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|Kanji Name = 沢田綱吉
|Kanji Name = 沢田綱吉
|Romaji Name = Sawada Tsunayoshi
|Romaji Name = Sawada Tsunayoshi

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|Kanji Name = 沢田綱吉 |Romaji Name = Sawada Tsunayoshi |Title = Vongola Decimo |Title 2 = Neo Vongola Primo |Title 3 = No-Good Tsuna (Dame-Tsuna) |Gender = Male |Age = 13 (Beginning) |Age 2 = 14 (Present) |Age 3 = 24 (Future) |Status = Alive |Date of Birth = October 14 |Famiglia = Vongola Famiglia |Team = Vongola Decimo & Guardians |Team 2 = Team Reborn (former) |Team 3 = Allied Team (former) |Weapons = X-Gloves |Weapons 2 = Mantello di Vongola Primo |Weapons 3 = Mitena di Vongola Primo |Box Animal = Natsu |Flame = Sky Oath |Blood Type = A |Height = 157 cm |Weight = 46.5 kg |Family = Giotto (Ancestor) |Family 2 = Iemitsu Sawada (Father) |Family 3 = Nana Sawada (Mother) |Seiyu = Yukari Kokubun (Present), Daisuke Namikawa (Future) |Manga Debut = Chapter 1 |Anime Debut = Episode 1 }}

Character Outline

Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada (沢田 綱吉, Sawada Tsunayoshi) is the main protagonist of Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Although at first a cowardly and useless junior high student, Tsuna is suddenly thrown into fulfilling the role as the tenth generation Boss of the Vongola Famiglia, the most prominent Mafia Famiglia in the world,

No-Good Tsuna

forcing him to gather his own Guardians to eventually battle for the survival of the world. His character development from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader dedicated to and willing to fight for the protection of his friends, family, and Famiglia is a critical element of the series. Although he himself does not wish to have anything to do with the Mafia, he nevertheless finds himself thrust into numerous battles, so far involving escaped Mafia exiles, a rival group of elite assassins within the Vongola, ten years in the future, the Millefiore Famiglia, a rival Famiglia in the process of eliminating the Vongola which ended with Tsuna defeating the rival Famiglia's leader, Byakuran, a battle with the Simon Famiglia, former ally of the Vongola, caused by the first generation Mist Guardian Daemon Spade's meddling, and the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, a battle fought to free one Arcobaleno from their curse, Tsuna fighting for Reborn.

As the protagonist of the series, Tsuna appears in all the series' video games, as well as special appearances in both Shōnen Jump compilation games, Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars. He also appears in the Hidden Bullet light novels, albeit in a minor role. On July 8, 2008, Pony Canyon released a character CD containing media from both his and Reborn's voice actors.


At the beginning of the series, Tsuna is an ordinary junior-high student known in school as "No Good Tsuna" for his poor grades, wimpy attitude, bad luck, and lack of athleticism, a fact which Tsuna freely admits.

Tsuna is generally depicted as comically horrified by the outrageous actions of those around him, generally causing him to become nearly hysterical, especially by Reborn's training methods. His lack of confidence and tremendous lack of luck generally contrast humorously with the positions of leadership and external pressure Reborn puts him in. Despite his title, he seems an earnest individual with great potential; unfortunately, Reborn discovers that often the only way to force Tsuna to fulfill this potential is to put him in a life or death situation.

Although told by others that he is to be the 10th generation Vongola Boss, Tsuna is generally unwilling to take part in anything that has to do with the Mafia. He always denies the fact that he is a going to be Mafia Boss and tries to avoid anyone and anything involved with the Mafia, clinging to any element of an ordinary life he can, even stating that his Guardians and subordinates are just his friends and upperclassmen. Later, though he dislikes the violent history inherent in the Mafia, stating that he would rather destroy the Vongola Famiglia then to accept such a heritage, Tsuna is grateful for the friends he has made since meeting Reborn. He cares a lot for his Famiglia and puts himself in the way of danger and even death in order to protect the members.

Tsuna's personality has developed greatly since the beginning of the manga, from being a cowardly, useless individual who gave up easily, to an individual of great resolve to do whatever he must do to protect the companions he has made. Later, he is depicted as being comfortable with leadership, as the others in his Famiglia look to him for decisions he dispenses without hesitation.

The Tsuna of the future is said to be deceased, having been gunned down; however, not without making arrangements for the future. It is later revealed that the bullet used to gun down Tsuna was just another special bullet (similar to Dying Will Bullet) that replaced the normal bullet in the gun, the deed done by Shoichi Irie. Presumably, the future Tsuna has now settled comfortably into the role of the tenth Vongola Boss and has been shown to be much more confident, entrusting the task to defeat Byakuran to his past self.

There have been many similarities between Tsuna and the founder of the Vongola Famiglia, Giotto, including physical appearance, fighting techniques, and weapons used. Both of their personalities are likely to be very similar as it has been shown that they have similar goals and ways of standards; for example, neither had problems with appointing Guardians from outside the Famiglia or accepting past enemies into their Famiglia. Both are also forgiving and unexceptionally kind, as shown in numerous occassions despite claiming that he will never forgive his enemies, he would ends up sympathizing and eventually forgave them, almost immediately regards them as his allies.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

One day, a hitman named Reborn came to Japan from Italy in order to train Tsunayoshi for the role of 10th Vongola Boss. Tsuna was chosen because he was the great-great-great grandson of the First Vongola Boss, who had moved to Japan a long time ago. Since the arrival of Reborn, he always faced troubles caused by either Reborn or his associates, with Tsuna saving the day through his Dying Will Mode. During these mishaps, he meets most of the people that would be his future Famiglia. In the beginning, his Famiglia was made up of only Gokudera and Yamamoto, who later becomes part of his inner Famiglia. He befriended Gokudera when he saved Gokudera from his own attack that had not yet been perfected. Yamamoto became Tsuna's friend when he talked him out of jumping off the roof of Namimori Middle School, which differs from the anime version as they became friends after a volleyball game. Tsuna also started to bond with his crush Kyoko, becoming friends with her and making a girl named Haru have a crush on him.

Kokuyo Arc

Students from Tsuna's school started to get attacked by an unknown group, and Tsuna was assigned to find and to defeat them. When he found that the Gang attacked based on Fuuta's ranking of the strongest people in the school, he realized that Gokudera was their next target. He quickly ran to warn Gokudera, only to find him having already beaten Chikusa. Chikusa, having figured out that Tsuna was the Vongola Boss, quickly attacked; however, Gokudera protected Tsuna causing him to get severe injuries. Chikusa continued to attack Tsuna, only for Yamamoto to step in and forced Chikusa to retreat. They then took Gokudera to the school hospital, and Tsuna blamed himself for not moving in time, forcing Gokudera to protect him. Reborn then told him that the group was Kokuyo Gang, a gang that was exiled from the Mafia and had escaped from a prison. Reborn then read a letter by the Ninth, which told him to destroy the gang or face death.

Tsuna leaves with Gokudera, Reborn, Yamamoto, and Bianchi to the gang's hideout. When Yamamoto is attacked and forced into a one on one match with a gang member named Ken, Tsuna states he should not have brought Yamamoto, as Yamamoto was still playing baseball. This made Reborn kick Tsuna into the fight, forcing Yamamoto to protect Tsuna again and defeat Ken. Afterword, they take a break, only to be attacked by M.M. He watches as Bianchi defeats M.M., only for Birds to step forward. Birds reveal his plan to have the Twins attack Haru and Kyoko, unless Tsuna is beaten by his comrades. Tsuna desperately asks Gokudera and Yamamoto to punch him, only for Bianchi to do so, but he states her punch did not hurt at all. Birds then states for Tsuna to stab himself with a secretly poisoned knife, or Kyoko would be hurt. Tsuna, remembering all his friends have done for him, thought that it was nothing for Kyoko. Just as he is about is to stab himself, he sees Dr. Shamal on the screen, before stabbing himself, and Shamal saves Kyoko and easily defeats one of the twins. Birds says Haru is still in danger, only for him to see Haru protected by Future I-Pin and Future Lambo. Reborns then kicks Tsuna, allowing Tsuna to punch Birds and for Gokudera to defeat Birds. Fuuta then reveals himself and states he now follows Mukuro, causing Tsuna to follow him in the woods. He then meets Mukuro but does not know who he is. Tsuna returns to his comrades to find Lancia, who he thinks is Mukuro, eventually beginning to fight him. Tsuna then enters Dying Will Mode and defeats Lancia after a hard fight; however, after the fight he states that Lancia is not evil, surprising Lancia, that he tells Tsuna that he is not truly Mukuro and that Mukuro has messed up his life. Lancia is attacked by Chikusa, only furthering Tsuna's hate towards Mukuro.

Tsuna vs. Mukuro

They next entered the main building where Mukuro is and is met by Chikusa, to which Gokudera stays behind to fight Chikusa, allowing Tsuna and company to leave. They meet Fuuta, who attacked Bianchi, with Reborn stating that he is being controlled. Tsuna is able to break Mukuro’s control of Fuuta, causing him to faint. Mukuro then attacks, showing Tsuna is hopeless and outclassed, until Gokudera comes in with Hibari. Hibari then continues in Tsuna place, seemly defeating Mukuro, only for Mukuro to wake up, and shoot himself. Bianchi wakes up and attacks both Gokudera and Reborn, with Reborn realizing that Mukuro shoot himself with a special bullet, that allows him to possess anyone that has been cut by his trident. Mukuro then attacks Tsuna with Gokudera, Bianchi, Chikusa, and Ken's bodies. Tsuna realizes that Mukuro is pushing the bodies to their limits and not caring, and he begs him to stop, only for Mukuro to reveal his plan is to take Tsuna's body, to control the Vongola, destroy the Mafia, and start WWIII to destroy the world. Tsuna, feeling desperate, asks Reborn what to do, and Reborn states, do what you feeling tell you to do. Tsuna then states he wants to beat Mukuro, causing Leon to create the Rebuke bullet and the X-gloves. After being shot by the bullet, he hears everyone rebukes him, transforming him to Hyper Dying Will Mode and his X-Gloves to their combat mode, allowing him to defeat Mukuro. He then hears Mukuro’s past from Ken and Chikusa, causing him to lose his hatred of Mukuro, and feels sorry for all three of them when they are taken by the Vindice but is happy when the Vongola arrive and provide medical attention to him and his comrades, till he collapses form pain of entering Hyper Dying Will Mode.

Varia Arc

Sky Vongola Ring and Vongola Coat of Arms

Tsuna encounters Basil, an agent of the CEDEF, as he was attacked by a swordsman. The swordsman was revealed to be a member of Varia, whose leader, Xanxus, attempts to become the 10th Vongola Boss. Tsuna and his Guardians train with their own tutors for the next ten days in preparation for the Varia's arrival.

Tsuna faces off against Xanxus

It is revealed that Tsuna's Father, who was revealed himself to be head of CEDEF, picked Tsuna instead of Xanxus as the Vongola Boss, and as such, the candidates for the next Vongola Famiglia had to fight against each other for possession of the Vongola Rings.

During the Lightning Ring Battle between Lambo and Leviathan, Tsuna was disqualified, as a result of saving Lambo which was prohibited, and was forced to give up the Sky Ring. After the Cloud Ring Battle, Xanxus sent the already defeated Gola Mosca on a rampage, and Tsuna was forced to destroy it; however, it was revealed to have been powered by the captive Ninth Vongola Boss and his Dying Will Flames. Xanxus accused Tsuna of attempting to assassinate the Ninth and challenged him to a fight. During the "Sky Ring Battle" Xanxus managed to acquire all of the seven Vongola Rings; however, his blood was rejected as he was not the Ninth's real son but only an adopted child of the Ninth. This resulted in Tsuna winning the Vongola Rings, and title of successor, to him and his guardians.

