition that Shoichi wanted next time they played. Byakuran denies this had ever happened and rejects the rematch as Boss of the Millefiore Family. However the Sky Arcobaleno Yuni arrives,having been cured form an inflicted Drug which 'erases' emotions, and reveals that this bet, had taken place. When Byakuran continues to deny this, Yuni leaves the Millefiore, and asks Tsuna to protect her.

Inheritance Succession Arc

After he and the others managed to escape from Byakuran, he along with everyone else from the past, gathered at Irie's device and returned to the past. He meets with Vongola Primo at Namimori Shrine, where they were told that they had yet to inherit the true power of the Vongola and to gain it, they had to be accepted as a true boss and true Guardians by the first-generation Vongola Family.
He cheered for Yamamoto during his trial, and played a role in convincing the First Generation guardians during Lambo and Gokudera's trials, while in Alaude and Knuckle's trial, he, along with everyone else, tried to convince Hibari to take the test,but in vain. He was later involved in trying to evacuate the students when Skull went on a rampage.
In Daemon Spade's trial, on the way to Kokuyo Land, he and the others met Ken and Chikusa who immediately blamed them for Chrome's strange behavior. When they arrived at Kokuyo Land, they found Chrome in a depressed state. The girls requested the guys to leave Chrome to them. When evening fell, Tsuna and the guardians (excluding Hibari) decided to go check on the girls, as they haven't returned yet. When they get there, Daemon Spade traps the girls inside the building and confronts the guardians, saying that he didn't approve of any one of them who will carry on the Vongola Family.
Daemon Spade revealed that he controlled Chrome to draw out Kyoko and the others so that he could force Tsuna and the others to accept his demands. Tsuna,Gokudera,Yamamoto,Ryohei and Lambo accept Daemon's challenge, and soon begins to battle clones of themselves. During the battle, Daemon comments that Tsuna is weak and not worth protecting, Gokudera, however, protects Tsuna and asks him to run while he holds Daemon back, but Tsuna chooses to join the fight by going into Hyper Dying Will Mode.

Tsuna vs Demon

Tsuna battling his clone

As the battle goes on, Daemon Spade reveals to Tsuna and Gokudera that he is the one who forced Giotto to step out of the Vongola and flee to Japan, not the Vongola Secondo. Tsuna and Gokudera were shocked to hear that. Tsuna then was hit by Daemon Spade (who had transformed into an illusion of Tsuna) many times until Tsuna used the X-Burner; however, Daemon Spade mimicked his X-Burner. When Tsuna was about to fire it, Gokudera tripped in between them so Tsuna stopped his attack. Daemon then fired the X-Burner. However, he did not know that Tsuna could use the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Daemon Spade asked him why he did not want to succeed the Vongola using his strength, and follow their sins, to which Tsuna told him that he did not want a Vongola like that, and would destroy the Vongola if he had to continue the tradition.

Illusion Trap

Tsuna trapped in Daemon's Illusion

When he, along with the other Guardians, was finally freed from Daemon's illusion with Hibari's help, Daemon challenged him to a direct combat and used his alternative weapon with Tsuna fighting him alone without any guardians' interference. During the fight, Daemon stated that he could not let the Vongola Famiglia fall apart because of Tsuna's foolish thoughts. Tsuna understood this, but said that he only fought to protect his friends, much to Daemon's annoyance, after which he started to attack the girls, but Tsuna managed to stop him. He then trapped Tsuna in his illusion while he was preparing a weakened X-Burner, but was tricked by Daemon, so that he launched the X-Burner to the girls.
Tsuna Inheritance

Tsuna recieving his Inheritance

However, Mukuro immediately switched with Chrome and blocked the X-Burner with his trident. After some short conversation between Daemon and Mukuro, Tsuna attacked Daemon and finally managed to use his X-Burner on Daemon with Mukuro's aid. Daemon appeared again, but no longer had any intention to fight, and decided to deem Mukuro worthy of his inheritance, to which Tsuna replied by saying thank you, much to Daemon's surprise. Tsuna was then ready for Giotto's test; however, Giotto had already accepted him because he had been watching him when his Guardians were struggling to gain their inheritance and Tsuna always thought of his Guardian's well-being before his own, which fulfilled all of Giotto's expectations for him, and so, Giotto granted his inheritance. The next day, he and the others gathered at Namimori Shrine and returned to the Future for the final battle with Byakuran.

