Tsuna's Pride is the 332nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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As Enma is struggling to contain the power of the black hole he has created, Tsuna fires up his X-Burner. Noticing the use of both hands, Yamamoto and Gokudera comment on how he cannot possibly do this, as Tsuna will be pushed back by the power of X-Burner.Reborn comments on the new look of the gauntlets, as they have thrusters to emit soft flames to counteract the hard flames released from Tsuna's hands. While they are talking, Tsuna flashes back to a memory of himself and Spanner. Tsuna says he wants to be able to fire from both hands at the same time, and Spanner says he will create new contacts to help him do so. Somehow, Spanner is able to create the contacts before Tsuna left for the past, as he is shown wearing the new contacts.

When the gauge is ready, Tsuna fires his new attack, XX-Burner. It hits Enma head on, and Gokudera comments on how intense the blast is while Yamamoto wonders if Enma will be able to survive the hit. As Reborn is about to say something, Tsuna comments that "I'll save you no matter what. My pride is at stake." At the shocked expressions on Yamamoto's, Gokudera's, Reborn's, and Enma's faces, Enma questions what Tsuna's pride is. He goes on to think that the XX Burner won't be able to stop his black hole. As Enma is hit with the power of the sky, he realizes the rule of the sky, "harmony."

The blast makes cracks appear in the architecture of the building, and dust and debris fly. As the dust settles, Yamamoto and Gokudera rush over to see Tsuna laying on the ground next to Nuts wondering if Enma is alive. When it finally clears, a scratched up, coughing Enma appears, and Lambo laughs at his "bed hair." Tsuna rushes over to Enma as he apologizes "because of our mistakes" that everything happens. Forgiving him, Tsuna says it's not his fault and says Demon was the one responsible. Enma is curious as to what Tsuna's pride really is, and Tsuna replies that his pride is him. Seeing that Enma is stunned, Tsuna explains that even he didn't know what he had no idea what it was, and hadn't until that moment and that he wasn't capable of something amazing like that. He explains that Hibari showed him that pride is something you can't ever surrender. He concludes by saying if that is what pride really is, then he can answer it sincerely and confidently that his pride is his comrades, his friends.

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