Future Arc

Tsuna protecting Kyoko from Tazaru

Tsuna and company resume their daily routine, but Tsuna is abruptly thrust into another dangerous situation when Reborn unexpectedly disappears instead of being exchanged with his future self when shot by the Ten-Year Bazooka. While searching for Reborn, Tsuna himself is shot with the Ten-Year Bazooka and transported 9 years and 10 months into a bleak future, waking up in a coffin. He is then met by Future Gokudera, who tells him to find and assassinate a boy named Shoichi Irie to prevent this strange Future from happening, although what specifically this would do was not yet revealed. Before he can explain further, he is replaced by his Past Self. Much to their surprise, they do not return to the past after five minutes. Tsuna and Gokudera soon come in contact with the future Vongola Famiglia, who are being slowly annihilated by a rival, the Millefiore Famiglia, and driven into hiding. It seems that the Future Tsuna ordered the destruction of the Vongola Rings, putting the Vongola at a huge disadvantage; most of the Famiglia's higher-ups and allies have already been eliminated.

Motivated by a desire to prevent this Future from coming about, as well as to return to the Past, Tsuna is advised by Reborn to gather the Guardians, starting with the strongest Guardian Hibari. In the process, the Vongola battles numerous times with the Millefiore; while; fortunately, Tsuna learns how to use his Vongola Ring. His antics also alert the Millefiore to the presence of not only the existence of a young Tsuna being alive, but the Vongola Ring's location. Events soon conspire that transfer most of Tsuna's friends and Famiglia to the future, making it imperative to return to the past; in order to accomplish this, Gokudera reveals it is necessary to defeat Byakuran, the head of the Millefiore Famiglia, with the Vongola Rings. Thus, Tsuna and the Guardians, from the Past, undergo training to learn this Generation's unique style of fighting, using Boxes and Rings, in preparation for an attack on the Millefiore Base to be conducted in tandem with Vongola operations against the Millefiore worldwide.

Tsuna's training with Hibari drives him near death, forcing him to undergo the Vongola Trial of Succession. Tsuna's declaration of his resolve before the former Vongola Bosses yields the ability to combine the power of the Vongola Ring with his X-Gloves, producing the X-Gloves Version V.R. (Vongola Ring); while more powerful, the Gloves are unbalanced and difficult to handle; however, Tsuna is able to use the Gloves' increased to power to develop a new technique, the X-Burner, before the scheduled raid on the Millefiore Base. During this time, Tsuna receives a vision, along with Chrome, about a circular white machine with Shoichi Irie standing in front of that seems to have something to do with traveling back to the Past. Tsuna also begins to become more accustomed to the idea of leadership; however, the Millefiore discover the location of the Vongola Base and attempt to ambush them in the middle of the night, forcing the gang to attack earlier than expected. Tsuna and company infiltrate the Melone Base, which they discover is conveniently led by Shoichi Irie. Although the group dispatched several Millefiore thugs, Shoichi Irie soon plays his hand and manipulates the placement of the Base's rooms to separate the group.

Tsuna with the new contacts

Additionally, Tsuna is captured by a Millefiore technician, Spanner, after remaining behind as a decoy and defeating a force of Strau Mosca robots. Surprisingly, Spanner does not kill him but offers to help Tsuna complete the X-Burner technique, on the grounds that he wishes to see it completed. Tsuna cooperates with Spanner after Reborn, who appears via hologram, urges him to; Spanner constructs Tsuna to use Contacts Lens to improve his X-Burner. Tsuna proceeds to use the X-Gloves to obliterate numerous Millefiore agents and obstacles, developing new Techniques, as he and Spanner, who is labeled a traitor, make their way to the control room to confront Shoichi Irie.

After receiving word of the Varia's victory in Italy, learning of the Real Six Funeral Wreaths and of the plot hatched between Future Tsuna, Future Hibari, and Future Irie, Tsuna asks Spanner and Irie to join the Vongola Famiglia and receives the Sky Vongola Box from the Future Irie. He begins training again in preparation for the Battle of Choice initiated by Byakuran; however, his Box Weapon attacks him when he first tries to open it.

To make matters worse, mid-training, Haru and Kyoko decide to stop doing household chores, as both become aware they are being left out of the loop; Tsuna ultimately reveals the entire situation to both of them, receiving advice from Kyoko that allows him to open his Vongola Box correctly.

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

An anime filler Arc in which Tsuna and his Guardians are sent momentarily back to the past to obtain the seven Arcobaleno Seals, which are requirements for opening the Vongola Boxes. In the manga, there is no such requirement.

He had cleared Colonnello's Trial that tests Combat Ability and Skull's Trial of Charisma in the same day. He has also completed Mammon's trial of adaptability. In that Trial, Mammon had pretended to take Kyoko as a hostage while she was actually shopping/drinking tea with "Himeko" (Belphegor). The Trial involved solving riddles and battling box weapon prototypes. Only Tsuna, Ryohei and Yamamoto participated in this trial. In the end, Tsuna defeated Mammon using the X-Burner. Fon, the holder of the Red Pacifier, was next with his Trial of Leadership. The test was to catch him in one hour with all the people Tsuna had in the school: himself, Haru and Lambo, and also secretly, I-Pin, who showed herself in the end to help Tsuna catch her master. With Hibari also there (he doesn't help, but beats Tsuna up, which causes him to fall unconscious and catch Fon), they succeeded and Tsuna got the Seal.

Tsuna defeated by Reborn

With only 3 days remaining until they had to return to the Future, Aria, the holder of the Orange Pacifier, gave Tsuna the Trial of Tolerance, the acceptance of others even though he doesn't know them thoroughly. Tsuna passed the Trial and received the Sky Arcobaleno Seal. At the end of the day, Reborn states that he will be the one to give Tsuna and the Guardians the next Trial. Reborn gives the Trial on Namimori Island with all of the Guardians involved. Starting the Trial, Reborn kicks Tsuna into a boulder, knocking him unconscious. After that, Reborn defeats the Vongola Guardians one by one. Tsuna awakens and has a chance to defeat Reborn with the X-Burner but stops mid attack, thinking that he can't hurt Reborn because of their friendship. Reborn then defeats Tsuna and tells him that he has failed the trial.

All the Guardians, except Hibari and Lambo, later awaken to find themselves in a tower on the beach. After contemplating what to do next, Tsuna, Ryohei, Yamamoto, and Gokudera decide to ask Reborn for another chance. Before Reborn can answer, Verde shows up and, announcing that he wants the Vongola Rings to try to perfect his Box Weapons, attacks the weakened Vongola Guardians, including Hibari and Lambo, both of whom are in Namimori. By not giving his own Trial, Verde broke the Arcobaleno Pact, and the other Arcobaleno join in to help. This was Verde's plan all along, and he captures all the Arcobaleno, demanding that Tsuna gives him the Rings. Tsuna refuses and they try to save the Arcobaleno. Verde blows up the Arcobaleno, but it is revealed that they were never captured but were instead hidden in an illusion by Viper. Tsuna ends the battle with his X-Burner and destroys Verde, but he turns out to be a robot.

Tsuna senses that Verde is near and in Namimori. Reborn thinks that maybe Tsuna's prediction may be correct. Gokudera thinks that maybe Verde is in Bumpy Rock, the small island where they had once held a swimming competition around. They have found Verde's secret underground laboratory; so, Tsuna passed Verde's Trial of Intuition. With 6 Seals, they asked Reborn if they could have another fight but Tsuna didn't know that he already passed his Trial. Tsuna had actually passed it when he battled Verde and the Box Weapons even with their injuries, and thus granted the seal. With all 7 seals, they went home. The next morning, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Chrome, Lambo, Reborn, Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin go to the Namimori Shrine, and they return to the Future using the 10-Year-Bazooka they found there, except for Tsuna and Reborn, who were waiting for Hibari. After a long time of waiting, Hibari did not show up, and Reborn forces Tsuna into the Bazooka. In the Future, they realize that Hibari actually went there early.

Choice Arc

After their training was complete, Tsuna and his Guardians proceed to the designated meeting place to begin the game of Choice. During the Choice battle, Tsuna engages and temporarily defeats the Millefiore Mist Funeral Wreath, Torikabuto; however, Tsuna was ultimately trapped within an Illusion.

Tsuna vs Torikabuto

During the Battle, he demonstrates not only his increased strength and the power of the Vongola Sky Box but again with his role as the Tenth, giving orders when the battle turns grim. However, he was too late to prevent Shoichi from being attacked, and the Vongola lost the Choice Battle. Shoichi woke up to find out that they had lost. Tsuna didn't understand why it is so important to win even if it is for all of humanity. Shoichi then goes on to explain his past experiences and Byakuran's power.

Shoichi continues to explain that the reason Byakuran's so powerful is that he could take the best of the parallel worlds he exists in and use that knowledge to conquer each of them.

Tsuna offers to protect Yuni

Another big surprise is that Shoichi used a special bullet to put Future Tsuna into a death like state and that he knew the only help to defeat the Millefiore was that the Past Vongola Decimo and his Guardians defeat them. Tsuna finally understands why they are the only hope, but it is too late. Byakuran demands the Vongola Rings as they had lost, but Shoichi asks for a rematch as the last time they played Choice, Byakuran had lost, failed to pay and therefore had offered Shoichi any condition that he wanted next time they played. Byakuran denies this had ever happened and rejects the rematch as Boss of the Millefiore Famiglia; however the Sky Arcobaleno Yuni arrives, having been cured form an inflicted Drug which ‘erases’ emotions, and reveals that this bet had taken place. When Byakuran continues to deny this, Yuni leaves the Millefiore and asks Tsuna to protect her, to which Tsuna said that he will protect her. The gang then runs away and heads back to the Vongola Base.

Inheritance Succession Arc

After he and the others managed to escape from Byakuran, Tsuna, along with his friends from the past, gathered at Irie's device and returned to the past. He meets with Vongola Primo at Namimori Shrine, where they were told that they had yet to inherit the true power of the Vongola and to gain it, they had to be accepted as a true boss and true Guardians by the first-generation Vongola Famiglia.

He cheered for Yamamoto during his trial, and played a role in convincing the First Generation guardians during Lambo and Gokudera's trials, while in Alaude and Knuckle's trial, he, along with everyone else, tried to convince Hibari to take the test, but in vain. He was later involved in trying to evacuate the students when Skull went on a rampage.

In Daemon Spade's trial on the way to Kokuyo Land, he and the others met Ken and Chikusa who immediately blamed them for Chrome's strange behavior. When they arrived at Kokuyo Land, they found Chrome in a depressed state. The girls requested the guys to leave Chrome to them. When evening fell, Tsuna and the guardians (excluding Hibari) decided to go check on the girls, as they haven't returned yet. When they get there, Daemon Spade traps the girls inside the building and confronts the guardians, saying that he didn't approve of any one of them who will carry on the Vongola Famiglia.

Daemon Spade revealed that he controlled Chrome to draw out the girls so that he could force Tsuna and the others to accept his demands. Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei and Lambo accept Daemon's challenge, and soon begin to battle clones of themselves. During the battle, Daemon comments that Tsuna is weak and not worth protecting, Gokudera, however, protects Tsuna and asks him to run while he holds Daemon back, but Tsuna chooses to join the fight by going into Hyper Dying Will Mode.

Tsuna battling his clone

As the battle goes on, Daemon Spade reveals to Tsuna and Gokudera that he is the one who forced Giotto to step out of the Vongola and flee to Japan, not the Vongola Secondo. Tsuna and Gokudera were shocked to hear that. Tsuna then was hit by Daemon Spade (who had transformed into an illusion of Tsuna) many times until Tsuna used the X-Burner; however, Daemon Spade mimicked his X-Burner. When Tsuna was about to fire it, Gokudera tripped in between them so Tsuna stopped his attack. Daemon then fired the X-Burner. However, he did not know that Tsuna could use the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Daemon Spade asked him why he did not want to succeed the Vongola using his strength, and follow their sins, to which Tsuna told him that he did not want a Vongola like that, and would destroy the Vongola if he had to continue the tradition.

