Tsuna Moves is the 389th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna goes home and finds that his dad, Iemitsu, is injured. After Tsuna expresses concern about his father's wounds, Iemitsu tells him to do his best for the Representative Battle and rest well until the next one begins. Tsuna gets ready for bed, troubled by the day's events.

Meanwhile, Reborn tells the other Arcobaleno what Bermuda told him, shocking them all. Colonnello comments that he has been feeling worse than usual recently and Reborn says the same. Reborn reveals that Bermuda wanted him as an ally and that he thinks that they should get rid of Checker Face and the Arcobaleno system. However, Mammon protests violently, saying that he wants to live longer. Verde agrees and states that he doesn't want to die as a consequence of someone else's project. When Colonnello discovers Lal Mirch could die as well, he goes against the idea. Agitatedly, Mammon orders Reborn to think of other ways of survival, but Reborn replies that there are no other ways.

At the Sawada residence, Tsuna reflects on how Reborn was always there whenever he was in a pinch and needed advice. Tsuna goes downstairs to get a glass of water. When he reaches the kitchen, he finds Lambo drinking Basil's strawberry juice. When Tsuna asks him why, Lambo says that his juice was grape flavored and he wondered what Basil's strawberry juice would taste like. Tsuna protests, but Lambo ignores him and drinks anyways. Afterwards, Lambo fills up Basil's juice bottle with his own juice to make up for the difference. Tsuna objects, saying that the taste would be different. Lambo drinks from Basil's bottle to test it out and exclaims that it is good. After putting the bottle back in the fridge, Lambo hurriedly sneaks back up to his room. Tsuna wishes that his own problem go away if he filled up the missing juice. When he thinks about his words, Tsuna realizes he has to fill up the missing part.

Tsuna makes a call to Vongola Ninth and asks for his help in contacting a person. After obtaining the necessary information, Tsuna flies to a house in a forest and enters, saying that it has been a long time. Later, Tsuna expresses his thanks, informs the person that he will focus on the Representative War, and leaves. In Kokuyo Land, Mukuro notices Tsuna, who wants to talk to him. At Namimori Hospital, Tsuna approaches Byakuran and Enma and talks to both of them. After doing so, Tsuna flies to the Varia's hotel and asks Xanxusto lend him a hand. Xanxus stares at him and Tsuna looks back at him with resolution.

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