Future Final Battle Arc

Tsuna Knees Byakuran

Tsuna VS. Byakuran

Later during the Battle between the Six Funeral Wreaths,Tsuna saves everyone after defeating Ghost the Lightning Funeral Wreath, he fought Byakuran,who showed up at the scene with his powers transported by Ghost. During the fight between Byakuran he was momentarily defeated, but after some words from Reborn he stood back up and told
Giotto Appears Before Tsuna

Giotto appears before Tsuna

Byakuran he didn't regret anything and would give his life to protect everyone and suddenly Vongola Primo appeared. Vongola Primo then explained to him that the Vongola Rings aren't at their originally full power and that it had its highest Flame output restrained so that it can be safely passed down to their proper successors. Vongola Primo then entrusts Tsuna and changes his and his Family's Vongola Rings back to their original form saying "the current form of the Vongola Ring is only temporary", and that he believes that he will understand the true meaning of both the Ring and his will. Vongola Primo told Tsuna to "Give That Mare Boy (Byakuran) What He Deserves" before leaving. Byakuran then says what a fool of an ancestor he has. Tsuna then continued fighting Byakuran, overwhelming him with his new increase in power and revealed that both his Vongola Box's Cambio Forma had changed shape, their power also increasing to a higher velocity. Byakuran notices that Tsuna's reflexes are fast. Tsuna then overwhelmed Byakuran with his new power and ripped off both his wings, asking if he was reduced to nothing without his wings. Byakuran then gets up laughing stating that he's happy that he can fight someone at full strength. Byakuran and Tsuna fight it out to see who won and Yuni was preparing to sacrifice herself to revive the other Arcobaleno, Tsuna tried to convince Yuni out of it but she had already decide while outside the barrier the other try their best to stop Yuni from sacrificing herself with the help of Alfin , Basil's Box Weapon and the rest of the Vongola Boxes and Varia Boxes ,Basil was able to crack the barrier for Gamma to leap in and talk to Yuni and said that he is willing to help Yuni revive the Arcobaleno. In the end,both Yuni and Gamma were sacrificed,
Tsuna & Byakurans Final Battle

Tsuna and Byakuran prepares their finishers

but the revival was delayed and Byakuran blamed Tsuna for killing Yuni and said that he had ruined his plans to obtain the Tri Ni Set, Tsuna countered that it was Byakuran who made the world this way which caused Yuni to sacrifice herself. Both of them then prepared to use all of their power to see who will dominate this battle. Tsuna fired the X-Burner and Byakuran was unable to stop it and had a flashback where the Cervello approached him and gave him the Sky Mare Ring and after that Byakuran was incinerated and leaving the Sky Mare Ring on the ground,colourless. The Arcobaleno then revived and promised to send Tsuna and the rest back to the past. After Tsuna and his Family return to the past, the arc ends with Tsuna's Future self looking at his coffin.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

Before Tsuna and the rest went back to the present, an earthquake occurred. Because of that, 7 students from Shimon Middle School transferred to Namimori Middle School. They were P. Shitt, Kaoru Mizuno, Koyo Aoba, Julie Katou, Adelheid Suzuki, and Enma Kozato. They belong to the Shimon Famiglia and are guests to Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony. Not only that, but Reborn received a letter from the 9th Boss about Tsuna officially inheriting the Vongola Famiglia. Seeing Enma getting bullied, Reborn pushes him into the fight leading him to get beaten up as well. After that, their rings begin to resonate together, and Enma runs away accidentally dropping his books in the process. Reborn asks Tsuna to deliver it to him. Tsuna catches up with Enma, and in a display of both their clumsiness, fall into the river. They then go to Tsuna's house to dry off.

The next day as he walks to school with Enma, Gokudera shows up to greet Tsuna. Enma ran off on seeing Gokudera, and a few minutes later, Gokudera runs off after seeing P. Shitt, leaving Tsuna to go to school alone. Upon arriving he notices a commotion inside school grounds. He notices a sign that says "Shukusei," and Enma explains that it's Adelheid Suzuki's Liquidation Committee. Tsuna then notices that there are two people on the roof, about to fight. The two turn out to be Hibari and Adelheid Suzuki. Enma and Tsuna make their way to the roof to try and stop the fight. The two start to fight, at first equally, then Adelheid used her Dying Will Flame. Reborn intervenes by kicking Tsuna in the way of the two just as they were about to strike each other, resulting in Tsuna being hit. Adelheid exclaims, in surprise that Tsuna did not die from being hit by both of them. Tsuna complains as to why Reborn had kicked him, telling him that him being a boss did not have to do with anything, especially a school fight. Reborn then says that everything has to do with him, stating that the new transfer students are members of the Shimon Famiglia, and they are invited to Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony.