Tsuna trapped in Daemon's Illusion

When he, along with the other Guardians, was finally freed from Daemon's illusion with Hibari's help, Daemon challenged him to a direct combat and used his alternative weapon with Tsuna fighting him alone without any guardians' interference. During the fight, Daemon stated that he could not let the Vongola Famiglia fall apart because of Tsuna's foolish thoughts. Tsuna understood this, but said that he only fought to protect his friends, much to Daemon's annoyance, after which he started to attack the girls, but Tsuna managed to stop him. He then trapped Tsuna in his illusion while he was preparing a weakened X-Burner, but was tricked by Daemon, so that he launched the X-Burner to the girls.

Tsuna recieving his Inheritance

However, Mukuro immediately switched with Chrome and blocked the X-Burner with his trident. After some short conversation between Daemon and Mukuro, Tsuna attacked Daemon and finally managed to use his X-Burner on Daemon with Mukuro's aid. Daemon appeared again, but no longer had any intention to fight, and decided to deem Mukuro worthy of his inheritance, to which Tsuna replied by saying thank you, much to Daemon's surprise. Tsuna was then ready for Giotto's test; however, Giotto had already accepted him because he had been watching him when his Guardians were struggling to gain their inheritance and Tsuna always thought of his Guardian's well-being before his own, which fulfilled all of Giotto's expectations for him, and so, Giotto granted his inheritance. The next day, he and the others gathered at Namimori Shrine and returned to the Future for the final battle with Byakuran.

Future Final Battle Arc

Tsuna VS. Byakuran

Later during the Battle between the Six Funeral Wreaths, Tsuna saves everyone after defeating Ghost the Lightning Funeral Wreath, he fought Byakuran, who showed up at the scene with his powers transported by Ghost. During the fight between Byakuran he was momentarily defeated, but after some words from Reborn he stood back up and told

Giotto appears before Tsuna

Byakuran he didn't regret anything and would give his life to protect everyone and suddenly Vongola Primo appeared. Vongola Primo then explained to him that the Vongola Rings aren't at their originally full power and that it had its highest Flame output restrained so that it can be safely passed down to their proper successors. Vongola Primo then entrusts Tsuna and changes his and his Famiglia's Vongola Rings back to their original form saying "the current form of the Vongola Ring is only temporary", and that he believes that he will understand the true meaning of both the Ring and his will. Vongola Primo told Tsuna to "Give That Mare Boy (Byakuran) What He Deserves" before leaving. Byakuran then says what a fool of an ancestor he has. Tsuna then continued fighting Byakuran, overwhelming him with his new increase in power and revealed that both his Vongola Box's Cambio Forma had changed shape, their power also increasing to a higher velocity. Byakuran notices that Tsuna's reflexes are fast. Tsuna then overwhelmed Byakuran with his new power and ripped off both his wings, asking if he was reduced to nothing without his wings. Byakuran then gets up laughing stating that he's happy that he can fight someone at full strength. Byakuran and Tsuna fight it out to see who won and Yuni was preparing to sacrifice herself to revive the other Arcobaleno, Tsuna tried to convince Yuni out of it but she had already decide while outside the barrier the other try their best to stop Yuni from sacrificing herself with the help of Alfin , Basil's Box Weapon and the rest of the Vongola Boxes and Varia Boxes ,Basil was able to crack the barrier for Gamma to leap in and talk to Yuni and said that he is willing to help Yuni revive the Arcobaleno. In the end, both Yuni and Gamma were sacrificed,

Tsuna and Byakuran prepare their finishers

but the revival was delayed and Byakuran blamed Tsuna for killing Yuni and said that he had ruined his plans to obtain the Tri Ni Set, Tsuna countered that it was Byakuran who made the world this way which caused Yuni to sacrifice herself. Both of them then prepared to use all of their power to see who will dominate this battle. Tsuna fired the X-Burner and Byakuran was unable to stop it and had a flashback where the Cervello approached him and gave him the Sky Mare Ring and after that Byakuran was incinerated and leaving the Sky Mare Ring on the ground,colourless. The Arcobaleno then revived and promised to send Tsuna and the rest back to the past. After Tsuna and his friends return to the past, the arc ends with Tsuna's Future Self, looking at his own coffin.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

Transfer Students

Before Tsuna and the rest went back to the present, an earthquake occurred. Because of this, 7 students from the Simon Middle School transferred to Namimori Middle School. They were P. Shitt, Kaoru Mizuno, Koyo Aoba, Julie Katou, Adelheid Suzuki, and Enma Kozato. While Tsuna heads to school, Reborn receives a letter from the 9th Boss about Tsuna officially inheriting the Vongola Famiglia.

As the days go by, Tsuna, on his way home from school, sees Enma getting bullied; Reborn pushes him into the fight leading him to get beaten up as well. After this incident, the two begin to talk, and unexpectedly their rings begin to resonate with each other, and Enma runs away accidentally dropping his books in the process. Tsuna catches up with him, as he was trying to return the books, and in a display of both their clumsiness, they fell into the river. They then go to Tsuna's house to dry off.

This incident strengthens their newly started friendships, and they see that they had a lot in common. During the next few days, Tsuna finds out that Enma's group are actually members of the Simon Famiglia, and had come to attend Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony. The two families start to bond with each other.

Meeting with the Ninth

As the day of the Ceremony draws nearer, Tsuna has a meeting with the 9th, who puts Tsuna under no pressure to accept his role, simply telling him that it was his choice. But the 9th did explain a little bit about the history of the Vongola and tells Tsuna to think about what he should do before making a decision.

Tsuna, who was confused as to what he should do, consults with Enma, who tells Tsuna about the abuse his Famiglia has received from others due to status. He also said that Tsuna was different from the other scary mafia people, and he feels he can be friends with him. After his conversation with Tsuna, he calls Adelheid to discuss Tsuna. Adelheid asks Enma to test Tsuna, to which Enma responds by writing a letter to Tsuna, telling him that he had been captured by the enemy and asking for help. However, Tsuna never got a chance to see this letter, as a wind blew the letter away, leaving Enma alone and betrayed in an abandoned factory yard.
Later, Tsuna visits the 9th once again, to give him his answer. Tsuna declines the role of the Vongola Boss, and as he was preparing to leave, gets an urgent call from Gokudera telling him that Yamamoto had been attacked, and was in critical condition at the hospital.

Reborn and Tsuna both hurry to the hospital, where the doctor informs them that even if Yamamoto were to survive, he would most likely not walk again. However they soon learn that after Yamamoto was attacked, he had left a message written in his own blood, as a warning.

After asking the Simon to leave, Reborn explains that the word that Yamamoto had written "Delitto", means "Sin", and goes on to explain a tradition of the Vongola, and the Vongola Sin. Reborn asks what Tsuna wanted to do, and Tsuna determined to catch the culprit, asks Reborn to tell the 9th to go ahead with the ceremony.

Inheritance Ceremony

On the day of the ceremony, the culprits attacked the Ninth and managed to wound him, destroying the vial; however, it turned out to be a fake, and the real Sin was being held in a Dying Will safe that couldn't be destroyed by any weapon or Dying Will Flame; however, the Simon Famiglia managed to break it and take the sin, proving that they were the ones who attacked Yamamoto and the Giegue Famiglia. Enma revealed that the Sin was originally the Simon's, and that they transformed with its power. Tsuna then goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode to fight Enma. He then goes on to explain that the Sin belonged to the Simon Famiglia and that it was the blood of their first boss. Adelheid tells the story that during Vongola Primo's time, the Simon and Vongola Bosses were as close as brothers, but when the Vongola planned to take over Europe, they used the Simon as bait.

Timoteo says he never heard that story. Enma then asks Tsuna if he's ever heard the story since he is carrying the blood of Vongola, which Tsuna replies that he swears upon his grave that Vongola Primo is not a man who would do such a thing. This angers Simon and they make the declaration that Enma will inherit their Famiglia as the tenth boss and take revenge of the Vongo for pride and honor. Adelheid and the others then release their rings as Enma says that the reason that Vongola Primo got rid of Simon was because they had a power that rivaled the Seven Flames of the Sky, which is the Seven Flames of the Earth.

Alone, Enma defeated Tsuna's Guardians (excluding Lambo and Yamamoto) and broke their Vongola Rings with ease, which enraged Tsuna, causing him to attack. He asked why he was doing this, which Enma replied that it was his own fault. He told Tsuna that the power of the Simon Famiglia is not yet complete and it is only at a seventh of it of its full power. Enma decided that he will leave for now since he only wanted to show the Vongola the living hell and immediately defeated Tsuna and broke his Vongola Ring.

After the chaos, Tsuna feels regret over what has happened; however, Talbot came and said there is still hope to repair the Vongola Rings stating that they can be upgraded with Tsuna's and the others Vongola Box Rings and the blood of Vongola Primo, "Penalty", to have immense power. If they fail, the Vongola Rings will lose their spirits and will never shine again. Talbot then asked Tsuna what will he do, and though Tsuna hesitates, he wanted to get Simon back for having done that to Yamamoto and to save Chrome no matter what it takes. Tsuna becomes determined and agreed to upgrade the rings.

Outbreak of War

As Talbot was upgrading the Vongola Rings, Tsuna, Ryohei, Gokudera, and Timoteo commented about how unbelievable the actions were of the Simon Famiglia. Tsuna still couldn’t believe that Vongola Primo was a traitor to the friendship and thinks that there must be a misunderstanding. When Talbot entered the room with "rocks," which were revealed to be the Vongola Rings, they thought that the upgrade had failed since the rings looked lifeless. However, Talbot told them that they must show their resolve to fully upgrade it. Thinking about Yamamoto and Chrome's fate, they able to show their strong resolve and were able to upgrade the Vongola Rings. Tsuna's Sky Vongola Ring turned into the Ring of the Sky Version X.

Tsuna activating his Vongola Gear

After finding the location of the Simon Famiglia base on an unmapped island, the Ninth gives the task of subduing Simon to Tsuna and his guardians, with Reborn along as an observer. Before leaving, Shoichi sends Tsuna a package, telling him how both he and Spanner got visions from past, and in the package are new contacts and headphones from Spanner. After arriving on the island and meeting the Simon Famiglia again, the Vindice intervene. They explained that the Simon and Vongola should never fight each other, but if they did, because of the oath between the founders, the losers would be locked in Vendicare Prison forever. After agreeing to the fight, Enma explains that they will be ready for their goal in six days and leave. Tsuna activates his new X-Gloves and tries to give a chase but finds out they have vanished.

Ryohei vs. Koyo

After searching the island they eventually come upon Koyo Aoba, who fights Ryohei. After the battle, which ended up with a draw, the Vindice appeared and granted them a key that contains Giotto and Cozarto's memories of the past. Tsuna is saddened that Ryohei was taken, but Reborn reminds him that he should follow Ryohei words of protecting their pride.

Lambo vs. Rauji

Taking a rest, Lambo is led to an island surrounded by lava and Rauji, who is there, challenges Lambo to fight, while Tsuna, Gokudera, and Reborn are helpless to stop it. When Lambo awakened his Vongola gear, Tsuna was amazed and glad that he was not completely defenseless. But when Rauji pushed Lambo into the lava, he was distressed but was relieved when he saw 15-year old Lambo. Tsuna gives into his guilt of making Lambo fight but was rebutted by 15-year old Lambo, saying that he was happy he was allowed to tag along with Tsuna and wished that Tsuna continue treating his younger self the same.

