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Tsuna vs. Byakuran Arrives! (ツナ対白蘭来る!, Tsuna tai Byakuran Kuru!) is the twenty-ninth volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga.



Now free from prison, the future Mukuro interrupts the fight between the Millefiore and the Vongola, aiding the latter. Byakuran decides to send the last Funeral Wreath, Ghost, who is in fact parallel double of Byakuran himself. As Ghost starts absorbing the energy from all the fighters including his comrades', Tsuna goes to stop him. Upon realizing Ghost is composed of Dying Will Flames, Tsuna absorbs him, but Ghost is instead merged within Byakuran. Having now all the flames Ghost took, Byakuran confronts Tsuna, easily overwhelming him. However, once Tsuna comes to the resolve he still wants to defeat Byakuran, the First Vongola Boss briefly appears from Tsuna's ring and removes a seal within the Vongola Rings to let Tsuna use its full power. Thus, Tsuna is able to fight at Byakuran's level.

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