Later, Tsuna wonders what he should do, to which Enma suggests running away, saying he too has contemplated it a few times. Tsuna ponders about it, repeating the phrase in his head, until Reborn appears in a girl's tennis outfit and smacks them both with a tennis ball each on the backs of their heads with a racket. Reborn talks to the two to be against the idea, telling them that the Ninth had written heart-felt letters to all the Families by himself, and that Tsuna and Enma was out together because he had thought they would be good friends. Then an unknown assassin attacks, and Reborn saves the two of them. Tsuna then goes into Hyper Mode preparing to battle the new enemy, and defeats him along with the help of Nuts. Though, when Tsuna does defeat the assassin, at the end of the very brief fight, something under Enma's shirt shines and Reborn notices. After the fight, Enma states Tsuna that he's pretty strong and that Tsuna was flying. Tsuna objects, saying that it was merely a miracle. Enma tells Tsuna that it was okay, bending down to pet Nuts. Tsuna marvels at how quick Nuts gets along with him, since because when Tsuna is not in Hyper Dying Will Mode, he is a scaredy-cat. Reborn makes a note in his head that he had felt something from Enma a couple minutes earlier, and that he had not felt anything like it before.

Later, along with Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, and the Shimon Famiglia minus Julie and P. Shitt., he gathered in a restaurant to discuss about the grouping to patrol the area in Namimori to protect Tsuna. After the formations were decided, Reborn pops up, and Tsuna asks Reborn if all this was okay, and Reborn replies that he was all up for it, thinking to himself that if they did cooperate, he might be able to gather information on them.

The next day, he finds out that the Giegue Famiglia was defeated. His guardians and the Shimon Famiglia decide to patrol the area to protect Tsuna. In the meantime, he is taken by Timoteo's Storm Guardian, Coyote Nougat, and Lightning Guardian, Ganauche III, to his hotel. Upon entering the room, Timoteo calls Tsuna over, and Tsuna exclaims: "Grandpa!" automatically, because when he was a mere toddler, he had played with him. Nougat keeps his scowling expression, but Ganauche smiles in amusement. He then speaks with Nono, and, surprisingly, Nono immediately tells Tsuna to do whatever he wanted, stating that he isn't suited for the head of the current Vongola, knowing that Tsuna was a crybaby, indecisive, kind, and cares for his friends too much. He also says, however, that because Tsuna was like that, he had to be Boss, and that Tsuna's Family had similarities to the first generation Vongola, and is meant to convert the Vongola Famiglia to its original state. He tells Tsuna that Giotto intended to help others with his organization, but the second boss changed the Vongola's ways. With this, Tsuna leaves without Reborn to think about his choice whether or not to lead the conversion. He finds Enma in his room when he arrives. Enma explains that it's his turn to guard. He then consults with Enma about his conversation with the Ninth because he knew that the Ninth actually wanted him to become the Boss and return the Vongola Family to its original state. Enma then asked why he told him this, to which Tsuna replied that he didn't have anyone to talk to about the Mafia. Enma explained how he and his Family had to deal with a lot of crap from other Mafia Families because of their status. However, he said that Tsuna was different from the other scary mafia people, and he feels he can be friends with him, to which Tsuna replied that he already regarded him as a friend. Before Enma could continue, Nana called them to take a bath, and Tsuna took his leave first. The next morning, Tsuna was awakened by Lambo and I-Pin and thought Enma just went to school without knowing about Enma's letter, which fell in his trash bin because of the wind.