Gokudera vs. P. Shitt

They arrived in a town that is the exact replica of where Cozarto and Giotto first met and confronts P. Shitt. During her battle with Gokudera, she revealed all of Tsuna's 'No-Good' aspects, much to Tsuna's dismay. However, Gokudera just brush it off and declared that he already knew all of them and still accept Tsuna the way he is because that is only a part of him. After P.Shitt was taken away after losing the battle with Gokudera, Enma directly confronts Tsuna, challenging him into fight. At this time, he revealed to Tsuna that Tsuna's father Iemitsu killed his family and sister, which shocked Tsuna greatly, enough to cause him losing his will to fight. Enma was about to deliver a finishing blow, but Enma's Earth Simon Ring went out of control and he was taken back to their base. Tsuna began to doubt and question his reason to fight.

Hibari vs. Adelheid

During Hibari's fight, Hibari gave Tsuna clues about pride is something that can never be given up and he slowly realized what his pride is. After witnessing the fourth key, they are confronted by Julie who revelaed himself to be Daemon Spade, the true ringleader of the war between Vongola and Simon. After witnessing the fifth key that shown the truth of the true extent of Giotto and Cozarto's friendship, Tsuna is determined to defeat Daemon who has manipulated the Simon Famiglia from behind the scenes and to save Enma and Chrome, stating that he will never lose to his own heart anymore and believes that Iemitsu never killed Enma's family.

Vs. Enma

When he and the others arrive at Enma's throne inside the underground castle, he confronts Enma and tries to reason with him but to no avail, because Enma has been consumed by hatred and the desire to kill Tsuna for revenge. Tsuna decides to charge at Enma in one on one. Just as he is about to be sucked in by one of Enma's black holes, Tsuna commands Natsu to transform and managed to evade it. As the battle progresses, Tsuna's voice finally reaches Enma, who snapped out from the Simon Ring's control before remembering that Cozarto was never betrayed by Giotto. However, Enma is unable to control his own power and creates a huge black hole that will suck everything in, including himself. Tsuna refuses to run away and vows to save him, using XX Burner from his both hands and blasts it to the black hole, saving Enma.

Asking what Tsuna’s pride was, Tsuna explains that Hibari has given him a hint and he learns that pride is something that could never be given up. He confidently and sincerely answered that his pride is his comrades, his friends. In the middle of their reconciliation, the Vindice appears and decides that Enma was the loser and gave the Sixth key, a clear pacifier. Tsuna is surprised to see Reborn bothered by the clear pacifiers and wonders what the secret to it is. The Vindice tells them, that as the Simon Boss, Enma must watch the battle until the end and after the final Guardian's battle, he will be imprisoned. This makes Tsuna realize that the last Guardian battle would be Chrome against Daemon Spade.

Vs. Daemon

Tsuna and the others arrived when the fight is over; they're shocked to find that Mukuro has already defeated Daemon. After Mukuro left Chrome's body, Tsuna saved her from falling flat onto the ground, only to be later shocked that Mukuro was now possessing Mukurou, due to him not being able to get to his body. Daemon, after being “defeated,” took over Mukuro’s body while he was possessing Chrome. When the Vindice arrived, Tsuna and Enma made a deal with them, that if they defeat Daemon, the Vindice will negate the war between the Simon and Vongola and free the guardians. Once the battle with Daemon begins, Tsuna was saved from being captured into Daemon's illusionary space. He later witnessed the brief showdown between Daemon and Hibari and was surprised to learn that Daemon not only could utilize the six Rings of the Earth but also the Vongola Gears as well. After Hibari was also sent to the illusionary space, Tsuna went into Hyper Dying Will Mode and charged at Daemon. However, he was quickly overwhelmed by a combination of the Storm and Lightning Vongola Gears until Enma joined the fight.

After learning that Daemon was the true perpetrator behind the death of Enma's family, both Tsuna and Enma were determined to take him down. Without prior planning, the two bosses became the "Hyper Duo" and combined their attacks to damage Daemon. When the smoke cleared, they were surprised to see Daemon using another Vongola Gear to lessen the damage. When the battle took a turn for the worst, Tsuna was faced with the decision of sacrificing Enma to defeat Daemon. While he was hesitating, Chrome stepped in and protected Enma, with the support of Mukuro, thus allowing Tsuna to fire XX Burner at its full potential. The attack drained Tsuna of every last ounce of his energy, but Daemon managed to survive. The situation turned even more dangerous when Daemon began his attack on the helpless Tsuna. Just as Daemon was about to strike the finishing blow, the Simon Ring flew off and merged with the Vongola Ring.

Oath Flame

After the union of the Vongola Ring and Simon Ring, the Seventh Key was shown to the all guardians and Daemon. It contained the last piece of memory of Cozarto and Giotto which revealed the oath between the two bosses. After the vision, the Flame of Sky and Earth united to form the Flame of Oath. Tsuna used the special properties of the flame to repair his broken bones and enhanced them with a coat of Gravity. He proceeds to overwhelm Daemon with the Flame of Oath and challenged Daemon to a final showdown.

With the new power, Tsuna manages to easily overpower Daemon and finish him off when the latter intended to run away using the attribute of Vindice. Daemon refuses to die, and the two of them clashes until Daemon leaves Mukuro's body and tries to escape through the portal. However, Bermuda interferes and dismisses the portal since it could only be entered by someone with physical body. With the opportunity he has, Tsuna blasts X-Burner at Daemon's soul. As Daemon's soul slowly begins to fading away, the pocket watch that he always kept with him fell opened. Tsuna picks the pocket watch and sees the photograph of Vongola Primo and his Guardians with a woman cuddled close to Daemon.


Tsuna comforts Daemon of how Elena feels towards him

Daemon, who's on the verge of death, says that the woman is his lover, Elena. He explains his introduction to Giotto by Elena and that they joined the Vongola. He revealed her own love for the Famiglia and his love for her and the Famiglia. This changed when Giotto disbanded the military forces to avoid fights, causing their base to be attacked and Elena killed. To fulfill her wishes, he swore to make her Vongola stronger. After his explanation, Tsuna questions the true meaning of Elena’s words, angering Daemon who couldn’t believe he would understand her. Seeing that Daemon would die soon and not wanting him to die while bearing hatred and regret, Tsuna lied that he understood her through Vongola Hyper Intuition and that she would feel gratitude towards Daemon and thanked him for what he’s done. Hearing this, Daemon begs for her forgiveness for not being her savior and warns Tsuna not to bring shame to the Famiglia that she loved. Afterwards, Tsuna knew Daemon saw through his lie, which Reborn states that Daemon lived to hear the same words that Tsuna told him from Elena. Tsuna and the others are overjoyed when everyone is freed and reunited, but they are interrupted by the Vindice, who tells to entrust them with the last key left by Giotto and Cozarto, showing that, to fool Daemon, Simon lived away from the rest of the world. Cozarto, and Giotto, both believed that one day, they’ll be able to smile together; this being reflected through the tenth generation, Tsuna and Enma with their own Famiglias lives happily in peace.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Chrome's Transfer

Chrome transfers to Tsuna's class

Tsuna began to wonder the true nature of Arcobaleno and decided to ask Reborn directly about it. The next day, he and the others were surprised to found out that Chrome had been transferred to Namimori-Middle and surprised even more when she suddenly hugged Kyoko and cried. At the rooftop, it was then revealed that Mukuro had abandoned her. According to what Kyoko heard, when Chrome awoke in the morning she found a letter that tell her to get out and a Namimori-Middle uniform and Kokuyo Land empty. Tsuna questioned Mukuro's action, which Gokudera concluded that Mukuro no longer need her since he's already free, though, Tsuna doubts it.

At this time, Reborn arrived and told them that they had to accept Chrome in Namimori. Tsuna asked where he had been since morning. Reborn replied that Mukuro convened him to talk about Chrome and explained that Mukuro and his gang had gone to France to recruit Flan and meanwhile, he left Chrome in Namimori. Tsuna asked again why he only leaving Chrome but Reborn himself doesn't know but he had received her living expenses and for a meantime, Chrome will stay at Kyoko or Haru's place. After deciding they will throw out a party for Chrome, Tsuna asked Reborn about the Arcbaleno and Reborn said that it's about time that Tsuna knew everything. However, he added that he still want to make sure Tsuna's growth by winning mimicry game at Chrome's party, making Tsuna thought that Reborn had fooled him again. He watched the mimicry game with the others and then felt sympathy for Chrome and wondered that if he knew Arcobaleno secret, he somehow felt that the everyday life that they had will lost and might be better that he doesn't know anything. When it was Tsuna's turn to mimic, Tsuna tried his best to mimick Leon but Leon gave him 0 points as the result.

Arcobaleno Requests

Later, Reborn requested Tsuna to do a favor for him, which Tsuna at first denied, thinking that Reborn would have him do something tedious. However, after Reborn explained his dream with the rest of the Arcobaleno and the curse of the Arcobaleno, Tsuna agreed alongside Dino, stating that teaming up with Dino made him feel reassured.

Mukuro declares war on Tsuna and his Guardians

The next day, on his way to school, he along with Reborn, Gokudera, and Yamamoto were confronted by Kokuyo Junior High Gang, who declared war against Tsuna and Guardians as Mukuro stated that he would defeat Tsuna and destroy Vongola Famiglia. Tsuna refused this declaration, saying that he don't want to fight anymore. However, Mukuro revealed that he and his gang had became Verde's representatives for the upcoming Arcobaleno battle and thus, their fight cannot be avoided.

Tsuna and Reborn then head to Dino's hotel together, where Tsuna is subsequently taken to Xanxus's room in the hotel by Belphegor. As Xanxus makes threats to Tsuna and his team, Wonomichi arrives and announces the start of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow in four days.

1st Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

Tsuna getting frustrated at his father

Later, as the first day of the the Representative Battle of the Rainbow arrived, Tsuna was at first nervous, but then felt at ease when he noticed that his friends were acting normally and hoped that they day would continue that way. After school, however, the wristwatches announced the start of the Representative Battle, and during his way out of the classroom, he encountered Iemitsu, who prepared to battle him, stating to Tsuna that it was time he himself should treat him as an adult.

Tsuna punched by Iemitsu

As the battle starts, Tsuna has various regrets about facing his dad; however, he quickly gets annoyed by his dad's responses to his worry and prepares to fight. Tsuna charges at Iemitsu, punching him, but Iemitsu appears unfazed. Tsuna punches even harder, this time activating his Cambio Forma Version X, but it still isn't enough. Iemitsu casually enters Hyper Dying Will Mode and tells Tsuna to watch carefully, as what he was about to do was a real punch; he then proceeds to punch Tsuna away through the ceiling. Tsuna, after landing, appears to be unconscious. Reborn, Tsuna, Dino,Gokudera,Yamamoto, and Ryohei gather around a table in Namimori Diner to discuss the results of day one of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Tsuna sadly recounts how his dad beat him with one punch, but didn't destroy his boss watch. Reborn explains that he made a deal with Iemitsu- if Iemitsu didn't destroy Tsuna's watch, they would make an alliance with Colonnello's team. Suddenly, all of the boss, representative, and Arcobaleno watches start speaking. The speaker congratulates all of the participants and introduces himself as Checker Face.The watches then display the results of the first day's battle.Team Reborn concludes that they had to watch out for Team Verde. Gokudera suggests that they skip school to not participate in the battle, but Reborn states that he didn't want their schooling to suffer from the battle. Dino also expresses his guilt that he didn't fight with them in the first battle, and that he should stay nearby their school. Reborn, however, just tells him and Romario, whom he called over, to search for two remaining representatives.

The group leaves Namimori Diner, and Tsuna is troubled, mentally commenting that he didn't want to return home to see his dad after such a devastating defeat to him. Yamamoto, seeing his troubled state, invites him to go over to his house, as he had just bought a new baseball game. Gokudera opts to go over to, just in case someone attacks Tsuna in the middle of the night, but expresses his excitement over Yamamoto's sushi restaurant.

2nd Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

The next day at school, Tsuna expresses his shock at Enma's announcement that he and his fellow Simon Ring Holders had become part of Team Skull. As class starts, Dino walks in and introduces himself as their new English teacher. On the balcony as they regroup, Reborn states that they had to go get some "valuable intel". They head to a mansion in the middle of a forest where Reborn states that one of their allied teams knew some information about Team Verde. When they arrive, Yuni greets them cheerfully, opening the door. Inside, she serves them tea as Bluebell and Nosaru stick their tongues at them, Yuni mentioning that she had got to know them really well and that she hung out with them a lot. Yuni explains that Tazaru, Torikabuto, and Daisy all had their watches destroyed by Team Verde. Yuni reveals upon Tsuna's question that her Arcobaleno Curse was a short life. Tsuna expresses his concern, but Yuni tells them to fight for Reborn with all their strength, for two teams would be eliminated in the second day of the battle. Once more at Team Yuni's rented mansion, Byakuran reveals that he had found a counter to Verde's machine, stating that they would fight genius with genius and machine with machine. Spanner and Shoichi then show themselves and Byakuran recalls his future self's encounters with the two geniuses with a smile on his face. Spanner and Shoichi greet Tsuna. Suddenly, the wristwatch beeps and announces one minute until the battle starts.

Byakuran and Tsuna in the sky

All of Team Yuni's members rush to their room, ready to fight, and Reborn notes that Team Verde was about to arrive. Byakuran answers Tsuna's question that he was Team Yuni's boss representative and flies out into the sky with his wings, Tsuna following him by entering Hyper Dying Will Mode, propelling himself with Sky Flames from his X-Gloves. However, the wristwatch announces the battle this time to be 30 minutes long as it commences the battle.

24 minutes and 30 seconds of the battle remain. Tsuna and Byakuran are up in the sky keeping a lookout for enemies. Tsuna questions Byakuran why he, who killed thousands in both the future and parallel worlds, was fighting with all his heart for a single Arcobaleno. Byakuran simply explains to Tsuna that he was like him back then in the future, willing to fight for Yuni. As they are talking, Team Verde attacks. Tsuna flies to Mukuro and attempts to stop him but much to Tsuna's frustration Mukuro taunts him which causes him to lash out fiercely, still feeling insecure after the tragic defeat from his father.

Tsuna watches in shock as Colonnello fires Maximum Rifle

Meanwhile, Colonnello had released his curse and was planning to snipe Team Verde and Team Uni. As Mukuro and Tsuna continue to fight Colonnello fires his Maximum Rifle. Simultaneously, Ken, Byakuran, Mukuro, Chikusa, Flan, Gamma, and Kikyo are hit as Team Reborn's members watch in a mixture of shock, awe, and horror. Lal Mirch announces that Kikyo, Ken, and Chikusa had been eliminated, continuing to announce that although they were unable to confirm Gamma, Byakuran, Mukuro, and Flan's watches' destruction, they had all suffered injuries from trying to protect their watches. Iemitsu contacts Tsuna through his X-Headphones to check if he was alright. lemitsu tells Tsuna to get as far away from the battle as possible, as Colonnello was going to fire a shot that would eliminate Byakuran and Mukuro, eliminating Team Yuni and Team Verde. Tsuna refuses to allow them to hit Byakuran, so lemitsu announces that the alliance between them had been officially terminated and that Colonnello would be firing at them as well in the next shot. lemitsu tells him that if they were going to stop them from eliminating Byakuran, then he had to re-assess their alliance, telling Tsuna to quickly make his decision, as he wouldn't wait much longer. lemitsu asks Tsuna on the course of action, and Tsuna tells Iemitsu to shoot. Tsuna then activates Mitena di Vongola Primo and tells his teammates to prepare for the second shot. lemitsu tells Colonnello to shoot. Lal Mirch isn't sure about the shot, but Iemitsu tells him that his un-cursed time couldn't go to waste, and to shoot. Colonnello fires Maximum Rifle. Tsuna charges and so does Gamma. Yuni cries out in anguish but Reborn rushes to stop the attack. As Tsuna, Gamma, and Reborn are all about to be hit, Byakuran intervenes, stating that they couldn't lose. Tsuna asks why, and Byakuran reveals that despite his dreams in the future, he was only awaiting death. He mentions how Yuni became the warmth of his life, and states that this time, he would be the one to protect her heart. Byakuran then tells Tsuna to charge and defeat his father.

Byakuran falls to the ground, heavily wounded and his Rainbow Wristwatch destroyed, signifying Team Uni's defeat. Tsuna rushes towards lemitsu to avenge Byakuran, saying he will never forgive lemitsu. Iemitsu tells Colonnello to leave this to him and to save his un-cursed time, and Colonnello states, "Present, stop" and wishes Iemitsu luck. Tsuna punches Iemitsu into the ground, but the latter kicks the former, sending him hurtling back. Iemitsu comments to Tsuna that he hadn't improved at all, but Tsuna, enraged, tells him to shut up and slams him into the ground again.

Reborn after he saves Tsuna

However, Iemitsu appears to be unfazed and slams Tsuna into the ground next to him. Tsuna wonders, in his pain, why he still couldn't beat Iemitsu. Tsuna recalls how Iemitsu left him and Nana in their house all alone, how he, when he returned, would only sleep or talk about meaningless things. Iemitsu, now sitting beside Tsuna, apathetically states that it was boring fighting with him. Tsuna exits Hyper Dying Will Mode and bursts out at Iemitsu if he was insulting him. Lal Mirch notes that since Tsuna's exited Hyper Dying Will Mode, his willpower and energy had collapsed. Iemitsu, meanwhile, doesn't respond and Tsuna repeats the question furiously, but Iemitsu still doesn't respond and tells Tsuna to take of his boss watch so that he could destroy it. Tsuna refuses, so Iemitsu lifts a boulder and hurls it at Tsuna. Colonnello and Lal Mirch shout out that it was going to crush Tsuna. However, Tsuna is saved by Reborn in the nick of time, who was in his curse-released time. Reborn shoots the boulder and destroys it into letters, spelling out the word "C-H-A-O-S" and they land around Tsuna. Iemitsu appears to be shocked, and Lal Mirch and Colonnello chorus in unison that there was only one person who could pull off a feat like that. Reborn, in his curse-released form, stands before them, with his hat shading his eyes. Tsuna asks Reborn who he is, not recognizing him in his adult form. Reborn looks at Tsuna with a hard expression and tells him that it was lesson time. Reborn easily heavily injures Iemitsu while in his un-cursed form, Tsuna being oblivious to the adult Reborn's identity. Reborn tells Tsuna two weaknesses of his for when he has to fight Iemitsu again. When Reborn runs out of his un-cursed form time, Tsuna is still oblivious to Reborn's identity when Reborn changes into his cursed form right behind a boulder. Reborn reminds Tsuna of his un-cursed form's lesson, which Tsuna takes into mind, and fights Iemitsu. Tsuna's skill and speed have suddenly improved, which Iemitsu notes, and Reborn mentally tells Tsuna to show him what his student was capable of.

Tsuna uses Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised and absorbs Iemitsu's Flames. Colonnello and Lal Mirch note that Tsuna's Flame combustion power was increasing. Tsuna finishes absorbing the Flames of Iemitsu's attack and pushes himself back, then propels himself with his X-Gloves towards Iemitsu once more. Tsuna and Iemitsu trade blows, but ultimately Iemitsu grabs hold of Tsuna's leg. Tsuna quickly reacts and thrusts his hand towards Iemitsu's face and uses X-Burner at point-blank range, much to Iemitsu's surprise, though he manages to escape. Suddenly, their Rainbow Wristwatches beep out and announce the end of the second day's battle. Tsuna and Iemitsu stop their battle and Iemitsu compliments Tsuna, stating that he was sincerely trying to break his boss watch at the end. Iemitsu comments that the battle was fun, angering Tsuna, who scolds him for taking the battle un-seriously. Iemitsu once again comments that Tsuna sounded just like Nana. Tsuna, despite that, tells him that he would win next time, Iemitsu responding with an "OK." Tsuna once again wonders who the man in the suit was, when suddenly Gokudera and Yamamoto arrived, having arrived here by bike by propelling themselves with Gokudera's bombs.

Gokudera and Yamamoto congratulate Tsuna on his tie with Iemitsu. Tsuna says modestly that it was all thanks to the mysterious man in the suit, which Reborn reacts with a glint in his eye. As Iemitsu asks Lal Mirch on the other teams' situation, Basil's voice comes through her headphones, frantically saying that things were bad and to connect him with lemitsu immediately. Basil had been spying on Team Skull when a large group of Vindice led by the Vindice Arcobaleno had attacked all of the members of Team Skull, leaving them mortally wounded. Skull had been attacked and wristwatch stolen and changed to Bermuda. Team Reborn is informed of the unfolding events until suddenly Checker Face announces the accumulated results for the second day. Tsuna and his representatives rush to Namimori Hospital to see of the Simon were alright when they meet an upset Basilwho reassures them that they would make a full recovery. Suddenly, Kyoko arrives and states worriedly to Tsuna that Chromewas unwell and her internal organs were gone. She tells him that Chrome had been calling out for "Boss." Tsuna rushes to Chrome along with Kyoko. Tsuna apologizes for not noticing her condition earlier, but is cut off by Chrome who requests to join as a representative for Team Reborn. Tsuna firmly refuses for her well being.

Later in Yamamoto's dad's sushi shop, Gokudera and Yamamoto commend Tsuna on his decision, stating that Reborn would have done the same. Gokudera wonders where Reborn was, to which Tsuna answers that he was apparently meeting with the other Arcobaleno to discuss Bermuda. Suddenly, however, everyone notices an ominous Flame. As Reborn returns from the meeting, he finds Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto battling a Vindice member. As soon as Reborn reaches them, the Vindice vanishes. Afterwards Team Reborn's members discusses the day's events, and Reborn triumphantly states that he had found a new representative.

3rd Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

At exactly 12 A.M., the watches signal the start of the third day of battle. Tsuna expresses his shock that the third day was starting so soon. They quickly get changed and run to the playground to avoid involving the locals getting involved. Team Reborn runs into Mukuro and the rest of their team. Reborn questions his presence, but Mukuro dismisses the question and comments that the situation was fortunate, as he didn't need to waste time finding them. The Rainbow Wristwatches announces the start of the third day of battle, the time limit being 12 minutes. Ken confidently announces that he and Chikusa had spare watches. As with the other battlefields, 3 Vindices arrives on the battlefield. The Vindice suddenly attack Mukuro and Tsuna with their chains, creating an enormous explosion. Each team's representatives call out to their bosses, worrying about them. As the explosion's smoke cloud clears, Mukuro and Tsuna agree to temporarily team up, with their strongest weapons at the ready. With Flan sleeping, Mukuro Rokudo and the rest of his gang decided to team up with Tsunayoshi Sawada and his team to defeat the three Vindice members. Gokudera unleashed his Sistema C.A.I. to shield them from the attack of the Vindice. They group members work together using combined attacks. Tsuna uses Hyper X-Stream as Mukuro summons corpse eating crows to devour the Vindice. After the explosion destroys Vindice's hats and coats, they reveal their faces. Everyone was shocked to see Pacifiers hung on their necks.

Mukuro and Tsuna comment on the zombie like appearance of the Vindice, who proceed to praise them for their valiant effort and attack them again, refusing to reveal any information. Tsuna fires with X-Cannon to distract so Mukuro able to finish them off. Mukuro is unable to do the combo move of Genjuu Gagaia, as Fran is still asleep and the Vindice easily deflect his attack. Realizing that they were overwhelmed, both teams started to lose hope. At this time, however, Chrome appears as Reborn's representative and offered to support Mukuro's illusion to help them.