He later went to meet the Ninth again at the hotel and told him that he declined the offer to participate in the Inheritance Ceremony and become the Tenth Boss. However, just after declining to be the Tenth Boss, Tsuna received a call from Gokudera, telling him that Yamamoto was attacked at the baseball team's locker rooms. At Central Hospital, Tsuna learns that Ryohei was patrolling the grounds and saw Yamamoto lying in a pool of blood. Adelheid deduces that the person who attacked the Giegue Famiglia was the same person who attacked Yamamoto. Reborn tells the Vongola of a message Yamamoto left in blood. A portion of it was covered in blood, probably the part which revealed the culprit's name. However, there were the letters "Deritoto", which, if written in Romanji, becomes "Delitto", and means "sin" in Italian. Reborn tells them of a small vial of blood that the boss inherits at the succession ceremony with each new generation. The bottle is the proof of the Vongola Boss. Reborn deduces that the "sin" is what the culprits are after, and that the culprits will go for the Inheritance Ceremony. Reborn also tells them that Tsuna turned down the title of Vongola Boss; therefore, the ceremony is cancelled. However, Tsuna states that he will ask the Ninth to open the ceremony, as he believes that until the ceremony is held, the culprit will continue the harm his friends. He then declares he will do anything to catch the culprit. On the day of the ceremony, the culprit attacked the Ninth and managed to wound him, destroying the Sin; however, the broken vial turned out to be a fake, and the real Sin was being held in a Dying Will safe that couldn't be destroyed by any weapon or Dying Will Flame; however, the Shimon Famiglia managed to break it and take the sin, proving that they were the ones who attacked Yamamoto and the Giegue Famiglia. Enma then revealed that the Sin was originally the Shimon's, and that they transformed with its power. Tsuna then goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode to fight Enma. When Tsuna asks why the Shimon Family attacked Yamamoto, Enma replies that he was a Vongola Guardian and that it was ``rightful atonement``. Enma then went on to explain that the Sin belonged to the Shimon Famiglia and that it was the blood of their first boss. Adelheid tells the story that during Vongola Primo's time, the Shimon and Vongola Bosses were as close as brothers, but when the Vongola planned to take over Europe, they wanted to use the Shimon Family as bait.

Timoteo says he never heard that story. Enma then asks Tsuna if he's ever heard the story since he is carrying the blood of Vongola, which Tsuna replies, he swears upon his grave that Vongola Primo is not a man who would do such a thing. This angers Shimon and they make the declaration that Enma will inherit their family as the tenth boss and take revenge of the Vongola by gathering mafia from all over the world and standing above them as leader. The purpose of the war being to gain back the pride of Shimon. Adelheid and the others then release their rings as Enma says that the reason that Vongola Primo got rid of Shimon was because they had a power that rivaled the Seven Flames of the Sky, which is the Seven Flames of the Earth.

Alone, Enma defeated Tsuna's Guardians (excluding Lambo and Yamamoto) and broke their Vongola Rings with ease, which enraged Tsuna and he attacked him. He asked why he was doing this, which Enma replied that it was his own fault. He told Tsuna that the power of the Shimon Family is not yet complete and it is only at a seventh of it of its full power. Enma decided that he will leave for now since he only wanted to show the Vongola the living hell and immediatley defeated Tsuna and broke his Vongola Ring and Tsuna become unconscious.

Tsuna start to feel regret commented that he can't even fight back. However, Talbot came and said there is still hope to repair the Vongola Rings and it can be upgraded with Tsuna's and the others Vongola Box Rings and the blood of Vongola Primo, "Penalty", and have a power like never before. However, if they fail, the Vongola Rings will lose their spirits and will never shine again. Talbot then asked Tsuna what will he do, Tsuna hesitated for a while, but he want to get Shimon back for having done that to Yamamoto and also want to save Chrome no matter what it takes, Tsuna become determined and agreed to upgrade the rings.

While Talbot was upgrading the Vongola Rings, Tsuna, Ryohei, Gokudera, and Timoteo, waited in the room to rest. They commented to each other that they still couldn't believe that the Shimon Family would do such a thing.
Tsuna Vongola Gear

Tsuna activating his Vongola Gear

Tsuna said that he still couldn't believe that Vongola Primo would do such a thing and that there had to have been a misunderstanding and that he must clear it; therefore, that is why they couldn't lose. When Talbot entered the room with "rocks," which were revealed to be the Vongola Rings, they thought that the upgrade had failed since the rings looked lifeless. However, Talbot told them that they must show their resolve to fully upgrade it. Thinking about Yamamoto and Chrome's fate, they able to show their strong resolve and were able to upgrade the Vongola Rings. Tsuna's Sky Vongola Ring turned into the Ring of the Sky Version X. After finding the location of Shimon's family base on an unmapped island, the Ninth gives the task of subduing Shimon to Tsuna and his guardians, with Reborn along as an observer. Before leaving, Shoichi sends Tsuna a package telling him how both he and Spanner got visions from past and in the package are new contacts and headphones from Spanner. After arriving on the island and meeting the Shimon family again, the Vendice intervene. They explained that the Shimon and Vongola should never fight each other, but if they did, because of the oath between the founders of each family, the losers would be locked in Vendicare Prison forever. After agreeing to the fight, Enma explains that they will be ready for their goal in six days and they return back into their base. Tsuna activates his new X-Gloves and tries to give chase, but finds out they have vanished. After searching the island they eventually come upon Koyo Aoba and he and Ryohei agreed to fight with their pride as a boxer on the line. However, since their battle eventually ended in a tie, the Vendice arrived and took both of them.
After the first key is seen, Tsuna is sadden that Ryohei was taken, but Reborn states, that Ryohei came on his own accord, and that he should follow Ryohei words, and protect their pride. They then rest, where Lambo is led to an island surrounded by lava and Rauji also on the island, challenges Lambo to fight, while Tsuna, Gokudera, and Reborn are hopless to stop it. When Lambo awakened his Vongola gear, Tsuna was amazed and glad that Lambo was not complelty defenseless. But when Rauji pushed Lambo into the lava he was distressed, but was relieved when he saw 15-year old Lambo. He later stated his guilt of forcing Lambo to fight, when he was rebutted by Lambo, stating that he was happy that Tsuna took him everywhere and wanting Tsuna to continue doing so.