Tsuna expresses his surprise as she is still without organs but had still managed to arrive to fight. Verde equips Flan's equipment onto Chrome to do the combo move in Fran's place. Tsuna grabs Mukuro by the shirt and demands why he had not supported Chrome with his illusionary organs. However, Reborn revealed that Chrome had been the one refusing Mukuro's illusions. After they stopped sharing one body, Chrome began to change and expressed her desire to be seen as an individual, and not just Mukuro's replacement. She makes her resolve to protect everyone she loves and generates a powerful Flame, recreating her illusionary organs in the process. With her energy regained and her resolve found, Chrome combines her strongest illusion with Mukuro's and creates Genju Mugaia.

Mysteries of the Arcobaleno

With the majority of the Vindice defeated, Tsuna proceeds to fight the remaining Vindice. Reborn realises he is protecting the boss watch and yells at him not to care about it and to fight with his dying will. Tsuna successfully defeats the Vindice and Reborn reveals his true motive for entering the Representative Battle, which was because of Tsuna's bad grades. Suddenly Bermuda requests to speak with Reborn and sucks him into a black hole, and Tsuna flies after him only to be sucked in too.

They land into a cave, which had ominous carvings of the Arcobaleno cycle. The engravings on the cave walls tell the story of how the strongest people of the era are taken to a mountain and turned into Arcobaleno, doomed to protect the pacifiers until they cannot be used anymore and a new cycle of the strongest people begins. Jager and Bermuda arrive and further explain that the Vindice were in fact what became of Arcobaleno- if they survived the removal of the Pacifiers. Bermuda also reveals that the curse wouldn't be removed; it was just a farce to gather the seven strongest people. Bermuda asks Reborn to assist him to destroy the Arcobaleno system by killing Checkerface, but in the process all the Arcobaleno will die. Suddenly Tsuna cuts in and yells that he would not accept it and he will find another way, which leads to a brief skirmish between the two parties.

Tsuna is losing, which causes Reborn to yell in panic. Bermuda uses this fight as an example and says that whether or not they assist him, they were all going to burn in hell no matter what is done and they exit. Reborn tells Tsuna in defeat that it was clear that he could not beat Jager in the first place, and he tells Tsuna to give up on him and the Arcobaleno. Tsuna expresses his dismay over Reborn's odd statement, shouting that it was weird that Reborn said he couldnt win as Reborn was the one who was always telling him he could. Reborn replies that those times he knew tsuna could win, but this time he cant. They leave the cave and Tsuna runs home in anger and despair, and decides to take initiative despite Reborn admitting defeat.

Tsuna arrives home and finds about lemitsu's injuries, and then attempts to sleep but cannot. He goes down to the kitchen and sees Lambo, trying to mix Basil's strawberry juice with his grape juice. Lambo proceeds to fill up the missing part of Basil's drink with his grape and claims it was perfect. Tsuna suddenly realizes by 'filling up the missing part' he could solve it. He quickly calls the 9th to ask for someones adress and enters hyper dying will mode. He goes to all the Representative Bosses homes and requests each of them to lend him their strength.

Grand Convention

The next morning, Tsuna falls asleep against a wall. He is awakened by Kyoko, who greets him and asks for his good luck charm, as she wanted to add more prayers to it with Haru. When Chrome appears and leaves with Kyoko, Tsuna thinks of the conversation he had with Talbot the night before and their discussion on saving the Arcobaleno. Lambo had given Tsuna the idea of replacing an Arcobaleno's removed Flame with another Flame of the same type. Reborn interrupts Tsuna's thoughts and Tsuna takes him to Namimori Shrine. Reborn provokes Tsuna, causing him to go off on Reborn about giving up hope of living. After Tsuna finishes his rant, he exhaustedly sits down on a step and says that he will not let Reborn die. As he said this, however, Tsuna found Reborn fell asleep. He tried to wake him up but quickly changed his mind when remembering what he will do if he forcefully woke him up, leaving him no choice but to return home alone. Unbeknowst to him, Reborn just pretended to be asleep and was proud of his student even though he said that it still impossible to prevent him from dying.

Tsuna requests for them to fight together

Tsuna visits Gokudera and Yamamoto at hospital, saying that he has something to discuss with them and he had told Xanxus, Mukuro, Byakuran, and Enma yesterday, much to Gokudera's dismay since he's a day late even though he's his right-hand man. Tsuna quickly apologizes and explains that since he had been dependant on his Guardians and Dino, he felt that they will help him anyway as he considers them as his family, apologizing that he should've told them first since they're friends, to which Gokudera and Yamamoto reply that they are family and there's no need for him to be formal. Tsuna thanks them and begins to explain everything he has heard yesterday from Bermuda along with his plan. After explaining everything to them, Tsuna goes to Dino and Hibari at Namimori Mountain and was shocked to find out that they've been fighting ever since the last battle with Mammon. They stopped, however, when Tsuna reveals how urgent the situation he's going to explain and they are shocked to know what will happen to Reborn and how powerful Team Bermuda is. After school, Tsuna gathered all people he has visited in his house and request for all of them to fight together, explaining everything about the Vindice, Checker Face, and information that Talbot has provided him as they arraning plans to defeat Team Bermuda.

4th Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

Tsuna, Enma, and Basil confronts Alejandro

Tsuna, along with Enma and Basil became the Commanding unit of the entire Allied Team. Tsuna decided to defeat the Vindice one by one, starting from Alejandro who comes alone while the other remaining squads prevents Jager, Big Pino, and Small Gia from leaving their places. The three of them encounters Alejandro and briefly fought Alejandro's dolls, Ginger Bread. With the three's teamwork, they able to easily defeat Ginger Bread and destroyed Alejandro's wrist watch, disqualfying him from the battle.

They immediately went to where Small Gia and Big Pino are, who were being occupied by Gokudera, Yamamoto, Chrome, and Flan. They arrived just in time to save the four right before Big Pino's attack hit them, fighting them in their place. While Tsuna and Enma managed to defend themselves from Small Gia's attacks, Basil, however, was defeated by Big Pino's attack. In anger, Tsuna attacks Small Gia, but the latter uses one of his weapons to make a flash that momentarily blinding Tsuna's vision. Small Gia was about to deliver a blow at Tsuna, but Yamamoto quickly seizes him from behind with Gokudera's dynamites in hand and Gokudera distracts Big Pino until he's close enough to reach his battler watch. With Enma's gravity manipulation that stopping the two's movements and with Chrome's and Flan's illusions, they were able to destroy Small Gia's and Big Pino's wrist watches without harming both Gokudera and Yamamoto.

Tsuna defeats Jager

After recovering from the last battle, Tsuna and the rest of the remaining members confronts Jager and Bermuda, saving Hibari who was about to be hit by Jager's attack. Tsuna starts to attack Jager continuously and surprised by the fact that Jager didn't short warped to dodge his attack. Noticing that Jager's breathing is unstable like Small Gia did, he came to realization that the Vindice are unable to survive on their own without Bermuda supplying them with his flames. Jager attacks Tsuna again, but stopped by Flan, Chrome, and Enma, who are then quickly defeated by Jager. After finished replenishing enough flames for Jager, Jager attacks again from behind Tsuna, but this time was blocked by Mukuro and Hibari. Jager short warped and stabs through Hibari's and Mukuro's shoulders. However, this gave Mukuro opportunity to freeze Jager's arms, preventing him from escape. Using Enma's Simon Ring, Tsuna defeats Jager by using X Burner that converted with the Earth Flame's gravity. Before Tsuna could destroy Jager's boss watch, however, Bermuda interferes, entering battle by releasing his curse.

Tsuna enters Ultimate Dying Will Mode.

With Bermuda able to short warp within infinite times, Tsuna was cornered as he is unable to read his movements. Reborn entered the battle, releasing his curse. At first, he is able to dodge Bermuda's attacks, but soon was cornered and the attacks finally hit no matter how fast Reborn tried to dodge it. Finally using his gun, he shot a bullet that Bermuda easily dodged. However, it turns out that bullet was actually not aimed for Bermuda, but for Tsuna. The bullet changed direction and shot into Tsuna's forehead. Knowing it was a Dying Will Bullet and that Tsuna is still alive, Bermuda was about to kill Tsuna, but a hand appeared from his stomach and stopped Bermuda's attack. Another Tsuna emerged from the fallen body and declared he will defeat Bermuda with his Dying Will, removing his X-Gloves and Vongola Ring, much to the shock of both sides as Tsuna entered the last stage of Dying Will Mode, Ultimate Dying Will Mode. With the newfound power and confidence, Tsuna able to stop and counter all of Bermuda's attacks. Having no choice, Bermuda used his most powerful technique, but Tsuna able to see it through and defeats him and destroyed Jager's boss watch.

Wonomichi declared Team Reborn as the winner. Tsuna told Wonomichi that they already knew the secret behind the Arcobaleno and the true purpose of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, much to Wonomichi obliviousness. At this time, Checker Face reveals himself directly to them. As Tsuna reveals his intention to negotiate with the latter, Bermuda warns him that Checker Face will take them to the dimension where he exist to curse them. Hearing this, Checker Face explains that he is real and merely hid his aura using Segno Ring. Removing his mask, he revealed his true identity as Kawahira.

The Truth of Tri-ni-set

Kawahira reveals that he and Yuni are belong to a special race that had born and lived even far before humans with their duty is to protect the Earth. However, over the times, their race slowly dies, leaving only him and Sepira to maintain the Tri-ni-set. Unable to maintain them with their powers alone, they split the Tri-ni-set into set of Vongola Rings, Arcobaleno Pacifiers, and Mare Rings. Kawahira then demands them to return the Arcobaleno Pacifiers to him. Tsuna interrupts, thinking there has to be other way to maintain the Tri-ni-set, something that Kawahira doubts and warned him that he is the first one on the list, which Tsuna replies that he already prepared. Talbot arrives, proposing to protect the Tri-ni-set with the special jars that he made that no longer require Arcobaleno. Finally found a way to entrust the Tri-ni-set to the future generations, Kawahira removes the Arcobaleno curse and leaves the Tri-ni-set in Bermuda and the Vindice's hands to protect.

Shortly after, Tsuna visits Basil and Dino in the hospital with Reborn and were shocked to find Varia, Byakuran, Hibari, and Kokuyo Gang also submitted into the hospital, which cause fight and part of the hospital destroyed. At the rooftop, Reborn thanked Tsuna that his efforts allowed him to live longer, much to Tsuna's embarrassment. Tsuna then reminded about the man in suit who has helped him fighting against Bermuda, asking who was he. Reborn questioned whether Tsuna still hasn't realized yet who he was.

Tsuna's Decision

Tsuna receives invitation to Collonnelo and Lal's wedding with Collonnelo indirectly told him to get a girlfriend soon. Reborn quickly appointed Bianchi as Tsuna's love tutor and make him choose between Kyoko and Haru. Thinking that Kyoko might respond differently this time, Reborn shot Tsuna with Dying Will Bullet, making the latter enters Dying Will Mode and declares he will confess to Kyoko, looking for her everywhere in Namimori. When he found her and was about to confess, however, he was interrupted when Haru in danger and saved her as his Dying Will Mode runs out. Kyoko then tells Tsuna that he's extraordinary, which made him happy. However, he realized that nothing has progressed between him and Kyoko. Reborn cuts him off, revealing that he needs to decide whether he will become the Vongola Decimo or not, which depends whether he will leave him or not. Tsuna immediately states he doesn't want to become a Mafia boss. Hearing this answer, Reborn leaves, saying that he no longer has any bussiness with him.