Tsuna And The Guardians

Tsuna and his Guardians (minus Chrome and including Reborn)

Hayato Gokudera

Tsuna is often flustered by Gokudera's enthusiasm (which is only towards him), but sees him as a true friend. He even told Gokudera to abandon his Half Ring during his fight with Belphegor (as the circumstances would have ended up killing Gokudera). Future Tsuna apparently appoints Gokudera as his right hand man.
Gokudera is incredibly loyal to Tsuna, becoming hostile towards individuals who he views as hurting or discrediting the Tenth. He is extremely enthusiastic about Mafia activities, training or becoming stronger for the "glory of the Tenth" or the Vongola. Unfortunately, Gokudera's zeal often leads to him becoming needlessly injured.

Takeshi Yamamoto

Initially, Tsuna clings to Yamamoto as one of the last bastions of normalcy in his life, otherwise dominated by violence and the Mafia, especially as Yamamoto continues to think that the entire situation is merely a gigantic role-playing game. Unfortunately for Tsuna, Yamamoto takes the "role-playing game" very seriously, and Tsuna often finds himself unwillingly dragged along by Yamamoto's seemingly misplaced calmness and confidence. However, Tsuna definitely sees Yamamoto as a true friend, albeit much more sensible than Gokudera; Tsuna seems to not have to worry about Yamamoto as much. Both also find common ground in their lack of effort at school, as both end up taking supplementary classes.
Yamamoto, likewise, views Tsuna as a friend, ever since Tsuna stopped him from committing suicide. He generally accepts Tsuna as the Tenth, and he seems fine with following Tsuna's leadership.

Kyoya Hibari

As Hibari is one of the most bloodthirsty characters in the series, Tsuna is never comfortable with him (often getting "bitten to death"). Nevertheless, Tsuna generally feels more confident when Hibari is around, due to Hibari's deserved reputation as an excellent and merciless fighter. On the other hand, Hibari generally is aloof to Tsuna, often describing him as a "herbivore." He avoids Tsuna and the rest of the Guardians due to his dislike of "crowds," and views them as weak and not worth his time.

Ryohei Sasagawa

Tsuna is often flustered by Ryohei's passion, and the confidence Ryohei has in his strength. He is often roped into fights alongside Ryohei (often schemes to get Tsuna into the boxing club), leaving Tsuna wondering how he could be Kyoko's brother. However, Tsuna values him as a good friend, referring to him as an older brother. Tsuna also shows reluctance whenever Ryohei fights, due to how his injuries could affect Kyoko.


Even though Lambo often drives Tsuna crazy, he seems to deeply care for him. Evidence of this can be seen during the Varia Arc when Tsuna saves Lambo from Leviathan during their match for the Vongola Lightning Ring. However, during the Future Arc, Tsuna was beginning to succomb to the frustration due to their current situation and eventually snaps at Lambo and Haru saying that they don't know anything. They later reconciled when Tsuna apologizes to him.

Mukuro Rokudo

Tsuna greatly hated Mukuro for the horrible things he had done to his friends, in order to lure him out. After hearing about Mukuro's past from Ken, Tsuna lost his hatred towards him. Although Reborn often tries to remind him about those horrible things, Tsuna remains concerned over Mukuro's well-being, as seen in Future Arc when Tsuna knew that Mukuro is still trapped in the Vendicare Prison for 10 years. He does not see Mukuro much of an enemy and seems worried whenever bad things have occurred to him.

Chrome Dokuro

She seems to appear out of nowhere with Tsuna in some scenes, though it could be coincidence. She also seems to like Tsuna as he was the only one who trusted her to be his Mist Guardian out of everyone in the group for the Ring Battle and rewarded him with a kiss, much to his embarrassment. Despite Chrome's connection to Mukuro, Tsuna seems to see her as an important ally and even shows concern for her well-being, such as bringing onigiri to her during the Arcobaleno Trials Arc.

Family & Allies

Nana Sawada & Iemitsu Sawada

Tsuna And His Parents

Tsuna and his Parents

Tsuna's mother, Nana Sawada, is a kind woman and a good mother who sometimes displays a paradoxical lack of concern for her son. She is very much in love with her husband, but, like many characters in the series, is oblivious to both Tsuna's and her husband's involvement with the Mafia. Despite the dangerous situations she and her son always seem to be embroiled in of late, she curiously is generally unfazed. Similarly, as with both her husband and her son, she seems to be accustomed to caring for and not giving up on people who others see as lazy and worthless layabouts. Tsuna's father, Iemitsu Sawada, is another story altogether. He has been absent for much of Tsuna's life and is viewed by his son as a lazy slacker and a deadbeat dad, although ultimately his character comes off as outrageous, taking ludicrous jobs and wantonly distributing alcohol. Although Tsuna thinks very lowly of him, his father seems to have great respect and high hopes for Tsuna's Future, since he is the one who suggested making Tsuna the next Vongola Boss of the Vongola Family. Despite his worthless appearance, Tsuna's father has also steadfastly provided for his family for years and pulls strings behind the scenes for his son.


Giotto is Tsuna's ancestor and the founder of the Vongola. Tsuna trusts Giotto completely and seems to hold him in high regards. He stands up for Giotto when someone questions his actions, like when Enma told Tsuna about Giotto's betrayal of Cozart Shimon. He stated quite confidently that Vongola Primo was not the kind of person who would do such a thing.
In turn, Giotto sees Tsuna as his true successor and has helped him when he seemed to be in trouble, such as in Tsuna's battle with Byakuran, where Giotto appears to unlock the true power of the Vongola Ring; something which he had not done for eight generations of Vongola Guardians, as he believes that Tsuna will understand the true meaning of the Rings and his will.


As the IX's most trusted assassin, Reborn was sent to Japan to educate Tsuna and make him a true successor of the Vongola Family. Although Reborn is usually quite cryptic and hard on Tsuna he only has the best intentions. They have been through quite a bit together and have formed a bond of friendship that allows them to work very well together. Initially, Tsuna was wary of Reborn due to Reborn's involvement with the Mafia and often tried to avoid contact with him, due to Reborn's spartan methods of training, which more often then not involved Tsuna getting shot, facing danger, and humiliated. Tsuna was also often shocked by Reborn's random appearances in numerous costumes, his use of insects as a spy network, and his casual use of violence, though ironically he depended upon and looked to Reborn for help in numerous situations. Ultimately, the two form a teacher-student bond that has brought about a drastic improvement in Tsuna's character and ability to lead the Vongola, something that Tsuna recognizes. This relationship has changed in recent times to more that of comrades-in-arms, though Reborn still largely remains a teaching figure.

Kyoko Sasagawa

At the beginning of the series, Tsuna has a deep-set, one-sided crush on Kyoko, seeing her as the only reason to come to school, which is otherwise a humiliating experience. However, with the involvement of Reborn, he quickly catches her attention, albeit by publicly embarrassing himself as a result of the Dying Will Bullet. The two quickly progress to a deeper friendship, though it possesses a certain chemistry that only Kyoko's best friend, Hana, seems to see. As with all of Tsuna's friends and family, Tsuna easily fights to protect Kyoko, though he becomes extremely embarrassed around her and is often concerned with appearing "uncool" in front of her. When her life was threatened during the Kokuyo arc, he was willing to sacrifice his life for hers; only the swift intervention of Dr. Shamal, Adult Lambo, and Adult I-Pin prevented this from happening. He covets a protective charm received from her; Kyoko later sews him a pocket on his clothes so he won't lose it. In the Future Arc, he panics and chases after her when Bianchi tells him she is leaving because of being left out of the loop; ultimately, he tells her about the Mafia and is aided in his training when Kyoko observes that the behavior of Tsuna's Vongola Box is much like his own. Although Kyoko obviously views Tsuna as a good friend, it remains up to speculation whether she reciprocates his feelings.