A week after Reborn's departure, Tsuna realized that he still lives his 'No-Good' life, frustrating him. He is soon shocked by Reborn's return who declares he will make him the Neo Vongola Primo, which similar as being Vongola Decimo and already has the ninth's permission and has invited his friends to celebrate his tutelage. Reborn reveals that even though it's not much, something does change from before, making Tsuna realized that unlike before, he now has friends that he could rely on when necessary. He then asks the pacifier hanging around Reborn's neck. Reborn explains that he cannot let go of it and made a replica, making Tsuna laughs and comments he is indeed a baby, angering Reborn. As they goes to where his friends is, Tsuna thinks how his life has changed completely to better, and all thanks to the arrival of his tutor and partner, Home Tutor Hitman, Reborn.


Tsuna and his friends


Hayato Gokudera

Tsuna is often flustered by Gokudera's enthusiasm (which is only towards him), but sees him as a true friend. He even told Gokudera to abandon his Half Ring during his fight with Belphegor (as the circumstances would have ended up killing Gokudera). Future Tsuna apparently appoints Gokudera as his right hand man. Gokudera is incredibly loyal to Tsuna, becoming hostile towards individuals who he views as hurting or discrediting the Tenth. He is extremely enthusiastic about Mafia activities, training or becoming stronger for the "glory of the Tenth" or the Vongola. Unfortunately, Gokudera's zeal often leads to him becoming needlessly injured.

Takeshi Yamamoto

Initially, Tsuna clings to Yamamoto as one of the last bastions of normalcy in his life, otherwise dominated by violence and the Mafia, especially as Yamamoto continues to think that the entire situation is merely a gigantic role-playing game. Unfortunately for Tsuna, Yamamoto takes the "role-playing game" very seriously, and Tsuna often finds himself unwillingly dragged along by Yamamoto's seemingly misplaced calmness and confidence. However, Tsuna definitely sees Yamamoto as a true friend, albeit much more sensible than Gokudera; Tsuna seems to not have to worry about Yamamoto as much. Both also find common ground in their lack of effort at school, as both end up taking supplementary classes.
Yamamoto, likewise, views Tsuna as a friend, ever since Tsuna stopped him from committing suicide. He generally accepts Tsuna as the Tenth, and he seems fine with following Tsuna's leadership.

Kyoya Hibari

As Hibari is one of the most bloodthirsty characters in the series, Tsuna is never comfortable with him (often getting "bitten to death"). Nevertheless, Tsuna generally feels more confident when Hibari is around, due to Hibari's deserved reputation as an excellent and merciless fighter. On the other hand, Hibari generally is aloof to Tsuna, often describing him as a "small animal." He avoids Tsuna and the rest of the Guardians due to his dislike of "crowds," and views them as weak and not worth his time. However, in Inheritance Ceremony Arc, before he fought Adelheid, he noticed Tsuna making a 'boring face' due to the mental shock he received and told him to watch his fight closely, which surprised Tsuna. This possibly means that Hibari has started acknowledging the current Tsuna. After he won the fight with Adelheid, he also mentioned that "it is the sky that allows the cloud to move about freely." as further emphasis of his recognition of Tsuna.

Ryohei Sasagawa

Tsuna is often flustered by Ryohei's passion, and the confidence Ryohei has in his strength. He is often roped into fights alongside Ryohei (often schemes to get Tsuna into the boxing club), leaving Tsuna wondering how he could be Kyoko's brother. However, Tsuna values him as a good friend, referring to him as an older brother. Tsuna also shows reluctance whenever Ryohei fights, due to how his injuries could affect Kyoko.


Even though Lambo often drives Tsuna crazy, he seems to deeply care for him. Evidence of this can be seen during the Varia Arc when Tsuna saves Lambo from Leviathan during their match for the Vongola Lightning Ring. However, during the Future Arc, Tsuna was beginning to succumb to the frustration due to their current situation and eventually snaps at Lambo and Haru saying that they don't know anything. They later reconcile when Tsuna apologizes to him. Tsuna always tries to put Lambo out of danger, believing it to be unfair for such a young child to be put to battle and always blames himself if Lambo is in a danger. Lambo, despite his constant mockery towards Tsuna, comes to regard him as an older brother figure, something that Future Lambo proudly stated when Rauji questioned him.

Mukuro Rokudo

Tsuna initially hated Mukuro greatly for the horrible things he had done to his friends, in order to lure Tsuna out. After hearing about Mukuro's past from Ken, Tsuna lost his hatred towards him. Although Reborn often tries to remind him about those horrible things, Tsuna remains concerned over Mukuro's well-being, as seen in Future Arc when Tsuna knew that Mukuro is still trapped in the Vendicare Prison after 10 years. He does not see Mukuro much of an enemy and worried whenever bad things have occurred to him. Tsuna is also the only person to know of Mukuro's good side and thus, always be the first one to doubt whenever everyone feels Mukuro doesn't care about his comrades. Mukuro, despite his great hatred towards Mafia, doesn't seem to hate Tsuna that much and even trust him enough to protect his subordinates.

Chrome Dokuro

She seems to appear out of nowhere with Tsuna in some scenes, though it could be coincidence. Chrome also likes Tsuna as he was the only one who trusted her to be his Mist Guardian out of everyone in the group for the Ring Battle and rewarded him with a kiss, much to his embarrassment. Despite Chrome's connection to Mukuro, Tsuna sees her as an important ally and shows concern for her health, such as bringing onigiri to her during the Arcobaleno Trials Arc. He thinks of her as an important friend, as one of the reasons he went to battle Simon was to rescue her, and he generally cares for her well-being.

Family & Allies

Nana Sawada & Iemitsu Sawada

Tsuna and his Parents

Tsuna's mother, Nana Sawada, is a kind woman and a good mother who sometimes displays a paradoxical lack of concern for her son. She is very much in love with her husband, but, like many characters in the series, is oblivious to both Tsuna's and her husband's involvement with the Mafia. Despite the dangerous situations she and her son always seem to be embroiled in of late, she curiously is generally unfazed. Similarly, as with both her husband and her son, she seems to be accustomed to caring for and not giving up on people who others see as lazy and worthless layabouts. Tsuna's father, Iemitsu Sawada, is another story altogether. He has been absent for much of Tsuna's life and is viewed by his son as a lazy slacker and a deadbeat dad, although ultimately his character comes off as outrageous, taking ludicrous jobs and wantonly distributing alcohol. Although Tsuna thinks very lowly of him, his father seems to have great respect and high hopes for Tsuna's future, since he is the one who suggested making Tsuna the next Vongola Boss of the Vongola Famiglia. Despite his worthless appearance, Tsuna's father has also steadfastly provided for his family for years and pulls strings behind the scenes for his son, as well as being the head of CEDEF


Giotto is Tsuna's ancestor and the founder of the Vongola. Tsuna trusts Giotto completely and seems to hold him in high regards. He stands up for Giotto when someone questions his actions, like when Enma told Tsuna about Giotto's betrayal of Cozarto Simon. He stated quite confidently that Vongola Primo was not the kind of person who would do such a thing.
In turn, Giotto sees Tsuna as his true successor and has helped him when he seemed to be in trouble, such as in Tsuna's battle with Byakuran, where Giotto appears to unlock the true power of the Vongola Ring; something which he had not done for eight generations of Vongola Guardians, as he believes that Tsuna will understand the true meaning of the Rings and his will.


Tsuna & Reborn

As the IX's most trusted assassin, Reborn was sent to Japan to educate Tsuna and make him a true successor of the Vongola Famiglia. Although Reborn is usually quite cryptic and hard on Tsuna he only has the best intentions. They have been through quite a bit together and have formed a bond of friendship that allows them to work very well together. Initially, Tsuna was wary of Reborn due to Reborn's involvement with the Mafia and often tried to avoid contact with him, due to Reborn's spartan methods of training, which more often than not involved Tsuna getting shot, facing danger, and humiliated. Tsuna was also often shocked by Reborn's random appearances in numerous costumes, his use of insects as a spy network, and his casual use of violence, though ironically he depended upon and looked to Reborn for help in numerous situations. Ultimately, the two form a close teacher-student bond that has brought about a drastic improvement in Tsuna's character and ability to lead the Vongola, something that Tsuna recognizes. This relationship has changed in recent times to more that of comrades-in-arms, though Reborn still largely remains a teaching figure. The true extend of their bond is finally shown when Tsuna lashed out at Reborn when the latter thinking that he would die a worthless death, which makes Tsuna felt not being trusted by his tutor and stated that he won't let Reborn die to the point of challenging him when the latter ask for him to return his boss watch and showing his resolve to save him and the other Arcobaleno, something that Reborn is proud of.

Kyoko Sasagawa

At the beginning of the series, Tsuna has a deep-set, one-sided crush on Kyoko, seeing her as the only reason to come to school, which is otherwise a humiliating experience. However, with the involvement of Reborn, he quickly catches her attention, albeit by publicly embarrassing himself as a result of the Dying Will Bullet. The two quickly progress to a deeper friendship, though it possesses a certain chemistry that only Kyoko's best friend, Hana, seems to see. As with all of Tsuna's friends and family, Tsuna easily fights to protect Kyoko, though he becomes extremely embarrassed around her and is often concerned with appearing "uncool" in front of her. When her life was threatened during the Kokuyo arc, he was willing to sacrifice his life for hers; only the swift intervention of Dr. Shamal, Future Lambo, and Future I-Pin prevented this from happening. He covets a protective charm received from her; Kyoko later sews him a pocket on his clothes so he won't lose it. In the Future Arc, he panics and chases after her when Bianchi tells him she is leaving because of being left out of the loop; ultimately, he tells her about the Mafia and is aided in his training when Kyoko observes that the behavior of Tsuna's Vongola Box is much like his own. Although Kyoko obviously views Tsuna as a good friend, it remains up to speculation whether she reciprocates his feelings.

Haru Miura

Haru has a deep one sided admiration for Tsuna that started when he saved her from drowning. She is a bit over enthusiastic towards Tsuna in the expression of her feelings towards him. Unlike Kyoko, Haru knew about Tsuna's position in the Mafia and seems to love him more for it. Unfortunately for her, while Tsuna sees her as a friend, he also sees her as a little crazy. During the Future Arc, Tsuna is seen yelling at her states that she doesn't know anything. Holding back her tears, Haru states that she is willing to listen but that Tsuna has never tried to explain anything. Though she leaves the room crying, they later reconcile after Tsuna apologizes.


Both are not in good terms, Xanxus hates Tsuna and never acknowledge him as the true successor of Vongola, which is why he and the Varia he leads only take orders from the ninth and he also the only one who refused to attend Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony. Tsuna at first scared at him and think of him and his group as scary and prefered him to be the Vongola boss rather than him. However, this changed after he realized what kind of person Xanxus is especially what he did to the ninth and will never let him succeed the Vongola. However, despite this, whenever the Vongola was attack, both have no hesitation to work together as stated by Xanxus that the Vongola always fight as one.


Initially, Tsuna and Byakuran didn't have a good relationship in the future for what Byakuran had done to his family and friends and people close to him. Tsuna has shown numerous time of his desire to defeat Byakuran at all cost and this deepened after Yuni sacrifised herself to revive the Arcobaleno and when Byakuran insulted her action, which angered Tsuna who then stated that he won't forgive him and led him to kill Byakuran. Byakuran has also shown his annoyance of Tsuna's interference in every parallel world. However, in the present, they seemed to be much on better terms, since Byakuran has a change of heart and even offered alliance with his team and even protected him when Tsuna almost hit by Collonnelo's attack. It is unknow whether Tsuna has fully forgiven him or not for what he had done in he future, but Tsuna seems to regard him as one of his comrades after they fight together during the second day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow, and showed concern when Byakuran was injured by Collonnelo's attack, prompting Tsuna to promise he will defeat his father. Though, sometimes Tsuna found Byakuran's cheerful attitude to be odd as he doesn't really know about him. According to Yuni, both Tsuna and Byakuran are similar in some way, which both didn't really understand.