Haru Miura

Haru has a deep one sided admiration for Tsuna that started when he saved her from drowning. She is a bit over enthusiastic towards Tsuna in the expression of her feelings towards him. Unlike Kyoko, Haru knew about Tsuna's position in the Mafia and seems to love him more for it. Unfortunately for her, while Tsuna sees her as a friend, he also sees her as a little crazy. During the Future Arc, Tsuna is seen yelling at her states that she doesn't know anything. Holding back her tears, Haru states that she is willing to listen but that Tsuna has never tried to explain anything. Though she leaves the room crying, they later reconcile after Tsuna apologizes.

Enma Kozato

Enma has demonstrated in multiple ways that he is similar to Tsuna; likewise, Tsuna thinks of him as a good friend. Tsuna is currently fighting against him and the entire Shimon Family to prove to them that the Vongola Family or Vongola Primo would not betray the Shimon Family.

Weapons and Abilities

Tsuna is capable of using the Dying Will Flame (when shot with special bullets), which is a form of high pressured energy capable of having destructive powers or purifying evil auras. It initially lies within a person's body until it is awakened, helping increase a person's strength. When a person is able to control the full potential and power of the a Dying Will they are able to go to (Hyper) Dying Will Mode any time. Reborn said that any one has the potential to do this but not many people can withstand the training phases.


Hyper Tsuna

HDWM Tsuna

  • Dying Will Mode: This is when Tsuna is shot by Reborn's Dying Will Bullet or by taking a Dying Will Pill It uses the pressure he faces during a crisis to externally remove Tsuna's body limiters. He then uses his increased strength and renewed confidence to fulfill his dying will, which is the last thought he regretted before being shot.
  • Hyper Dying Will Mode: This is when one has been hit with the Criticism Shot or ingested two Dying Will Pills. Hyper Dying Will, instead of removing external limiters on the body and using pressure during a crisis, removes internal limiters; therefore, releasing the person's hidden awareness. When the internal limiters are lifted it awakens his Hyper Intuition.
  • Minus State: This is when Tsuna achieves a state where he has an even emptier dying will than when he's doing nothing. Because of this a part will become empty allowing him to receive the enemy's flame and negate the damage.


303 Cover

X-Gloves Version Vongola Gear

  • Sky Vongola Ring: Won after the Ring Battles with the Varia. Usually worn around his neck, but worn behind his right glove when he is fighting. In the future, both Future Tsuna and Present Tsuna learns how to release Sky Flames with the Harmony attribute. Tsuna is also able to open any kind of Box Weapon using the sky flames produce by the Sky Vongola Ring, though the power is less than those opened with the original flame attribute. In addition, it can also not bring out the true potential of the box weapons. During his battle with Byakuran, a manifestation of Vongola Primo appeared and granted Tsuna and his Guardians the true power of the Vongola Rings. As such Tsuna's Flames and Techniques have dramatically increased in power.
  • Vongola Box Ring (Natsu): At the end of the Future Arc after Byakuran was defeated, the Vongola were told that they can't take the Vongola Boxes with them. But with Verde's help, the Vongola Boxes were turned into Rings and were brought back to the present with the Vongola.
  • Ring of the Sky Version X: A newly formed ring created by combining the Sky Vongola Ring and Vongola Box Ring (Natsu).
  • X-Gloves (エクスグローブ, Ekusu guroobu): Created by Reborn's pet, Leon. At first, they appear to be white, wool mittens, but when used with the Dying Will Flame, they change into a pair of black, metal-clad Gloves.
  • X-Gloves, Version Vongola Ring: Though otherwise identical, the X-Gloves, Version V.R. have a large crest resembling the Sky Vongola Ring on the back of the hand.
  • X-Gloves, Version Vongola Gear: The new gloves now seems to be mostly red, unlike the previous gloves black. The normal crystal blue Vongola Emblem in the middle now has a red cross on top of it reading "Vongola Famiglia", and a Flame type designs also covers the base of the gloves. Also, as part of the gear, a leg bangle has been added, based on the second ring, which is connected by a chain to a simple belt with an "X" as a buckle.
  • Flame Resistant Clothing: These are spun from special Flame Resistant Cloth made by Leon and are capable of withstanding the Dying Will Flame to an extent.
  • Contact Lenses: Created by Spanner, these Special Contacts display a targetting system, as well as a system to gauge the strength of the Flames in both X-Gloves. Using these Contacts, Tsuna is able to maximize the power of the X-Burner without propelling himself. The Contacts are apparently interfaced with his earphones.
    New Headphones & Contact