Enma Kozato

Enma has demonstrated in multiple ways that he is similar to Tsuna; likewise, Tsuna thinks of him as a good friend. However, after Tsuna unknowingly failed the test he had set up, their relationship became strained, making Enma believed that Tsuna is no different from the cruel Vongola bosses. After Enma and his Famiglia stole the Vongola Sin, their relationship worsened, as Enma claimed that he would never forgive Tsuna and would no longer have any hesitation to kill him. Tsuna stated that he is also angry at Enma for making his friends suffer, and also for insulting Giotto, but he also symphatized Enma's past and current condition, as he still regards him as his friend. After witnessing from the fourth and fifth keys that Cozarto was never betrayed by Giotto and saved Enma from Daemon's control, they reconciled, becoming friends again. Not only restoring their friendship, this incident also deepened their trust towards another, as Enma stated that he believes Tsuna would never betray him.

Weapons and Abilities

Tsuna is capable of using the Dying Will Flame (when shot with special bullets or having taken certain pills), which is a form of high pressured energy capable of having destructive powers or purifying evil auras. It initially lies within a person's body until it is awakened, helping increase a person's strength. When a person is able to control the full potential and power of the Dying Will they are able to go into (Hyper) Dying Will Mode at any time. Reborn said that any one has the potential to do this, but not many people can withstand the training phases.


HDWM Tsuna

  • Dying Will Mode: This mode is activated when Tsuna is shot by Reborn's Dying Will Bullet or having taken a Dying Will Pill. It uses the pressure he faces during a crisis to externally remove Tsuna's body limiters. He then uses his increased strength and renewed confidence to fulfill his dying will, which is the last thought he regretted before being shot.
  • Hyper Dying Will Mode: This is when one has been hit with the Criticism Shot or ingested two Dying Will Pills. Hyper Dying Will, instead of removing external limiters on the body and using pressure during a crisis, removes internal limiters; therefore, releasing the person's hidden awareness. When the internal limiters are lifted, it awakens his Hyper Intuition.
  • Ultimate Dying Will Mode: This form is achieved by being shot with a Dying Will Bullet while in the form of Hyper Dying Will Mode. Normally, the Dying Will Bullet would cause you to lose your mental state of mind and only concentrate on what your dying will is; however, in this mode, you keep your mental state and become engulfed in flames.
  • Oath Flame: A combination of the Earth Flame and Sky Flame that forms a extremely powerful Flame. This flame has the abilities of both the Sky and Earth Flame and was created when the Earth Simon Ring and the Ring of the Sky Version X fused together.


  • Sky Vongola Ring: Won after the Ring Battles with the Varia. Tsuna usually wears this Ring around his neck, but he wears it behind his right glove when he is fighting. In the future, both Future Tsuna and Present Tsuna learned how to release Sky Flames with the Harmony characterization. Tsuna is also able to open any kind of Box Weapon using the Sky Flames produced by the Sky Vongola Ring, though the power is less than those opened with the original Flame attribute. In addition, it can also not bring out the true potential of the box weapons. During his battle with Byakuran, a manifestation of Vongola Primo appeared and granted Tsuna and his Guardians the true power of the Vongola Rings. As a result, Tsuna's Flames and techniques have dramatically increased in power.

    X-Gloves Version Vongola Gear

  • Vongola Box Ring (Natsu): After Byakuran was defeated, the Vongola were told that they couldn't take the Vongola Boxes with them. But with Verde's help, the Vongola Boxes were turned into Rings and were brought back to the present with the Vongola.
  • Ring of the Sky Version X: A newly formed ring created by combining the Sky Vongola Ring and Vongola Box Ring (Natsu).
  • X-Gloves (エクスグローブ, Ekusu guroobu): Created by Reborn's pet, Leon. At first, they appear to be white, wool mittens, but when used with the Dying Will Flame, they change into a pair of black, metal-clad Gloves.
  • X-Gloves, Version Vongola Ring: Though otherwise identical to the X-Gloves the Vongola Ring Version Gloves have a large crests resembling the Sky Vongola Ring on the back of each hand.
  • X-Gloves, Version Vongola Gear: The new gloves now seem to be mostly red, unlike the previous gloves' black. The normal crystal blue Vongola Emblem in the middle now has a red cross on top of it reading "Vongola Famiglia," and Flame type designs cover the bases of the gloves. Also, as part of the gear, a leg bangle has been added. This bangle is similar to the Ring of the Sky Version X, as it is connected by a chain to a simple belt with an "X" as a buckle.
  • Flame Resistant Clothing: These are spun from special Flame Resistant Cloth made by Leon and are capable of withstanding the Dying Will Flame to an extent.
  • Contact Lenses: Created by Spanner, these Special Contacts display a targeting system, as well as a system to gauge the strength of the Flames in both X-Gloves. Using these Contacts, Tsuna is able to maximize the power of the X-Burner without propelling himself. The Contacts are apparently interfaced with his earphones.

    Tsuna's new Headphones and contacts

  • X-Headphones: Created by Giannini during the Future Arc, as a method of communication during the Merone Base invasion. Per Reborn's request, this headset is able to project holograms to allow Reborn to help Tsuna from a distance. Spanner later linked the headsets to the contact lenses he created to help Tsuna perfect his X-Burner. The present Spanner created upgrades for these along with upgrades for the contact lenses.
  • Lancia's Boss's Ring: Lancia gave this Ring to Tsuna before the latter left with Basil for Italy. Tsuna brought it with him to the future, and found out that it was a special ring until it was detected by a Strau Mosca shortly after meeting Lal Mirch. It also protected him from Byakuran's Mini White Dragon.
  • Motorbike/Airbike: In the manga, Tsuna has a Honda 250cc NSR Rothmans. In the anime, the airbikes have identical appearances aside from differences in coloration, so Tsuna's color is primarily white with some blue.

    Natsu Version X

  • Leone di Cieli Version Vongola (Vongola Sky Lion): Tsuna's Vongola Box Weapon, which takes the form of a young lion with a mane made of Sky Flames.
  • Leone di Cieli Version X: This is the Vongola Gear version of Natsu, Tsuna's Vongola Box Weapon. With the upgrade, Natsu has armor on his legs and is wearing armor with the Vongola crest on his forehead. Natsu is capable of merging directly with Tsuna for the latter's Cambio Forma.


Zero Point Breakthrough, Revised

  • Vongola Hyper Intuition - It is described by Reborn as being "a power that could see through all."
  • Minus State - Tsuna can rest his Flames and pass out. After, Tsuna can return to his Hyper Dying Will Mode without getting hit with a Criticism Shot or having to ingest two Dying Will Pills.
  • Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised: Tsuna's own version of the Zero Point Breakthrough. The revised Technique allows Tsuna to not only absorb the enemy Flames, but convert the Flames into his own power.
  • Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition: The Technique used by the First Vongola and later the Ninth Vongola and Tsuna. It takes Tsuna to be in the opposite state of the Hyper Dying Will State to create ice, which is highly negative compressed energy that can seal Dying Will Flames away and can only be melted by the Dying Will Flames.

    X-Burner Air

  • X-Burner: A powerful blast of Dying Will Flame from the X-Gloves Version Vongola Ring usable on the ground and in the air.
  • XX Burner: Tsuna's upgraded version of X Burner, used after gaining his Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear. Soft flames fired out backwards absorb the recoil of the front facing flames.
  • Condensed X-Burner: After gaining Oath Flame inn order to limit the damage of the X-Burner to a smaller area, while keeping its usual destructive power, Tsuna Gravity Manipulation in order to pinpoint the technique on just his target and minimize the usual damage caused by the technique on the surrounding areas.
  • X-Stream: Tsuna dives down at the enemy, and rapidly begins to circle them from bottom to the top, flames lagging behind, until they are completely covered with spiraling flames.
  • Hyper X-Stream: Hyper X-Stream is a more powerful version of the original X-Stream attack used by Tsuna. Tsuna flies toward his enemy and rapidly circles them from bottom to top, Flames lagging behind his feet, until his target is completely trapped in a tornado of Sky Flames.
  • Big Bang Axle: Tsuna concentrates Flames in his fist while using Mitena di Vongola Primo to deliver a powerful punch which is said to rival the X-Burner in power.
  • Burning Axle: After gaining the Original Vongola Rings, the Big Bang Axle gained more power, and was dubbed the Burning Axle.
  • X Cannon: After gaining the new Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear, Tsuna can shoot two powerful blasts with an X shape from the hand with the other hand on the arm.
  • Gravity Manipulation: After gaining the power of the Oath Flame, with the ability of the Sky Flame Tsuna is able to utilize the power of the Earth Flame and uses its Gravity Manipulation powers.
  • Flame-Enhanced Punch: Tsuna coats his arms in Sky Flames and punches the target.


  • His nickname, "Tsuna", is often connected to "tuna." His bedroom door has a tuna fish with his name on it. A common shorthand of his name used among fans is "27", while his Hyper Dying Will Mode is "72" the opposite of normal Tsuna. In Japanese, 2 sounds like "Tsu" and 7 is pronounced "Nana"; hence, "Tsu-na."
  • Tsuna could not ride a bicycle without training wheels until the 5th grade.
  • Tsuna's hair has been unkempt since birth; not even conditioner can smooth it down.
  • Tsuna is first place in bosses who can't refuse a request and bosses with no ambition, as told by Fuuta.
  • Tsuna's sprinting speed is ranked 86,202nd out of 86,202 mafia members, his leg strength is 85,9000th and his endurance 86,182nd so Tsuna's overall ranking is dead last, as told by Fuuta.
  • Tsuna is 872nd out of 872 mafia bosses in terms of over combat ability and intelligence, as told by Fuuta.
  • Tsuna places high in the ranking of people who get their food stolen.
  • Tsuna has the highest easily-spooked ranking in the Mafia.
  • Ever since his fight with Mukuro during the Kokuyo Arc, Tsuna has devoloped an ability to sense Mukuro whenever he is nearby.
  • In the manga, it's revealed in an essay that Tsuna's nickname was "Useless Tsuna" in second grade which has now evolved into "No Good Tsuna."
  • In the most recent poll, Tsuna ranked second in popularity and first in strength.
  • In a 2008 internet survey, "The Character I Want To Be My Groom" Tsuna ranked 6th. In the 2009 survey, he ranked 7th.
  • In the manga, Tsuna's Skullitis disease revealed that Tsuna greatly fears cockroaches.
  • In a second grade essay, his dream was to become a giant robot.
  • His current dream is to marry Kyoko.
  • As revealed in the "Mid-Winter Test of Courage" by Fuuta, Tsuna's number one fear is the fear of bats.
  • In the game, Jump Ultimate Stars, where Tsuna and Reborn are characters, when Reborn shoots Tsuna with a Dying Will Bullet, Tsuna's flame is blue instead of the original orange, which reflects the Sky Flames. This is most likely because of the confusion between Basil and Tsuna's Flames, and when Jump Ultimate Stars was released, Reborn! hadn't established the Flame system yet.
  • According to Yuni, Tsuna is known to be the Vongola Boss who always fights with his brows furrowed and fists swung in the semblance of a prayer.
  • Some of his possessions have the number "27" on them, such as the dormant form of the X-Gloves, his airbike, his special earphones, and some of his clothes.
  • Tsuna's pride is his friends and comrades.
  • Like his father and Giotto, their Japanese names (Tsunayoshi, Iemitsu, Ieyasu) are the same as the Tokugawa Shoguns.
  • According to Checker Face, Tsuna is on top of the list of candidates who has the necessary requirements to become an Arcobaleno
  • Tsuna has 308 favorite foods.
    • Salisbury steak is ranked 1st.
    • Fried eggs is ranked 8th.
  • Character Songs Featured In:


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