    Tsuna's new Headphones and contacts

  • X-Headphones: Created by Giannini during the Future Arc, to act as a way of communication during the Merone Base invasion. Per Reborn's request, this headset is able to project holograms, to allow Reborn to help Tsuna from a Distance. Spanner, later linked the headsets to the contact lenses he created to help Tsuna perfect his X-Burner. The present Spanner created upgrades for these along with upgrades for the contact lenses.
  • Motorcycle: In the manga, Tsuna has a Honda 250cc NSR Rothmans. In the anime, the airbikes have identical appearances aside from differences in coloration so Tsuna's color is Primarily White with some Blue.
  • Leone di Cieli Version Vongola (Vongola Sky Lion): Tsuna's Vongola Box Weapon, which takes the form of a young lion with a mane made of Sky Flames.
  • Vongola Hyper Intuition: Described by Reborn as being "a power that could see through all" which allows the user to predict upcoming attacks.


Zero Point Breakthrough, Revised 2

Zero Point Breakthrough, Revised

  • Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised: (零地点突破:カイ, Zero Chiten Toppa: Kai) ,Tsuna's own version of the Zero Point Breakthrough. The revised Technique allows Tsuna to not only absorb the enemy Flames, but convert the Flames into his own power.
  • Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition: (零地点突破: ファースト エディション, Zero Chiten Toppa: Faasuto Edishon)
    X-Burner Air

    X-Burner Air

    The Technique used by the First Vongola and later the Ninth Vongola and Tsuna. It takes Tsuna to be in the opposite state of the Hyper Dying Will State to create ice, which is highly negative compressed energy, that can seal away Dying Will Flames and can only be melted by the Dying Will Flames.
  • X-Burner: A powerful blast of Dying Will Flame from the X-Gloves Version Vongola Ring usable on the ground and in the air.
  • X-Stream: Tsuna dives down at the enemy, and rapidly begins to circle them from bottom to the top, flames lagging behind, until they are completely covered with spiraling flames.
  • Big Bang Axle: Tsuna concentrates Flames in his fist while using Mitena di Vongola Primo to deliver a powerful punch which is said to rival the X-Burner in power.
  • Burning Axle: After gaining the Original Vongola Rings, the Big Bang Axle gained more power, and was dubbed the Burning Axle.


  • His nickname, "Tsuna", is often connected to "tuna." His bedroom door has a tuna fish with his name on it. A common shorthand of his name used among fans is "27", as in Japanese, 2 sounds like "Tsu" and 7 is pronounced "Nana"; hence, "Tsu-na."
  • Tsuna is possibly named after Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. Tokugawa Tsunayoshi's father is named Tokugawa Iemitsu, the same name as Tsuna's father or it may also be named after the last three letters of his father's name, "Tsu" in "Iemitsu" and the last two words in his mother's name, "Na" in "Nana," thus making the name "Tsuna."
  • A lion is often associated with not just Tsuna, but apparently the entire Sky Attribute.
  • Tsuna could not ride a bicycle without training wheels until the 5th grade.
  • Ever since his fight with Mukuro during the Kokuyo Arc, Tsuna has devoloped an ability to sense Mukuro whenever he is nearby.
  • In the manga, it's revealed in an essay that Tsuna's nickname was "Useless Tsuna" in second grade which has now evolved into "No Good Tsuna."
  • In a recent popularity poll, Tsuna ranked second with 73,871 votes.
  • In a 2008 internet survey, "The Character I Want To Be My Groom" Tsuna ranked 6th. In the 2009 survey, he ranked 7th.
  • In a second grade essay, his future dream was to become a Giant Robot.
  • In the "Dream Match-Up" Polls, Reborn commented that Tsuna couldn't defeat Giotto at his current state. But, his weapon is his growth, so the chance of winning wouldn't be 0%, which means that Tsuna has the potential to become stronger than Giotto.
  • As revealed in the "Mid-Winter Test of Courage" by Futa, Tsuna's number one fear is the fear of bats.
  • In the game, Jump Ultimate Stars, where Tsuna and Reborn are characters, when Reborn shoots Tsuna with a Dying Will Bullet, Tsuna's flame is blue instead of the orignal orange, which reflects the Sky Flames. This is most likely because of the confusion between Basil and Tsuna's Flames, and that when Jump Ultimate Stars was made, Reborn! hadn't established the Flame system yet.
  • Some of his possessions have the number "27" on them, such as the dormant form of the X-Gloves, his airbike, his special earphones, and some of his clothes. This could possibly be due to the shorthand of his name.
  • Even though Tsuna has his mother's hair color and face, he strongly resembles Giotto, the ancestor of his father.
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